Man Claims They Were Never Intimate (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofWebb v. Cole.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Mr. Webb, you and your girlfriend say
there’s no chance, whatsoever, that you fathered
the defendant’s 6-month-old daughter,
Majestic. You say your evidence
will shock this court room. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. All right. Ms. Cole,
you and your mother say you’re 100% certain
that Mr. Webb is your
child’s biological father and say the only reason
he’s denying your baby is to save his relationship
with the woman he’s been with for the past three years,
is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: All right. So, Mr. Webb,
how can you be so certain you are not this child’s
biological father? I never had sex
And that… Well, that would rule you out. You never had sex with her? No. Yeah, he did. She’s a liar.
She’s crazy. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Cole,
we’ve heard a lot of defenses
in this court room, rarely have we ever heard
that you’ve never
had sex with her. She’s absolutely crazy. So, you think
she’s just making this up? Yeah. TASHA: No, I’m not. Yes. If you’ve never
had sex with…
Why are you here? I know for a fact
that dates line up. And I know he stayed with me
for two months. And he slept in my bed
with me for one nightand we had sex, April 11th.JUDGE LAKE: That’s when
you believe you conceived
your daughter? Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Webb,
this is strange.What was the nature
of your relationship?
We never had sex or anything.
We were just friends.
We would chill out. That was it. You were never intimate
with her in any way? I never stayed in her bedroom. I stayed out on the couch. TASHA: That’s a lie. And on top of that,
I was only there
for a week and… A week… A week and a half. That’s not true. That’s a lie. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Cole… All right, take me back
to the night you believe
you conceived. I can’t exactly remember, but I know
that it was the night
that we was partying. Oh, yeah, right. Well… He ain’t like that. NATHANIEL: Your Honor,
the worst that we’ve ever
done is take a picture and she was already
in the bathroom. She had called me in there
when I walked in the bathroom,
she said…She took a picture
before I can even
say anything.
I didn’t even wanna
take that picture.
That’s how crazy she is.She posted…
Shut up. TASHA: There’s more than one. She posted it on Facebook. There’s more than one. And when I told her
to take it down,
she refused to because she crazy. Come on.
You know dang good and well that me and my husband
took care of you the whole time
you were there. I didn’t see you… I didn’t see you for one time
the whole time I was there. (BOTH ARGUING LOUDLY) JUDGE LAKE: All right,
let’s get some order! You need help just
as much as… I’m sorry, Your Honor,
but I’m not getting…
(SPLUTTERS) So, Ms. Cole,
you said you and your husband were taking care of Mr. Webb? Yes, and my grandkids
and anybody else that need it. NATHANIEL: You’re a liar. You are a liar! NATHANIEL: Everything
that you’re saying… You’re a liar! She was on the phone
with me five, six times a day. (SCREAMS) You’re a liar! Why was Mr. Webb
living with you? He’s a punk bum. We supplied everything
for them. Their food, everything. Everything. And… JUDGE LAKE:
Why were you living there? I wasn’t living there.
We were hanging out
for a week, a week and a half. Right. NATHANIEL: And on top of that, April 18th,
I had moved back to Detroit. How was I there
for two or three months? But why were you staying there with them for a week
if you had a girlfriend? She had knew about it.
We were friends. She trust me.
She knows I’m not… I’m not like that. I don’t do that type of stuff. I’ve known him
for seven years and he is not
like that at all. And you called me… Yeah. And you called me
with his friend telling me that he was there
for three weeks and you guys were having sex
and blah, blah, blah… At first,
I did believe that. But then,
I heard his story… You believed… …and none of…
Shut up! I am talking. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIM) Hold on.
Let’s be respectful. AUBRIANA: So, anyway,
she was telling me that they were
sleeping together and stuff. He wasn’t even there
for three weeks. He was there for a week,
maybe a week and a half! Just over there? Yes, he was saying… I knew they were
hanging out. I don’t understand this,
do you, Jerome? JEROME: No. I never knew
they were talking. We didn’t even
know that… I never get that. We talked five
or six times a day. How did you not know? Well, she’s the one that called me
with his friend. NATHANIEL: She had heard
her voice in the background
numerous times. How does
that makes sense? So, you’re over there
hanging out, partying, because you’re friends
with Ms. Cole? NATHANIEL: Right. He had multiple friends there
when they had the party. And what you’re saying
is you never ended up
being intimate with her, like she’s saying. NATHANIEL: No. No. All right,
where did you sleep? On the couch
in the living room. Are you… Is there
something wrong here? Mr. Webb, how did you
find out she was pregnant? Can I…
Can I show you? JUDGE LAKE:
Do you have a diagram? Yes. I’d like to see it.
Please step forward. NATHANIEL: This is how
this went, the first message. She messaged me saying,
“Hey. I got an ultrasound.” I said, “Okay.
Can we leave it at that,
Tasha? “It’s not my baby.
I’m not trying to…” (NATHANIEL CONTINUES READING) At this point,
I’m thinking, I feel like she’s trying
to say that I’m
the baby daddy, but not…
But just hinting,
not actually saying it. All right. NATHANIEL: Okay. So, here’s the second one. This is what came next.I told her… I said,
“I’m not trying to be mean.
“I just want this to end.”
‘Cause I’m not a mean person.
I’m not a hateful person. But when it comes to her
and what she’s put me through
with the lies last year, I can’t take it no more. She had sent me
a message back saying… (READING ON-SCREEN TEXTS) After this,
this is where I’m like,
she’s literally crazy. ‘Cause now I understand
what she’s saying. The first text, I’m thinking, “Okay,
she’s hinting towards it.” Now she’s full blown out, trying to say
that we did stuff. So, that’s where I’m like,
“There’s something wrong
with her.” Okay. This is the last one.
This is how this ended. She had sent me
an ultrasound saying,
“That’s a 3D photo. “Tell me she don’t
look like you.” (AUDIENCE LAUGH) Are you that crazy? How crazy are you
that I look…
Do I look like ultrasound?Who… I had never…TASHA:That’s
a pretty picture.
NATHANIEL:I got on Google…TASHA:She looks a lot
like him.
…’cause I don’t know
much about baby stuff. So, I’m thinking,
“Is that a…
Is that a thing now?”So, I said,
“Tasha, you’re crazy.”
I just didn’t wanna deal
with her anymore. I still don’t. Oh, my goodness. Did he ever acknowledge
that he was the father? He admitted to my cousin. NATHANIEL: Oh, you are lying. AUBRIANA: No, he did not. He admitted it to my cousin that he was the dad. What do you think, Mr. Webb,
is Ms. Cole’s motive, if you say you’ve never
slept with her? Why manufacture all of this? I think she’s obsessed
with me. She’s obsessed
with me or something. No. I don’t know what it is. I’ve been trying
to figure out… There’s one reason
why I’m here… Her dad is… To know for sure
he’s the dad, because I did have
another partner. It was a month. A month prior. Now we find out. No, I told you
there was another possibility and I told
the other possibility
there was another… Oh, you also told them
that you’re 100% sure that I was the father,
you and your mom said that. JUDGE LAKE:
Wait a minute, Ms. Cole… Look. She looks just like him. AUBRIANA: That baby is white. He is dark. I’m sorry,
but I’m Puerto Rican. I… JUDGE LAKE: Okay. That’s all I got to say. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Cole.
Ms. Cole? TASHA: What? You’re saying
that you were honest…
And don’t say “What?” I’m sorry. Yes, Your Honor.
(LAUGHS) (SIGHS) Let me take a breath. (LAUGHTER) Ms. Cole, so you admit it. There’s another possibility. And you say you’ve been
upfront since the beginning. It’s either Mr. Webb
or this other gentleman. Yeah.
As soon as I took
the pregnancy test, I immediately texted him and called the other guy
and I told both of them. That’s a lie. I was for certain that
the other guy was the dad… (NATHANIEL LAUGHS) …until my due date
got changed a month ahead,
which would make him the dad. It went from February 22nd
to January 28th. You submitted
a calendar to the court,
am I correct? Oh, you have another copy.
Jerome, let me see that,
please. So this calendar outlines
what exactly? In red is the date
you were intimatewith Mr. Webb,
on the 11th of April?
And then,
my conception was…JUDGE LAKE:The window
of conception is in blue.
So, that’s the week
prior to the 11th?
TASHA:Yeah.JUDGE LAKE: And then,
Majestic was born
on the 28th of January, correct? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: When were
you intimate with
the other guy? NATHANIEL:
She don’t even know. May, uh, 15th, 16th. NATHANIEL: How do you get
those two mixed up? That’s over a month.
How are you gonna say
that you think it’s him and then over a month? Because the due date. The due date. NATHANIEL: No. No. The doctor gave a due date. There’s something wrong
with you. These are things
that she has literally made
herself believe. She made herself
believe these lies
that she’s telling. But Mr. Webb says
he never slept with you. TASHA: And he did. But he did. For sure, yeah. It was a lousy,
like, 20 minutes. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Sorry. TASHA: I’m so sorry,
Your Honor. Okay. There was
two witnesses there that said that there…
That they never had sex
at the party. NATHANIEL: The night
that she said that we had sex
or whatever, two of our friends
were there. One of them
were her family members and even he said
that we didn’t do nothing. They were up…
They were partying
with us the whole night, and I was… So, if… If you’re
sleeping at the house and you all are “partying”, I won’t ask what that means, but if it goes on
for a week and a half, I really don’t think
it’s anything positive. Um… So, if it goes on that long, are you sure
that one night of “partying” didn’t lead you
to sleep with her, and you may not even recall? You know, I’ve actually… JUDGE LAKE: Or want to admit
in front of your girlfriend? Yeah. NATHANIEL: You know, I’ve
thought of the possibility. Me and her have had
this conversation
over and over. She knew
I was over there partying. I didn’t hide
nothing from her. We talked that night
on the phone… You’re hiding this from her. …over for four
or five times. Well, you could talk
on the phone with her
four or five times a day, and still end…
End up in the bed
with Ms. Cole. I mean, that’s doable. NATHANIEL:
Well, every time I party, I’ve never been
the type to wake up
and not remember what I… What I’ve done
the night before.
I know myself. That’s just how it is.
Unless there’s something I don’t know, like her
drugging me or something. That’s all I know. JUDGE LAKE: Without… Ms. Cole,
without being too graphic, are there any other details, specifics that you can share
that would prove
your case? I can tell you
how big his winker is. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIM) It’s pretty small. AUBRIANA: No, it’s not. NATHANIEL: Mmm-hmm! I could tell you
plenty of times. It’s about that big. I’ve known him
for seven years. It’s about that big. Definitely not! Definitely not,
and don’t you dare tell a thing about
his penis. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) NATHANIEL: It’s probably
because she’s never seen it
in her life, clearly. All we’re here to do
is to find out if
he is the father. I was without my father
for 39 years. I want to know
that my grandchild
has a father. It’s pretty bad… Well, it ain’t me. TRULIE: Not having a dad.
I know how it is. My mom hasn’t had her dad… That’s the only reason
we’re here. NATHANIEL: Your Honor,
can I show you something? JUDGE LAKE:
What is that you have, sir? This is… You know,
some text messages
that she sent. I’m sorry. I’m still getting
over the previous testimony. Jerome, pass me this evidence. (LAUGHTER) These are text messages
of her telling me
that she… It’s either me
or the other guy.
She’s not even for sure. JUDGE LAKE: So this is a…
These are text messages? It’s just… It’s just
until now that she decided that it’s for sure
100% me. No. NATHANIEL: But does
that text to you… Does it look like to you
that she’s for sure? ‘Cause my due date changed. JUDGE LAKE: So, this reads,
“Nothing about this is hard.” (JUDGE LAKE CONTINUES READING)This is from you.(CONTINUES READING)You write to her again.And then,
she writes to you, “It’s you or a white dude.” (CONTINUES READING) I guarantee
she don’t even know
the name to the dude. TASHA: Yeah, actually, I do. So, you admit here, actually,
this further lends credibility to your early testimony,
Ms. Cole, where you said… AUBRIANA: No. TASHA: Yeah. …it’s either you
or another gentleman. Yes. Now, on the monitor, if there’s a split screen… TASHA: Look at the nose.…of Mr. Webb and Majestic.NATHANIEL: (CHUCKLES)
She needs glasses too though.
AUBRIANA:Definitely.JUDGE LAKE:You believe
there’s a resemblance?
TRULIE:Definitely.TASHA:Oh, yeah, for sure.
You obviously don’t see it? Oh, my…
(SNICKERS) My God, no. TASHA: She was dark up until
she was three months old. NATHANIEL:She was dark the
first two hours she was born.
TASHA:She lightened up.NATHANIEL: I can’t even… And this picture is to show what exactly? NATHANIEL: That that baby
don’t look nothing like me. JUDGE LAKE:So, you’re sayin
there’s absolutely
no resemblance?NATHANIEL:Absolutely nothing.AUBRIANA:That baby
is just straight white.
I ain’t white.
I’m brown. Yeah, he’s definitely brown. You’re not that brown. AUBRIANA: Yes, he is.
He’s Puerto Rican and Indian. Yeah, he’s brown! Do you see my skin color? Are you blind? And obviously,
you’ve seen his body,
so you know he is brown. Somebody get this girl some glasses, dude. We know that children
come in all shapes,
sizes, and colors. Moving on. Ms. Cole, has she ever said,
“Mom, really, the other guy
is the father.” Or is she really hoping
Mr. Webb is the father? No, she’s not hoping
that Mr. Webb is the father. No. What has she said
about the other guy? She doesn’t want him
to be the dad either. (CHUCKLES)
So, I mean, it’s…
To be honest… Neither one of them
are any good. Neither one of them
are, you know, gonna amount to anything. Nothing… JUDGE LAKE: All right.
Let’s move on.
Let’s deal with the paternity. You all are getting
on my last nerve. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) (SIGHS) Okay. Sorry, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Majestic is six months old. TASHA: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: She obviously
has no relationship
with either man. No. No. JUDGE LAKE:
Have you ever seen her,
Mr. Webb? No. JUDGE LAKE: Held her? No. JUDGE LAKE: And the other
gentleman has not either? He’s incarcerated. Okay. Mr. Webb,
if you are this child’s
biological father, are you willing
to be a father? That’s not something
I’ve thought about considering I didn’t
have sex with her. So, I mean, it’s just
never something I really
thought about, honestly. It’s something
that I have to sit down
and think about by myself. TASHA: You did too sleep
with me and you know that. (SIGHS) Yeah, I’m done arguing. TASHA: The truth will come
out in a few minutes, so… AUBRIANA: Good.
We’re waiting. And I’m gonna laugh at you. (CHUCKLES) JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Cole… Good for you. Like that’s gonna
do something. Yes. I do have the results. TASHA: Sorry. Jerome? Here you go, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: These results were
prepared by DNA Diagnostics
and they read as follows. In the case
ofWebb v. Cole,when it comes to
6-month-old Majestic Cole, it has been determined
by this court… JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Webb, you… Are not her father. AUBRIANA: Whoo! Oh! You’re a freak! Yeah. You’re crazy. You need to go
to a mental hospital! JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Webb… Get her there.
Get her there. Mr. Webb, Ms. Reams, stop. But I want
a lie detector… Listen, we don’t clown
in this court room. I know you probably
feel relieved, vindicated,
but at the same time, there’s a beautiful young babywhose life and paternity
is still at issue.
Ms. Cole, you stood firm
in your testimony that you were intimate
with Mr. Webb. Yes. And this other guy? TASHA: Yes, Your Honor. Have you mentioned
this pregnancy
to the other guy? I told both of them after the same day
I took the pregnancy test. And have you spoken
to the other guy since? TASHA: No. And I’m gonna be writing him
a letter now. JUDGE LAKE: The other guy? TASHA: Yeah. But he’s a lot better. He’s a… He’s a lot better. (SNICKERS) (SCATTERED LAUGHTER) He’s not…
He’s not better, okay? In the meantime, we have
counseling and resources
available to you. Thank God. JUDGE LAKE: To help you because I’m
a little concerned. We all are. (CONTINUES SNICKERING) JUDGE LAKE: (STAMMERS)
Stop laughing. Stop laughing. NATHANIEL: I apologize,
Your Honor. Stop laughing.
It really isn’t funny. Whatever the partying
and all this stuff is, you took part in it
and it landed you right here. This is not funny. TASHA: (VOICE BREAKING)
I really thought
he was the dad. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Cole,
what are you feeling
in this moment? (VOICE BREAKING)
I just… I really thought
was the dad. I really thought
he was the dad.
That’s why. But, I mean, I just feel really stupid.
we will be here for you. The most important thing
is to keep Majestic first. Oh, yeah. Always. JUDGE LAKE: All right? And I don’t want you
to be in position
where you are just accusing this man
and that man. Really think about it first. And when you reach out
to that person, if they’d like
a DNA test to be sure, get it so Majestic
can have that clarity, too. Do you understand? Yes. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
Well, I wish you
the very best of luck. Take advantage
of the counseling. Court is adjourned. (GAVEL BANGS) (APPLAUSE)


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