Man Hired Spies To Confirm Infidelity (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofMason v. Malone.Thank you, Jerome.
Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Mr. Mason, you say today
will determine the future of your relationship
with the defendant,
Ms. Malone. You say you lost all trust
when you set up a watchdog to keep tabs on Ms. Malone and discover that
she had men coming
in and out of the house while you were at work. And now you believe
one-year-old Avery
is not your daughter. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. Ms. Malone, you admit
to cheating on your boyfriend, but are positive
he’s Avery’s father. Today you are hoping
the DNA test will restore
your relationship. Is that correct? Yes, Your Honor. All right. Mr. Malone,
why are these results
so important to you? Uh, the results
are real important
to me because um, I would really wanna
know if Avery’s really
mine or if she isn’t. JUDGE LAKE:
And so, take me back. I wanna understand
the nature
of this relationship. Okay, when me
and Ms. Malone
actually first met,we met on a website.
I took her out on a date.
We went somewhere to eat. So this started out
as a regular courtship. MASON: Yes, Your Honor. You went on a date. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And Ms. Malone,
you had a great relationship
in the beginning? Yes, ma’am. And then somewhere
along the line, it started getting
a little wishy-washy? MASON: Yes, Your Honor. What happened? Um, I found out that she was
doing a lot of sneaking around when I was in the house. JUDGE LAKE: What kind
of sneaking? MASON: Going to the alleys,
meeting people. JUDGE LAKE: In the alley? In… In people’s cars. You were walking in
alleys, Ms. Malone? Yes, I was sneaking around,
in fact, but there was a… You were sneaking
around doing what? Seeing other guys. (CROWD EXCLAIMS) Uh, but there was a break,
because he wasn’t
showing me any attention. We wasn’t on a break at all. We wasn’t on a break. Were you committed? For my knowledge, we was in a relationship
of steel. Your Honor,
we’ve been on and off
for three years now. Um, right now,
we’re off. Are you living together? MASON: Yes. MALONE: Yes, Your Honor. You’re off,
but you live together. Yes, Your Honor. Yes, Your Honor. It’s been like… JUDGE LAKE: How’s that work? It’s… It’s real awkward. But, um,
I’m there for the kids and because I still
love Ms. Malone. But… And I was
hoping that we could
work it out. But… So that’s why today’s results
are so important, because truthfully,
when I say your relationship
is on the line,it’s more than just
a relationship.
It’s you home. I mean,
you all are still living
in a home together.
Yes, Your Honor. Yes, Your Honor. All right, you said
she started sneaking. I… Tell me what happened. I had somebody tell me
that was going out
the back door and down the alley to
jump in somebody’s car. I was actually coaching
a local cheerleading team in our city and a guy had
came to pick me up
to take me to our game that we had that day. It was no relations.
It was…
Uh, we were strictly friends. And that was it. So, can you see why he maybe
was suspicious about you getting picked up
in an alley
if you also admitted you were sleeping
with other people or… Yes, Your Honor. I mean,
it’s already confusing because he said
he wasn’t on break,
but you said you were. That didn’t work. Yes, Your Honor.
But, um, when we first met, I was young.
Didn’t have any kids. I wanted to adventure,
explore my options. Um, it was… When we met,
it was kind of forced. JUDGE LAKE:
When you say “forced,”
what do you mean? He moved in with us after probably a month or
two months after we met. MALONE: No. Moved in with you and…
You say “us.” Uh, me and my
family members. JUDGE LAKE:
Okay, you and your…
Oh, he moved in. Yes. JUDGE LAKE: Oh, I see
what you’re saying. So the bottom line is,
very quickly after you met, all of a sudden,
you were living together. MALONE: Yes, Your Honor. So when you say,
Ms. Malone, it all just happened so fast
and I was young,
I was 19 years old, next thing you know,
I’m kind of in this
relationship with a guy, but once he’s living with me,
then it kind of turned into
more of a relationship than you expected. Yes, Your Honor. Okay, I get it now.
Now I understand
where we are. So you all are
in this relationship. You start feeling like
she’s sneaking around. She… In your court papers,
you went real, um, detective. (LAUGHTER) MASON: Yes, Your Honor. What happened? I had a friend
watching my front door who lived right across
from where we lived at. Oh, you had
a watchdog. Right. MASON: Yes, ma’am. Your Honor,
every time I went to work,
she blamed it on… Because me and her
wasn’t having any intimacy
or anything like that. Do you remember
that confrontation,
Ms. Malone? MALONE: Yes, Your Honor. And then what did you respond? I told him that it was
my father that came
to the door. And he actually
asked my father and my father said, “Yes,
I came over there that day.” Did your watchdog say
that there were any
other men, Mr. Mason? MASON: Yes, Your Honor. Really? There were multiple. JUDGE LAKE: Did he give
descriptions of all of them? No, Your Honor. It was not. Yes, Your Honor. Yes, Your Honor,
he actually did. No, it wasn’t. No, it wasn’t. Yes, Your Honor,
he actually did. When I cheated
on Mr. Mason, we was having problems
within our relationship. Because of the simple
fact he was not
showing me any attention. He just wasn’t being a man
that I expected him to be. Okay, so let me say this.
When it comes to
the window of conception, that’s what’s relevant,
as it relates
to the paternity. So, when you cheated, when you were out
with this other person, was that during
the window of conception? Yes, Your Honor, it was. JUDGE LAKE: It was. All right. Now, when you were cheating,
did you all use protection? No, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. When you cheated,
did you also have an intimate
relationship with Mr. Mason during the same
window of conception? Yes, Your Honor.
Multiple times. Multiple times. All right.
So then that’s why we’re here. So, when you found out
you were pregnant, did you tell the other guy
it could possibly be
his child as well? MALONE:
Yes, Your Honor, I did. When you told Mr. Mason
you were pregnant,
did you also say to him, “You know, because I cheated, “it could possibly be
the other guy’s child
as well”? Uh, yes, Your Honor. So, she did tell you that,
Mr. Mason? Ye… Yes, your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:
Why’d you hesitate? Um… (LAUGHS) I had to find out
about the other guy um, from waking up
out of my sleep, Your Honor. No, your Honor, he didn’t. JUDGE LAKE: What happened? I overheard a conversation between her and another
individual about she found the other
guy on a website and how much Avery
and the other guys
and the other guy’s child looked just alike. When I brought it
to her attention… No, your Honor.
That is not true. …Your Honor, she said… She said she didn’t want
me to find out like this. And that I was awake
and I overheard everything. Your Honor,
that is not true. However, I told him
as soon as I found out
I was pregnant with her. He had so much anger, he decides to announce it with a room full of
our friends and my mom. Your Honor, I had anger
for the simple fact that I was working
all these hours trying
to provide for my family. And she’s sneaking
with different guys
in and out of the house. And that hurts you? MASON: Yes, Your Honor. And so you made
an announcement? I just announced
that she was pregnant. That was… And it was not his. While her mother…
While her mother
was present. In front of everybody
in the living room. While her mother was
present, Your Honor. I announced that
she was pregnant, and I may have said… MALONE: Inference. …that she’s not mine. Okay, well, that’s a…
That’s an announcement. (LAUGHTER) Your Honor, I also
have a Facebook post on us talking back and forth
about our oldest child
and my youngest. If I could go up and… Oh, absolutely. MALONE: Okay. Please explain
what’s going on here. Okay. This is, however,
our daughter, Avery.This is me,
Laquisha Malone,
“Do you know
who this is?”
Me again. “Do you
know this is Avery?”
Mr. Mason, “It’s not.” Me. “Yes, it is.
You can’t tell me
that’s not Avery.” Mr. Mason,
“Okay, I show you.” Me. “No, Marcus.
Don’t argue with me.
It’s Avery.” Me. “I’mma show
you Kasynn.” This is our oldest
daughter, Kasynn. JUDGE LAKE: Oh. He couldn’t tell them apart, is why I think
he’s the father of Avery. When you looked
at those pictures, Mr. Mason, did that help your
doubts subside? MASON: No, Your Honor.
Kasynn doesn’t have
chubby cheeks.The nose is totally
different. They look
nothing alike.
MALONE: To me,
they look identical. Well, one baby is in
the womb and one isn’t. (LAUGHTER) Yes, Your Honor. It was… Yes, Your Honor. It was a 3D… That’s what she’s
comparing it to. It was a 3D ultrasound. That’s what she’s
comparing it to. A 3D ultrasound picture
verses a real picture. Your Honor, at first it was
two guys that popped
up at our doorstep saying they were
Avery’s father. JUDGE LAKE: What? MALONE: There was a guy
that came to the doorstep… You said… …that I had
relations with. Then you narrowed
down to one. But… We actually wore protection,
so he was out of the question. When you say this
gentleman popped up, he says there’s
even another gentleman
that came. It’s just as hard
for me to believe that you can say
100% certain that you believe Mr. Mason
is the biological father,
when you’re admitting that you were intimate
with other people
during the window. You know, both children
could look alike ’cause
they share the same mother. Ms. Malone, um,
your mother is actually here and I’d like to bring
her into the courtroom. Jerome, will you please escort
Ms. Malone’s mother in? Thank you. Hello, ma’am.
Please be seated. I have to ask you,
do you believe Mr. Mason is your
biological father? No, I do not. Because they
were on a break when she was conceived,
and I knew that my child
was seeing someone else, because they
were on a break. (LAUGHTER) To me, she doesn’t
look like him. And I was in the room
when she was born. He did not attempt
to come up there. “I tried.” No, you didn’t. You don’t seem like
you’re a fan of Mr. Mason. No. No. No, no, no, no,
I’m not. But your daughter maintains
and has testified that she
truly believes he is. She loves the man,
so of course she want
all her children to be by the same person. I understand that,
and for her sake, I hope that she is his. For her sake.
But as far as him, no. (LAUGHTER) Is it because you
don’t like him,
or is it because you just truly
don’t believe he is? No, I truly don’t
believe that he is. And if he is not,
que sera, sera.

Whatever will be, will be, ’cause I’m gonna be
the momma regardless. I’m gonna help her
do whatever. Is it really
que sera, sera,
because in the court papers,
it says that Ms. Malone… Mmm-hmm. …is currently
pregnant again. (CROWD EXCLAIMS) MRS. MALONE: Yeah. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: How far along
are you, Ms. Malone? Um, I’m six months,
Your Honor. Is there a question
as to the paternity
of this child as well? Yes, Your Honor. He doesn’t think
that the unborn is his. I did at first, until I found proof of doubt
in Ms. Malone’s phone. “This is your son.
Don’t he look just like you?” Your Honor, yes,
I had doubt, because at that time,
we were not together.
We had broken up. And I was with
this other guy. (INDISTINCT) You had moved on and
you were now dating
this guy, the… Yes, Your Honor. She was having a
relationship with him. And cheated on him with… And she was cheating
on him with me. …him. Oh, my goodness! So does he know this
child you’re carrying
could potentially be his? Yes, Your Honor. Is he the same guy
that may be Avery’s father? No, Your Honor. I think I’ve heard enough.
I think we should
go to the results. Jerome? We have results
for Avery. And we also have
the results for
the unborn child, since paternity
is in question. First result is for Avery. In the case of
Mason v. Malone,
when it comes to
one-year-old Avery Malone, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Mason, you… …are not her father. (ALL EXCLAIM) What are you feeling
in this moment, sir? I’m mad, Your Honor. But I can’t be really
mad about something
that I already knew. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Malone,
this person… Have you asked him
whether he would be interested in being
a part of Avery’s life? Yes, your Honor.
I did. Um… JUDGE LAKE:
He has no interest. (SIGHS) I think we need to
move on to the
unborn child. Um… Now in order for us
to determine paternity, a pre-natal DNA test
was performed. A blood sample was
drawn from the mother and fetal DNA was
isolated from the sample. Genetic analysis
was performed and a probability of paternity
was generated. In the case of
Mason v. Malone,
when it comes to the
child that Ms. Malone
is currently carrying, it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Mason, you… …are the father. Well, this is a mess. You have to at least
be committed to co-parenting and learning how to raise
the children you do
have together well, and learning
how to be committed to
leaving each other alone. If you’re gonna do that,
and if you’re gonna
be in a relationship, you need to figure out
how to be committed
in the relationship. But now you’re gonna
have a complicated
situation because Avery’s father is going to need and
deserve the opportunity to be a part of
her life as well. Your Honor,
if he doesn’t step up, I’ll still take
responsibility. (APPLAUSE) JUDGE LAKE: And that
is admirable. And I want you all
to keep in mind
as you go forward how complicated
this will seem to her. There’s going to be
a level of confusion that she will feel
dealing with this and you all need to be
equipped and prepared
to address it, and to keep her
in the forefront of
your minds and attention as you’re moving forward
in this unit. All right? And be
sensitive to that. We have counseling
and resources for you. I want you to take
advantage of it. All right? Yes, Your Honor. I wish you the best of luck.
Court is adjourned.


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