Marga, nagulat sa resulta ng DNA ni Carlitos | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Son… Not now, Mom. This is too painful for me. I just want to thank you
for not telling on me. I just did what
I thought was right. Because if I tell Dad on you, you both will just fight. And this family will be
a mess again. I’m so tired of that! That’s exactly why
I’m grateful to you for not telling your dad
about me and Jessa. I did it for our family. I didn’t want to add
to Dad’s problems. Our family has been
plagued by tragedies. It’s the only thing I could do
to not make things worse. Son… I’m really sorry. I brought you some food
to thank you for letting me stay here. Have a seat. You shouldn’t have, Marga.
But, thanks. Why’s there a letter
from a DNA clinic here? I don’t know. It’s already open. What’s wrong, Marga? Are you okay? I don’t get it. How’s that possible? If Carlitos isn’t
your real brother, how come he’s
related to your dad? Only by 25 percent. Meaning? That’s what I have
to find out. I’m keeping this. Gino? Where’s Marga?
Why isn’t she here yet? Dinner’s almost ready. Don’t worry, Mom. She’ll be here soon. And your father?
He left hours ago! Where’d he go this time? It’s getting late. Mom, won’t you
tell Dad the truth? The truth about you
and Miss Jessa? Well… To be honest, son… I tried to,
many times before. But things happened so fast. He and Jessa had a thing,
then he got her pregnant. Now, I don’t know
how I’d do that. But Miss Jessa’s
long gone now. – Maybe you could–
– That’s the thing, son. She’s no longer here. So there’s no use
bringing back our past. Besides… Telling your father the truth
will just hurt him even more. Okay, Mom. Marga! You’re just in time
for dinner. – Come, let’s eat.
– Where’s Dad? He’s at the car shop. Why? I need to talk to him. Hey. Calm down, Marga. What’s going on, anyway? I saw this at Aunt Romina’s. – What’s that?
– Here, take a look. It says here that Daddy’s DNA
matches Carlitos’. What? Let me look at that. They’re a 25 percent match. That means Carlitos’ real family
is related to us. Would you know who they are? Gino, call your brother. Tell him to come home.
He needs to see this. My god…

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