Man and Woman Met In A Chat Room (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Good morning, Your Honor. Good morning, Ron. This is the case
ofHulsinger v. Maye.Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Hulsinger, you petitioned the court
for a DNA test to prove that the defendant is the father of your
two-year-old son, Gabriel. You say Mr. Maye has
abandoned his responsibilities and he will
get the truth today. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Maye, you claim you were
pressured into signing
the birth certificate and now you are stuck
with a woman who foolishly believes you are her
child’s father. Yes, Your Honor. Is that correct? So you’re not doing anything
for this child right now? No, Your Honor. I’m out of the child’s
life right now. JUDGE LAKE: The child’s
two years old. Yes, Your Honor. So… You agree?Nothing, Ms. Hulsinger?HULSINGER:Uh,
he hasn’t done
anything for
my son at all. Not a…
He missed his first steps, him calling…
His first words, which was “dad”. Um, he’s just
not there. You know
it’s hurting me because it’s
hurting my son. And it’s just… It’s sad. I had my doubts though,
Your Honor. How did you meet? I met him off the chat line. And I was lonely.
Um, so I decided to call and try to basically, uh, find something to do. Yeah, she found something
to do and we end up messing around, um, too fast.
You know what I mean. Too fast and… Right. That’s what I don’t
understand about these
chat lines, Ron. It’s supposed to be chatting. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) HULSINGER: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: How did it get… The chatting and
things started happening. So then you met her? (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) JUDGE LAKE: Obviously? Yes, ma’am. Take me to the night in question when
all the chatting turned intoPaternity Courtmaterial. Your Honor,
it was a late night. She was one of the young
ladies who was on the other end
of the line and left me a message,
I left her a message and we end up hooking up. Do you remember
that first night,
Ms. Hulsinger? Yes, ma’am. Did you use protection? No, Your Honor. So, what happened when you got to the point when you
realized you were pregnant? I called him and told him that it was a possibility of me having his child. That wasn’t… That wasn’t
how it went. Yes, it is. No, it was months
and months passed by and then she just told
me that she was pregnant. Were you all still
in a sexual relationship
all this time? Yes, Your Honor. How many months is that? I think about four months. I need details. Yes, ma’am.
She called me one day, um, told me she was pregnant. JUDGE LAKE:
And what did you say? I was… For the most part
I was cool with it, you know,
I’m a man of my word. I’ll take care of all
my kids. You know what
I’m saying, so… When she told me
she was pregnant, I was going to be
there for her. And were you happy?
Were you saying, “Oh, I’m going to have
another child.” I was excited. You’re lying. Why is he lying,
Ms. Hulsinger? What was his response?
Is he lying about that too? Um, he was like,
“Are you serious?” Um… “Are you
sure it’s mine?” Did you have doubts
in the beginning, Mr. Maye? No, I did not
in the beginning. Yes, you did. Not in
the beginning. She told me her word.
I took her word
for what it was. You know what
I’m saying, so… He’s not…
That’s not true? That’s not true. At what point did you say to yourself, “I may not only be the only
possible father here”? MAYE: That came at a time
when I was over her house. One time, we were upstairs
in her room and hearing “beep, beep, beep” outside and, you know,
it didn’t leave. So she was asking me
was I ready to leave? So, got to go downstairs,
and I’m… Got to… About to go out
the back door, she told me to go out
the front door. So I say, “No, let me go on
out the back door.” Open up the back door, there’s a gentleman
right there. Really? And he asked me was I there
for Mrs. Hulsinger? I told him I wasn’t there
for Mrs. Hulsinger. I was there for one of her
family members and I proceeded to walk
on out the door, while she hid behind
the refrigerator. Oh, you saw her hiding? MAYE: Yeah. Were you hiding behind the
refrigerator, Ms. Hulsinger? Yes, ma’am. Yes, ma’am, I was because… Yes, ma’am, I was because… JUDGE LAKE: In your own house? Yes, ma’am, ’cause this man
would not leave me alone. What was she hiding for? And I did not want
to deal with him. And he would just pop up
all the time and I just didn’t wanna…
Didn’t wanna deal with that. Who is this guy? MAYE: And at the time,
she was pregnant. It’s a guy that I used to mess with and I had cut it off
with him totally. So that basically,
well, put a wedge
between me and him. That wasn’t the only thing
though, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, what else? I mean, I’m not too heavy of a sleeper,
so at the time, you know, I’m spending
the night with her. I’m seeing messages
pop up on her phone. That led me to doubt too. Not only
the back door situation,
but just text messages. You know what I mean. Things I would hear
on the streets and things
of that nature. So you were also hearing
rumors. I need you
to be specific. Uh, a mutual friend
had told me that, um, he had been
involved with Ms. Hulsinger. You know what I mean and… JUDGE LAKE: Oh! HULSINGER:
And who was that? I wasn’t even
in relationships. So why would I have
to hide somebody? Why was she hiding
herself, Your Honor? Why was she hiding herself
when that dude knocked
on the back door… Because he was
my stalker. Okay, so bottom line
is you were hearing rumors. You saw messages
on her phone. Guys knocking
at the back door, Your Honor. Guys knocking
at the back door. This is all while she’s
pregnant and you all are still
seeing each other? Yes. And so you’re thinking
to yourself, “Self, “you might not be the only
father here”? I kind of scratched my head
and thought that. So when you actually
went into labor… Yes, ma’am,
he wasn’t there for me. My family member actually
had to go and get him so he could come up there
and see my son. Oh, so, they went
to go get him. And I had my doubts! I had my doubts, that’s why
I wasn’t willing to… To just go catch
the bus or get a ride
or anything, so… But what I don’t
understand, Mr. Maye, is if you are sleeping
with her the entire pregnancy, and you know there
is a potential that the child could be yours,
even if your Spidey-Sense has been activated
and you’ve seen other… Why wouldn’t you
show up for the birth? I had my doubts, Your Honor. I really had my doubts. But your doubts don’t prevent
you from making it to the bed, but they prevent you
from making it to the birth? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) In your court papers, I see here,
it says you’ve signed
the birth certificate too. How did that happen? Pressure. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. MAYE: I’m getting,“He has your nose,
he has your hair.
“Uh, what are you going
to do now?”
“Uh, this, this, that,
this, this, that” and I’m just like, “Ah, ah, ah… “Let me just be a man.
Let me sign
the birth certificate. “If it’s mine, I’m going
to deal with it.” ‘Cause at that point,
her family has come
and picked you up. Yes. And you didn’t call
for this ride? No, I didn’t call for nothing. Did you know when you signed that
birth certificate, did you understand… Yes, Your Honor. …that you would
be now the legal
father of this child? Yes, Your Honor.And you did it anyway?MAYE:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:So, Ms. Hulsinger,this photo was submitted to the court.
It is Mr. Mayewith little
beautiful baby Gabriel.
I don’t see a lot of doubt
in this photo. ‘Cause it ain’t. ‘Cause he know that baby
is his, Your Honor. And it’s really hurting me
that he’s not stepping up to be a man.
My son needs his father. But, Your Honor… Your Honor… And it hurts me. And you know and I know I’m part of the blame
because I know I wasn’t in a relationship
with him and that, you know,
I was doing my own thing too. As well as him. You know, ’cause he
was out there doing what he wanted to do too. With me doing
what I’m doing has nothing to do
with her, affecting her… JUDGE LAKE: Well,
that part I’ll give you. You really can’t
go tit for tat
with a man. In that way bec…
Let me talk. I’m sorry. I’m saying something
that benefits you. Yes, ma’am. Ultimately, they can make
this claim and it is true. That they can sleep
around all over town. Right? Yes, Your Honor. But when you do and you get pregnant, you don’t know
who your child’s
father is. There’s a difference.
There’s a different burden women carry. That’s just ours.
You know what I mean? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Yes, Your Honor. So you said
you were out there doing you and
you admitted it. So why are you so sure
he is the biological father? You signed
the birth certificate. Well, that doesn’t make him
the biological father. I slept with him the whole pregnancy
and I know I didn’t sleep
with nobody else. Right after,
basically, even when I first began
to sleep with him, I never slept
with anybody else. I need some proof.
I need to understand how you came
to this conclusion. Your Honor… ‘Cause I have the… JUDGE LAKE: You do. Ron, can you hand
me that, please? RON: Yes, ma’am. Her evidence. MAYE: Your Honor. Yes, Mr. Maye? MAYE: I received
a phone call… I don’t remember
the guy’s name. He said he was the father. Oh! You got a phone call
from another guy that he said
he was the father? Another man that she told him
that they were going to have a happy family together and move away and… That’s a lie. Really? Who
is this person? I told you,
he was a stalker and he just pops up anytime.
I was moving… MAYE: Your Honor… That’s the same guy
from the refrigerator scene? HULSINGER: Yes, ma’am. No. And he stole my phone. JUDGE LAKE: Hold on. So you’re saying
it’s a different guy from
the refrigerator incident? Totally different guy.
Totally different guy. No, same guy. It’s the same guy. If he stole your phone, how did he know
to call Mr. Maye? ‘Cause I told him that, you know
what I’m saying,
“Look, I’m pregnant. “I don’t need this
in my life.” And, uh, I guess he stole
the phone and called him and made up a whole
bunch of lies because he knew that
I was not trying
to mess with him. MAYE:But he knew he was…Could possibly
be the father too.
He knew that. JUDGE LAKE: ‘Cause
he told you that. Yes. Did you tell someone else
they could possibly
be the father, Ms. Hulsinger? No, I didn’t,
but I also told him, you know what I’m saying,
I wasn’t sure. You’re wavering.
No, that’s not what
you just said. That’s not what you
testified to earlier. The truth is is that there was an
issue with regard to who the biological
father was
of this child. Yes, Your Honor. Okay, let me look
at this evidence. You’ve presented me
with a calendar and it gives me
the day you were
intimate with Mr. Maye. HULSINGER:Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:That woul
be January 26th.
Yes, Your Honor.JUDGE LAKE:And the
you believe
you conceivedon January 28th?I believe I conceived
on the 28th. JUDGE LAKE:Okay,
so that’s Mr. Maye?
Were you intimate
with anyone else around these dates? Uh, maybe
a week between. (AUDIENCE GASPS) Oh, which week? HULSINGER:Um,
I would say, uh,
the week of the 13th.JUDGE LAKE:So,
the week of the 13th,
you were intimate withrefrigerator guy?Yes, Your Honor. So, this calendar
was missing some significant information because if you were intimate with the refrigerator guy the whole week of the 13th, that is very close
to the windowof conception
that you lined
up for Mr. Maye.JUDGE LAKE:
So how do we know this other guy isn’t the child’s biological father? Your Honor, I don’t think
she really, really knows ’cause there was a time
where she had gave me some money
to keep Gabriel. And then… Gave you money
to keep him? Hold on… Let me… I’m going to break it down.
Hold on, let me break it down. At the end of the week, I finally get a hold
of Ms. Hulsinger and she tells me, “I always have my doubts
about him being a father. “That’s why I gave you
the $100, so you could
just be the babysitter.“I’m on my way
to pick him up.”
I never even told you that.So, I tell her,
you ain’t got to pick him up. I’m going to go ahead
and drop him off. I never told you that. So lo and behold, I just want to be sure. So I call her
a few times after, you know,
after I dropped him off. Family member of hers, “Why do you keep
calling her? “Do we have to call the police
on you for stalking her? “He ain’t your son.
We told you he
wasn’t your son.” So, at that point, I left it alone.
It was over with. So your family
member did tell him that he was not
the child’s father? No, they did
not say that. They said, told him
to just leave me alone. He was very belligerent. JUDGE LAKE: You had dropped
the baby off over there. How is he going to leave
you alone when
he has the baby? I went to pick him up. I dropped the baby off. And it was
over to me. So when is the last time
you saw Gabriel? Since I actually,
you know, held him and… JUDGE LAKE: Yes. It’s been a long time.
Then, I mean… So, Ms. Hulsinger, has this other guy
seen Gabriel? Yes, because he
barged in one day. Why does he…
Don’t you lock
your door? Why is he
always barging in? Okay. I have two
other small children.
They let him in. And I try to stay away
from him. But he would not
leave me alone. When he thinks about “my dad,” he thinks
about Mr. Maye. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: You know
he calls you dad? Few times
she did call me and, you know, told me that,
but here’s my thing. Did he call
the other guy dad? No. Not at all. Because, see, it was a test before it was mine. She had another guy tested. You had another man tested? Yes, Your Honor. So, wait a minute now. You just said
to me earlier… Ms. Hulsinger,
now you need to
just tell the truth. From the beginning,
you knew there was more than one
possible father. Yes, Your Honor. You had this
gentleman tested. Yes, Your Honor. What type of test? A home test? Yes, Your Honor. And so… Do you have
the results here with you? Um, no, I don’t. Did you ever see
these results, Mr. Maye? (INAUDIBLE)
…says she’s seen
them, but I didn’t get a chance
and she said
it kind of looked kind of… Kind of shaky
a little bit, so… She didn’t really believe
Ms. Hulsinger and she told me that I should, you know, get a DNA test
for the little boy because he doesn’t deserve
to not know
who his father is. It’s not his fault. JUDGE LAKE: All right. Well, one thing’s for sure. This court has, um, ordered and you
have submitted to a legitimate test and I have the results
for you. Ron, I’m ready. Here you go, Your Honor. Thank you. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case of
Hulsinger v. Maye,
when it comes to two-year-old
Gabriel Maye… That’s what had me scratching
my head, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: It has been
determined by this court, Mr. Maye, you are the father. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) AUDIENCE MEMBER:
There you go! Good news. MAYE: Yes, ma’am. Great. He has a great father. JUDGE LAKE: Listen… I can’t tell. Listen… It’s amazing when I think about
you all saying you just were feeling lonely,
didn’t know what to do
with yourselves so you just called
a chat line. And to go
from a chat line,
literally, to standing before me
in this courtroom, it says a lot. Lack of responsibility. No safe sex.
Lack of accountability, ’cause you signed that
birth certificate. If you’re man enough
to do that, be man enough
to be there till you get the test. Because now Gabriel’s two. I had my doubts,
Your Honor. I get that. The problem is, you stepped up,
then stepped back. And that is difficult for a child. And, Ms. Hulsinger, I’m telling you,
you weaved a wicked web. I mean, parts of your story were going left, the other
parts were going right. You were not telling
the truth the whole time. And that’s why he had doubt. You’ve got to honor
the part you had
to play as well. All right? So most importantly,
let’s focus on Gabriel now. Beautiful little boy. JUDGE LAKE: Would you like
to see him? Yes, ma’am. Let’s make that happen.
Court is adjourned. I missed the first three
years of his life. And I’m not going to miss
the rest of it.


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