Hi Daddy! I have 5 boyfriends. You little flousy! (mannequin challenge) Watch this Cora. You can put it wherever you want [APPLAUSE] [KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK] RAWWWRRR! Hi Daddy! Daddy! i got everyone You came early! I did! Oh did you not tell them what’s coming home today no we came an hour early. you came home an hour early I leave for a couple days and everyone twitterpated Daddy I have boys. You have boys? How many? You have 3 boys? you little, hussy Joey, Az and Dax What, You tell me right now?! Az. Canyon, Az. The little one is Canyon. Wait? you like two brothers? 3 brothers! Mom! How did you allow this? three brothers does that mean you like Branson? Branson’s an old man. You can’t like Branson. Yep he’s too old. And he already has a girlfriend I love Joey, Az, Canyon and Dax. YOU LOVE THEM? Yeah! All of them. I retire I have 5 boyfriends! STOP IT!! You little flousy! morning everybody and we have been really busy the last couple days straight up superpipe so i am really really tired and I’m hanging out in my awesome leggins. The kids are home from school and they have got some fun things to show me. Shae learned a new trick on his yo-yo o.o what that was a pretty good trick Shae! hey hey you’re pretty cool kid What? B Y U and this guy was sick today and even though he’s sick he still makes his phone calls and pretends that he’s normal and everybody on the phone talks of hours nobody’s allowed to know that I’m sick Evee just informed me of her a project she wants to share let’s see it oh and what is this was Miss E Its Pottery you’re very talented even let me see me do a close-up Look how cool! hi Cora how was school so what is here what’s right here. This is This is one, this is 2, this is 3, this is 4, this is 5. uh huh! And this is S ssss Say S. Two S’s. 2 S’s. [MUSIC PLAYING] What are you guys watching? Gruffalo! my love this book its awesome. I’m about to eat mouse. Ok And I’m gonna work on my, our thankful tree [MUSIC PLAYING] all right so who remembers our thankful tree no yeah so over the years we have made a thankful tree and we put it up on a wall somewhere wherever we lived in hawaii here um and then we cut leaves and we stick them on the sides or in a pile next to the tree and it’s kind of a reverse fall they actually put the leaves on the tree and what the end up doing is they get you grab a leaf and then a marker and they write on it what they’re thankful for we are going to do that so let’s tape it up come on guys we’re gonna tape it up over here like Klai suggested alright so we’re going to tape it here so people can see it on our monday night live You guys I have some leaves cut out over here grab one marker and one leaf and please write your name please write your name because that’s the funnest thing is when the years go by we can say Evee was thankful for boogers. do you guys have a Thanksgiving tradition other than like eating food or have you guys ever done a thankful tree before it’s really easy i got these two poster boards from the dollar store so less than a dollar because they didn’t like three for dollars and the paper I just used she can write your name on any side ok the name doesn’t matter it’s what she’s thankful for that goes on the thing okay tell us what you guys do if you have a tradition like this or if you guys are gonna make your own thankful tree, tell us all about it we would love to see it and you guys can send us pictures and we will put in another video that would be really fun YOu can put it wherever you want you just can’t cover the word okay I’m thankful for reading books and doing my drawers and cleaning up ok ok i really love the this tradition because we’re able to write down what we’re thankful for and were able to remember it I’m guys don’t forget today me and my friends did a funny challenge so it should be coming up soon maybe tomorrow or the next day and it is all in my hair it is everywhere so check out that video is super funny alright SHAE what did you write? do you wanna read it for us? ok I’m thankful for my youtube channel all we are always so grateful for you guys that’s a good one, High Five Shae! will you throw that in the trash we are thankful for the channel and this opportunity to share fun family adventures we love sharing our adventures and this is actually a really long tradition i think we’ve done this for at least 10 years when Klai was like a few years old we started this one and this is a really fun that we get to share with you guys but really we really love that you guys watch your videos and and comment like that’s one of our favorite things to read all your guy’s comments thank you so much for helping us get through the day to share adventures with you! Cora are you ready? hey put the lid on your marker here very nice Cora where do you want it Do you want to put it up? I”ll trade you, yep I’ll close it sure oh so High. Good Job! what does your say Evee? My says I’m thankful for my Family! Oh You’re so cute! I love you Good night everybody. Ok Cora is going to do a special shout-out huh hey we’re going to try this sometimes she forget so I have to help her. Thank you Sporty Soccer so that’s Sporty Soccer. She found us on our Instagram account. Thank you Sporty Soccer for finding us on our Instagram account she’s found us and commented on a lot of our pictures that she is super fun to read your comments on instagram as well so if you guys want to chat about Instagram it is at @theohanaadventure we post lots of fun things and I think Klai just posted a funny video on are musically account alright we love you guys thanks for watching! Ready Go Thanks for watching everybody good night MAHALO! thanks for letting us, stay with us for a lot of days when we were on our Youtube Channel and I toots! every day when we go on Mahalo! give a thumbs up, and thanks for subscribing down here. Mahalo. and look at my picture every day and evee’s and Shae’s and Rykel’s Okay BYE!

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