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It says, “Some of your physical traits might be influenced by variants of Neanderthals.” Neanderthal: “Helloooo” What an interesting fact. Hi guys! How are you? My name’s Holly, and today I’m going to be doing something I’ve wanted for a loooooooong time to do. I’m going to find out Where are my ancestors from? At different times and on different social media platforms, I’ve touched–biefly–on the topic of my identity. And how complicated it is for me. Because as you know, I have a fairly common story, that of an immigrant who feels that she’s neither from “here” nor “there.” And, well, I recently decided that it’s better for me to change that narrative and say, I’m from both here AND there. But I’ve never known with certainty exactly where my roots come from! I’ll tell you what I know up to this point, based on what my parents told me and what little I’ve researched. What “research”?! I’ve researched absolutely nothing! My family is from the United States. Most people from the US have ancestry from England. Buuuut I’d like to think my situation is a teeny bit different! Heh heh
Wow, I’m an original 💁‍♀️ My dad was born in Venezuela and so were my paternal grandparents. But THEIR parents also came from the US. The last names from my dad’s side are Tuggy and Turner. My mom was born in Morelia, Michoacan [Mexico] Many of you guys didn’t know that 😉 And she grew up in Peru. But she later moved because of her dad’s job, which was in And her mom was from Chicago, Illinois. The last names from my mom’s side are Townsend and Mielke. I remember hearing about Pennsylvania Dutch when I was little. I don’t know if that came from my maternal grandmother’s side. I think so? That sounds right? Basically “Pennsylvania Dutch” means Dutch people [actually German people] living in Pennsylvania.
[The locals couldn’t pronounce their nationality, “Deutsch,” so they used “Dutch” as an approximation.] But when I was younger my mom also told me that I have a great-great-grandmother who was a Cherokee princess. (That photo is NOT my great-great grandmother.) The Cherokee people, as you probably know, are natives of the American continent. And so are the Mayans, Aztecs, et cetera. So I’d like to think even though it’s a very small percentage of my roots, that there are some from here, the American continent. Although I was a bit weirded out when I was about 20 years old and I discovered this book called Stuff White People Say And I realized that I was the stereotype of a white woman.
I’m a walking cliche. Basically, one of the pages said that all white people think they have Native American ancestry. So… [inhaaaaaale] Let’s see if that’s true right now! “And how are we going to prove it,” you ask? Welllll I took TWO DNA tests. Why two? To see if it’s true! Hehe! I have a feeling that a few discrepancies will arise. I was really curious and I thought,
Why not release both tests at the same time? And I’ll do it right here for all of you! I bought 23andMe and ancestryDNA. Each one has its own specialized area. I think one area has to do with your health, allergies, that kind of thing. And the other one goes deeper into your ancestors and their origins. … I think OK, let’s check it out. The process for both was very similar. I had to spit in a plastic tub. And when I say “spit,” I’m talking 2-3 spoonfuls of saliva, ya feel me? NOT EASY! They send this by mail. And they analyze it in a laboratory located who knows where! And who knows what they do with all this information! I don’t recommend for you to do it if you’re concerned with the idea that the government obtains more information about you, apart from what it already collects from what we do online. Personally, I don’t see the point in worrying about it because… I don’t feel that important! But yeah, they analyze the data. And they send your results back. So I was religiously checking my mail– snail mail– when I realized that on both apps on my phone, The RESULTS FINALLY CAME IN! I can finally look in and see what I’m made of! And I want to make it clear that I don’t think this has anything to do with who I am as a *person.* The results that I find today won’t change won’t change a single thing about how I feel about myself, my self-esteem, NOTHING of the sort. But I did think it was interesting to think back to all the people who had to unite and have kids so that I could exist at this moment. All right, let’s start with the app 23andMe. [boop boop] It doesn’t recognize me because I did makeup! HEH! [shimmer] Ok, I’m seeing something… It doesn’t surprise me in the least. It says I’m 37.3% British and Irish. [inhaaaaale] Not surprising! Did I really comment about the name being Irish or not? Because the name, “Tuggy,” I’ve always had the sneaking suspicion that it’s Irish. But I wish I could have claimed it *before* reading this info. Because now they won’t believe–they’ll think I’m lying. “Yeah sure I knew that, I knew that.” No, really 😑 I’ve always thought that. I believe “Tuggy” is an Irish name. I’m a little disappointed, guys. Where’s my Native American great-great grandmother? 9 99 99. 99.5 99.5% 99.5% European. 97% Northwestern European. In other words, hm-hm Let’s look at the biggest percentage yet: 37.3% British and Irish. “In the last 200 years, your ancestors may have lived in the following locations.” Basically England, aka the United Kingdom. 😨 They listed all your countries and everything! Aaaaaaaah! Next! 30% French and German! Excellent! That is very good! OK, let’s say something cool in French, too. ummm Very good! I will say, though, that this year I went to Germany
and last year I went to France. And I didn’t feel like I was “around family.” But it’s very interesting to know that many of my ancestors are from there. 10.3% Scandinavian! “Scandinavians – represented by the people of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland – – owe much of their linguistic and genetic heritage to North Germanic tribes.” Ok, cool. 18% Northern European So, it didn’t fit into a nice, neat category. “from as far west as Ireland, as far north as Norway, as far east as Finland, and as far south as France.” Ok, I’m not sure. I’m not sure if I believe all this, you know? How nice it is to have another app so that we can fact check. Perhaps it will tell us something more interesting. We also have really low percentages. Eastern European, so we’re talking abooout… a region that was “heavily influenced by… The Soviet Union, aka Russia.” Let’s see if I look a little Russian! But like I was saying, it’s only 1.3%, and from THAT, 0.2% Southern European and 1.1% Broadly European. So basically, there’s not much genetic variation inside me. I’m not sure if there’s more interesting information from this app. I’m dying to see what the next one says! 😨 One button here says, “Neanderthal Ancestry!!” How crazy is that?! Wait wait wait this is SO interesting! “Neanderthals were ancient humans who interbred with modern humans before becoming extinct 40,000 years ago.” “You have 279 Neanderthal variants.” Ok?!?!?! “This is more than 57% of 23andMe Customers” I’m not sure exactly what this means. Let’s just look on the positive side. It says, “Some of your physical traits may be influenced by Neanderthal variants.” What an interesting fact! Ok, here it’s saying that I have straight hair. True. “Fewer hairs on your back,” I’m pretty sure that’s super common in women, but ok. What’s this about my sneeze? And what about my height? It says, “You have 0 Neanderthal variants associated with having straight hair.” Well, they failed me, shall we say. “Less likely to sneeze after eating dark chocolate” “0 Variants Found” Ok wait a minute People are less likely to sneeze after eating dark chocolate? Come on, guys! Cite your sources! If you’re one of those people who sneezes like 17 times in a row, eat some dark chocolate and see if it helps. “Less back hair
0 Variants Found” Ok, so I definitely have fewer back hairs. And there’s one variant associated with my height. I consider myself a very average person when it comes to my height. I’m 165 cm tall.
[5 feet, 5 inches] Let’s go to the next app, guys. I think I’ve seen enough. This is what 23andMe thinks of my DNA. Let’s see if there were any discrepancies from what we’ve already been told by ancestryDNA. Dun da da duuuun! [shimmer] “Welcome to ANCESTRYDNA.
Check out your Ethnicity Estimate now.” Pchoo aaaaaaaaah 😇 For some reason, these numbers were muuuuch higher for England, Wales & Northwe– Wait, that’s because it’s a group of many different countries. The grouping isn’t the same as the other app’s. England, Wales & Northwestern Europe: 69% Ireland and Scotland– Scotland! I didn’t think that would have come up! 19%. Norway (I need to go to Norway–to be honest, I would really like to go.) 9%. And Germanic Europe: 3% Where is France? And another thing…
I was convinced that I was very German! Ok, ok, what’s next. Back to “Home.” Let’s go to “Traits.” It says, “Holly, from your DNA, it looks like you probably have light eyes.” Good work,!!! That’s very interesting because my mom has blue “eye,” my dad has brown “eye,” –“eyes.” Why do we say “blue eye” or “brown eye” in Spanish? My dad’s parents have blue and brown eyes. And my mom’s parents, I think they’re blue and green. As you probably know from biology class, the gene for blue eyes is recessive. Which means, Let’s see if I can remember this; it’s been YEARS. Basically, if two people with blue eyes marry and have kids, They can’t have a brown-eyed child. Why? Because in order to have blue eyes, you need two genes, one from your dad, one from your mom, both blue. So my dad gave me his blue gene that he brought. But my dad’s eyes are brown because if you have a gene coded for brown eyes, even though you still carry the blue gene in your blood/genes/DNA, the brown gene will always manifest because it’s the stronger one. The “dominant” one, as we say. Really glad I’m not a biology teacher because I don’t think I’m that great at explaining this. But anyway, two parents with brown eyes CAN have a baby with blue eyes. Because it’s possible for both parents to have one brown gene and one blue gene. The blue gene is recessive based on how rarely it shows up, but if the blue gene is given to the baby, the baby will be born with blue eyes. I have two sisters and they both have brown eyes, and I have two brothers who both have blue eyes… so… So more or less an even split. It would be really interesting to see if my siblings took this test, too. Let’s see what they can tell me here on AncestryDNA what we can find about me as a person. They didn’t have the interesting the results that I had wanted. 😭 I don’t understand; don’t they have more? 😭 OHHHH Ok, more traits! “Cleft chin” is when you have this mark on your chin. Personally, I don’t have one. ~~But the weird thing is, I feel something there!~~ Mmmmm! But they didn’t detect it. Let’s see what the app thinks! It says I probably DON’T have the cleft on my chin. Not sure how to say “cleft” in Spanish. The type of earlobe! There are people who have attached earlobes and others with unattached earlobes. It’s a little easier to wear earrings that way. I have unattached. Let’s see what the app says. Unattached! Right on! Attached looks like this. Earwax type?!?!?! I’m not sure what I think about that. Cut! Let’s just move on! Freckles? I don’t have freckles, good job. Just sunburns! Wisdom teeth! I really want to see what they think because I had a very strange situation, where they came in on one side, both upper and lower, but not on this side. So of course I have to feel my cheek with my tongue even though I know the hole is still there. So there’s a gap there but they never removed them. They just. Never. Appeared. Ever. So they said…. they came in on one side and not on the other… Aah just kidding! Imagine them being able to predict something like that! It says, “you probably developed all of your wisdom teeth.” NO But I do think that’s a bit of an anomaly. To be honest… it was interesting. Not super surprising, but I kind of expected that. That’s the weird thing: I was waiting for a surprise, so I was surprised when the surprise didn’t come???? I would love to visit Ireland because I now know that a percentage of my ancestors originate there.
(mainly for the view!!) I’d love to MEET my extended family!!! But it’s still very clear that you are where your heart feels at home. I don’t care that much about what the apps say. I still feel like a reflection of everything that I’ve had the privilege to experience in this life. All this stuff was cool and all but at the end of the day… It does not define us as human beings. What matters is the richness of our hearts, how we treat other people. And the rest is just extra. I’m going to be proud of being both
American AND Mexican. Because I’m from here… AND from there. Thank you so much for watching!
Let me know in the comments if you liked the video, and if you are willing to take the DNA test
and find out where your ancestors came from, or if you just don’t want people to have that much information about you. Sending a giant kiss your way. See you real soon. Mwah! Bye!


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