Man Tries To Find Daughter Who Was Adopted (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case
ofBrowne v. Hampton.Thank you, Jerome. You’re welcome. Good day, everyone. Ms. Browne, you stand
before the court with your
mother, Alicia Browne. You say your world
was recently turned upside down when
you were contacted by a man whom you’ve never even
heard of before, claiming to be
your birth father. Now that man, Mr. Hampton,
is waiting in our
courtroom hallway and he will join us
in a moment. Now, he claims he has
evidence to prove he is, in fact,
your biological father. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) Now, what happened when
you were first contacted
by Mr. Hampton? How did you
even hear from him? Well, first and foremeost, I’m adopted. I was adopted when
I was three months old. So, I have no idea who
my extended family is, or my biological mother. I was recently contacted
by someone claiming
to be my sister on what’s called Instagram. (AUDIENCE MURMURING)And from there he
messaged me on Facebook,
and he said, “Kayla, I think
I finally found your Facebook. “Please let me know. “I have no idea how much you
or your adoption parents
know about how things were,“but I’ll be more than willing
to answer your questions,
“that they may have,
and I have pictures also. “Talk to you later.” As if he already knew. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) Wow. And so, what were you
thinking when you read that? “Who are you?” So, you’ve never met this man? KAYLA: No. Never heard of him? Nope. JUDGE LAKE: And, next thing
you know, he’s on your
Facebook saying, “I’m your birth father.” KAYLA: Yeah. He’s not my dad. Wow. Well, Jerome,
I think it’s time
we meet Mr. Hampton. What a story. JEROME: Hello,
Mr. Hampton. JUDGE LAKE: Hello,
Mr. Hampton. Thank you for
joining us today. Hello, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Thank you
for being here. So, we just heard an
amazing story from Ms. Browne. HERBERT: I’ve been
looking for my daughter
for 20 years, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay. I was in love with her mother,
Your Honor, and… JUDGE LAKE: You all
were in a relationship? Yes, we was in a
relationship, Your Honor. And she was pregnant,
Your Honor, this was
my first child. I’m the one that
gave her her
name, Your Honor. I did everything
that I… So, you were participating
in this pregnancy
and in the birth? Your Honor, I moved to
Alaska to be with her mother
while she was pregnant, I was there at
the hospital when
she was born… I’m confused. If you
did all that stuff, I don’t know why I’m here
with my mom today
and not with you. I just don’t…
I don’t know. I don’t get it, to be honest. I’m
just being honest. Your mother was
goin’ through
some problems. I had the opportunity
to take you when
I met her at the mall. I didn’t know whether
she wanted me to take
you permanently, I couldn’t take
you at the time. I had to go
back to Seattle. I cried every
minute on the plane. Do you have any proof of this? This is it, Your Honor,
this is the toys that I first bought her before
they left, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Jerome,
hand me the
evidence, please. Thank you.So, this is a picture
of the person
you say is Ms. Browne’s
birth mother. HERBERT: Yes.
Yes, Your Honor. And she’s pregnant? HERBERT: Yes,
Your Honor. Okay. I’ve kept this photo for
years, Your Honor, because I knew that someday
I would find her, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE:And who’s in
this photo, Mr. Hampton?
HERBERT:That’s me,
that’s my daughter here,
and, and that’s her
mother, Your Honor.
So, Ms. Browne, what are
you thinking as you see
these photos? I look at that baby.
That could be you, or you. It’s just, there’s
nothing that distinguishably
says it’s me. Maybe if I had that
wrap that was around
that baby, uh, maybe if I
had something… So when you look at these
pictures, you don’t feel
a connection ’cause in your mind
you’re saying, “There’s nothing identifiable
that says it’s me.” Yeah. Nothing that… That’s my daughter in those
pictures, Your Honor. Okay. And listen,
that may be true, that in the picture, the baby you’re
holding is your
daughter. But why are you so sure
that it is Ms. Browne? I know her birth date, and I knew the situation
surrounding it. JUDGE LAKE: Okay, now
we’re getting somewhere. So, the exact date
of Ms. Browne’s birth is the exact date
of your Kayla’s birth? Exactly, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: And you named
this baby Kayla? Exactly, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) Okay. When’s the
last time you saw her? Before today? If this is, in fact,
your daughter? I haven’t seen
her since she was… (SIGHING) Since she was about
two weeks old, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: About
two weeks old? Two weeks old, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: In your
statement to the court, you said you have a picture
of her at two years old. How did you get that picture? HERBERT: Your Honor,
when I went back to
Alaska, Your Honor, I came across her
mother, Your Honor, and her birth mother
gave this picture to me, Your Honor. Jerome, let me see
this picture. JUDGE LAKE: Her
birth mother? So you went back to
Washington and then you
came back to Alaska and her birth mother
gave you this picture? (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) HERBERT:Yes, Your Honor.And I still have that…
(STAMMERING) I’ve kept that photo
on my wall for the last
20 years, Your Honor. This picture? I’ve kept that
photo on my wall. JUDGE LAKE: And
she’s two years old? And she’s two years old,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: So this
is a picture of… Wow. So this picture of
the young baby girl that you say
is your daughter Kayla has been up on
the wall in your home? HERBERT:Exactly, Your Honor.(AUDIENCE MURMURING) KAYLA:I don’t know
if that’s true.
Ms. Browne, is this
a picture of you? Um… HERBERT: She’s got
the eyes, Your Honor. I think it looks like me. Yeah. Has a little devious
smile that I had. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) JUDGE LAKE: This is amazing. Have you ever
seen this picture? No. It looks like
you, to me. It looks like
your eyebrows, and look, I don’t know the
results of the test either, so I am here inside
this mystery with you, and I want to figure
it out for you. I know that
it’s my daughter,
Your Honor. Your Honor, I contacted
Social Services, Your Honor, and I told them that yeah,
I didn’t want my daughter
to be adopted. They told me that I
needed to get a
paternity test, Your Honor. KAYLA: I don’t know why.
I mean, I’m 20. I’m 20 years old. But she’s still my
daughter, Your Honor. That’s a long time to go
without seeing your child
you love so much. I’ve been looking for you. I’ve been looking
for you for 20 years. I searched everywhere. I want to hear from
your adoptive mother. Ms. Browne,
please stand, and I’ll first ask you,
have you ever seen
this picture of your daughter? ALICIA: Yes, I have. You have? (AUDIENCE GASPING) I have, and I’m… I’m curious to know how her biological mother
got that picture. Oh! Okay, wait. So you know this
to be your daughter? Yes, that’s
my daughter. JUDGE LAKE: But… But I never gave that
picture to anybody, and I don’t know where… (AUDIENCE MURMURING) We’ve had Kayla since
she was three months old. JUDGE LAKE: So when
you adopted her, did you have any information
given to you about a father? There’s no one listed
as a father on… What are you reading? Her adoption papers. JUDGE LAKE: May I
see that, please? Yeah. HERBERT: Your Honor,
I got child support papers
right here, Your Honor. The State of Alaska
was collecting child support
from me for her. Wait a minute. (AUDIENCE MURMURING) HERBERT: So they knew
that I was the father. Hold that piece
of evidence, let me
just see this first. I took this child,
several different
times, at least, for sure, three times,
if not four times,
in for blood tests… Don’t cry. And watched them
draw blood from her to try to determine
who her father was. And they never could
determine who the
father was, so they kept listing
different men, “Okay, now we think
this is the father, “can you please bring her in
for another another test?” And I’d take her in,
and then… I mean, at this time… But they never
came to me. (AUDIENCE GASPING) JUDGE LAKE: I understand
your emotion. The thought of being a mother
and bringing your baby in to have blood drawn, to try to figure out
who their father is, I know that was really tough. And yet, you’re
telling me, three or four men
were tested? ALICIA: Yes. And every test… Yeah, because we wouldn’t
have been able to
legally adopt her. We had her from the time
she was three weeks old. She came to us… Normally, we were
foster parents, and I normally wouldn’t
take an infant in because I knew I’d be
attached to them… Mmm-hmmm. But it was supposed
to be just a weekend. Then it turned into a week,
and then I’m like, “Oh, God,
please,” you know? JUDGE LAKE: “Don’t take her.” “Don’t take her from us.” And we went on for two years
of trying, them trying
to determine who, because they told me
they could not… That can’t be true. JUDGE LAKE: So, hold on,
I just wanna be clear. Out of the three to four
times that you took your baby, Kayla,
Ms. Browne, in to be tested, so they could try to
establish paternity, ALICIA: Yes. never once was Mr. Hampton
tested? You don’t
remember him being… I’ve never heard
his name in my life. JUDGE LAKE: Never
heard his name. Now, I wanna confirm
from you, Mr. Hampton, were you ever tested in the
past? Were you ever contacted as a potential biological
father for this baby
to be tested? No, ma’am, no I wasn’t. They had me paying
child support, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Let me
see that paperwork. They knew! That doesn’t make sense. JUDGE LAKE: You were
paying child support… HERBERT: That’s what
they had me doing. Don’t they have to determine
paternity to be able to make
you pay child support? HERBERT: I didn’t know… KAYLA: Yeah, you do have
to have a paternity affidavit. Well, then, they must have
proved that I was your
father, then. There couldn’t have been
another man listed. I wouldn’t have been
able to adopt Kayla… JUDGE LAKE: All right,
so here on this page it says the paperwork
you completed states that there is
an order for child support in Alaska, and that
the order names you as the father. Of…is my
name on there? HERBERT: Yes, it is. Yes, it is. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) I mean, my mom… JUDGE LAKE: So, listen… My biological mom has…
I have biological siblings that are literally
consecutive years under me. No, there is no other man,
Your Honor, we were
together every day. I’ve celebrated her
birthday every
single year, Your Honor. I’ve always put her name
on the cakes, Your Honor. Because, Your Honor… JUDGE LAKE: Jerome,
let me have… HERBERT: I didn’t forget
about her, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Every year,
you put her name
on a birthday cake? HERBERT: That’s
right, Your Honor. ‘Cause I wanted to show her,
’cause I knew someday
that I would find her, and I wanted to show her that
I’ve been looking for her,
Your Honor. And do you have any
paperwork to prove that you were reaching
out to Social Service? HERBERT: Your Honor,
I gave you the letter from
Social Services, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Department of
Health and Social Services. HERBERT: I’ve reached
out, Your Honor. In May, 1994, “Dear Mr. Hampton, two
phone messages from you. “And I don’t have a number
to contact you. Please
be advised “that you need to establish
paternity of Kayla King,“and we can discuss
HERBERT: Exactly,
Your Honor, and that’s
what I did, Your Honor, but when I tried to do that, they wanted her mother,
Your Honor, to take part
in this, Your Honor. I didn’t know where
her mother was… How did you not have contact,
if she gave you a picture
of her at two? JUDGE LAKE: And look,
Mr. Hampton, can you
not understand their doubt? They’ve never heard of you! HERBERT: Your Honor,
they knew, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Do you
understand their doubt? ALICIA: We’ve never
heard of you, I’ve never
heard your name in my life. I have this
birth certificate. And my parents
are on it, I don’t see your name
on it. I don’t know. Those are your
adoptive parents that are
on that birth certificate? Yes. Which are
my parents. JUDGE LAKE: Exactly.
Absolutely. Um… Your Honor, my name
is on her original birth
certificate, Your Honor. They had me paying
child support for her. I was there. I’m the one
that gave you your name. Where were you through
all these months that Kayla was with us
as a foster child and they were trying to
find out who the father was? Do you feel like Mr. Hampton
is her biological father? (SIGHING) I mean, honestly, I kind
of feel like you are, but, you didn’t take me
when she asked you. You know? (STAMMERING) I don’t care
for how long. It does… You know,
even if you couldn’t… (STAMMERING) I look at my son today,
I would do anything. (STAMMERING) I had no place.
I had no place! I don’t…
It doesn’t… Live in a car, you know,
go to a shelter, there are so many resources. JUDGE LAKE: Let me
just say this. This has got to be the most incredible
mystery that we’ve ever heard
in this courtroom. Jerome, right? But the only way we’re gonna
be able to move forward
is to get the results. HERBERT: Uh… That would be nice. That’d be really nice. HERBERT: Your Honor… Jerome, the envelope. Yes, sir, would you like to
say one more thing, before we
get to the results? I’ve gone through
a lot the last
20 years, Your Honor. This is my life,
Your Honor. I’ve made some,
some bad choices,
Your Honor, but I’ve never run
from any of my
children, Your Honor. I’ve run to them,
Your Honor. And that’s why I’m
here today, right here
in court, ’cause (STAMMERING) everything
that she has felt, all of her life,
Your Honor, I felt the same
thing, Your Honor. I felt all the hurt,
everything, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I see your
heart is breaking,
I really do. I can see the emotion,
written all over your face. I’m glad that her adoptive
parents were able
to take her, Your Honor. I worried about her,
all the time, Your Honor. She’s had a good home. And I’ve had it great,
I’ve had a great home. I owe that to your
adoptive parents,
for having you. Well, are we ready
for the results? (MUMBLING) These results were
prepared by
DNA Diagnostics, and they read as follows. If anyone would like
to take a seat,
they can. In the case of
Browne v. Hampton,
pertaining to 20-year-old
Kayla Browne, Mr. Hampton,
you have desperately
waited for this answer. You… In the case of
Browne v. Hampton,
pertaining to 20-year-old
Kayla Browne, Mr. Hampton,
you have desperately
waited for this answer. You… …are not her father. (AUDIENCE GASPING) That can’t be
right, Your Honor. But that is me
in the picture. I don’t know what’s
going on here, Your Honor. This is where paternity
secrets destroy our
lives and our perceptions, and what we
believe to be true, because it may, in fact,
and it unfortunately,
obviously, is true, that her biological mother
was involved with someone else besides you,
during that time. I’ve been wanting
to bring some closure
to myself, Your Honor. This had to be
done, Your Honor. It had to be done,
and, um… (SIGHING) I’m real sorry that
things didn’t work out. Don’t be sorry. It’s okay, I’m…
I’m good. I am, I’m fine. And ultimately, Ms. Browne,
Kayla, that’s what we want
to know, that you’re okay. And that’s what he
wanted to know. HERBERT: Exactly,
Your Honor. So with that said,
court is adjourned. Take care, everyone. I was pretty shocked. I think, I’d,
like, convinced myself at first
that he wasn’t. In the courtroom I then
convinced myself
that he was, and then he wasn’t. I feel very thankful that
she’s in a good home.

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