so today I do something a bit more
interesting than my normal videos we are meeting the DNA family party
so I’m actually editing the video now and I’m realizing that the intro that I
recorded for this video was actually taken before I interviewed anyone when
it was just kind of like up in the air and I didn’t realize how emotionally
invested I was in the story how much my family was in this story
and it just doesn’t feel right for me to start a video off on such a high note
even though it feels you know like it is a beautiful ending and that’s why I want
to share the story but it is definitely an emotional rollercoaster right then I
just thought oh my god I just lost my sister she could have been that for
being aboard is Rebecca that is your mom that is me and I’ve added pnina in there
because she’s now part of our family there’s Jenny Patti and krysta it’s so
sweet and then 2018 is when we all met each other turns 18 I was told
to find my birth mom so I called the state of Minnesota where I was born and
they said I choked on you it’s 19 in this state so is it okay by the time I
hit 19 so she is born in Venice right the adoption agency said sure we can’t
you can write it non-identifying letter to your mother
but it will cost $900 and I didn’t have $900 I was paying for my own college my
own car everything so I said you know this is gonna have to wait till I have
money and I asked them I said well how are you gonna find her what if she’s
moved do you ever social security number to
help find her and they said we have all of that but we can’t guarantee that
she’ll respond to the letter so I could have lost the $900 so I said note I have
to wait till I have nine hundred dollars that I that I so don’t mind was it when
she was 19 19 years old and that first tried to find then I let it go for a
while then I wanted to have my first child so I called my adoption agency
again at like 22 and I said I just I really want to know like what is like my
genetics is there cancer all that because I’m just want to start a family
so they said Oh for $75 you can get non-identifying information so you did
do that I did so I paid I’ve ever known my dollars and they mailed me your birth
mom’s hair is red your yeah everything like superficial he showed me it was uh
printed out papers family they’re all like five nine blond hair red hair all
enjoy being so yeah and that was it nothing that I thought was important and
then we let it go and then I gave birth to Esther who looked so much like me it
kind of healed a little we’re going to like so I got me step in
the different frontal of all great waters and then indeedy do the show
long-lost family came about not that I didn’t think through the years and try
the long-lost family came about and I wrote to the show trying to get on the
show I think ever responded so I wrote again and never responded so I did
23andme and ancestry and hopes and except for three years and two years ago
in January I was sitting at the dining room table with us turned back and my
pops up from ancestry and it was sister question more question mark question
mark and of course I would like into a panic and so I will melt back well it
was very creepy because she had been an ancestor for years years and then she
randomly gets this message stayed in both of her parents names
and what they used to do at that time and when she was adopted so it clearly
was her right if you were to see like the beginning emails it was like we were
questioning if it was really happening but you know DNA doesn’t lie but we were
still like we laugh about it now all of you have that I can attach them to the
video I had so if I found one I’ll add them here she knew when we finally when
she was talking about what my parents did for a living and my mother had a
career change and my sister and all that stuff I was like this is no joke so we
decided to talk Becky and with work and three weeks later in
February the beginning of February a few des Minnesota to zero degrees
because I couldn’t wait to meet them and it was a beautiful experience we’ve
bonded right away they’re super we went to both families
together they’re here now out from my sister I’m actually yeah they were here
now out with my sisters and we have just blends at this beautiful family the
family trips together we do girls trips together and it’s been such a positive
experience okay and I was always led to believe that I chose her like I thought
that we went to a store and if it’s relative PetSmart yes we all we knew
from the beginning that she was adopted the story more or less as she got older
and more curious about where she came from
we started looking into finding not idle our second family because we are but
where she came from she’s always been interested in that and
I remember actually understand when got married and having babies
which means nervous that she wasn’t gonna be able to in Hawaii and I
remember saying to her it’s okay or just a scenario you can always adopt and she
said I will never adopt and I thought that was so odd because she had never
been like well why was she not one of the top three so what she said to me is
so profound and it hit me really hard you said I have the whole beginning when
life begins with my life I have no ancestry no history and she
said I need to have a continuation she needed to have you daddies you know why
one we’re going to you yes that would perpetuate right and I’m grateful for
that um but that made it like really
important to me to talk with my auntie now we do and I and we went we looked
and it was difficult everything was loose the records were closed off we
knew that well what we translated in our heads from those stories we’d heard we
thought that it was like a younger couple maybe fifteen and six years old
we we knew they were like up Swedish descent but we containing roadblocks and
we were told that unless that family release the record someone should just
give up and she said okay I’m accepting but this is my life this is who I am I’m
happy with with what the cause I’ve been dealt and at that point she decided that
she needed to create her own history um and I I can’t remember exactly I think
that was after some hobby she wanted to know for you guys things like whether
there was going to be a possibility of diabetes or heart disease or any like
that because their whole life every time we went to the medical doctor she had to
like checkup I don’t know I don’t know she wanted you to know so she started
doing all kinds of crazy sexy like blood work try her for six months and
every medical test known to man just to stop that history and at some point she
ended up with was an entry for 2016 yeah and she did it for the purpose of
documenting or finding out like what possible medical history yeah and it
like she found interesting things but it was not like I don’t think she ever
thought we’re gonna find you know the people that she came from she certainly
never thought she was gonna find siblings here like that was pretty
seniors to imagine that is I think we assume that these two people with their
separate ways and that was it so one day out of nowhere she calls me freaked out
about an ego I’ve got a crazy email I’m afraid to open it like okay do we need
to report it to the police another example right you’re like what’s
so scary it’s like a clown all I need is scaring you mother’s email and she says
it just says in the something that just says system after mark and it’s from I
guess the ancestry like the way that they allow them to talk and she’s like I
wrote to do I said the obvious right minutes she open it and it was from
Jimmy and she said she’s like I have to call you back so she she hung up I’ll be
ready and call to breathe flash of a second and like the pit of my stomach
just drop me up right and I don’t know why it was just it was like this wrong
right then I just thought oh my god I just lost my sister and then it was fun
right I was like okay it’s it’s managing and
then she called me and again it was like um there was a security in knowing that
she needed me to help her get what she was seeing right so so go ahead we’re
all right we’re good and she started dialogue and she’s like you know is it’s
like Dan on everything except for my birthday or you know there’s a quiet day
or something like that something it was like one thing goes
limp it off but everything else was spot on and so they arranged a meeting and
your dad went which was awesome because you know he does not go there so for him
to do this and and to just like really embrace the whole idea it’s one of the
things that I love about mark you know the things that he would never do for
himself he 100% drugs up into four and she’s still fighting people but he’s
just so then she sends me these pictures a man having a good time this smells and
she hits me with I need you to meet them and that is fantastic so we did and
there and you were open to it like I wouldn’t bond with her on that question
and that was prepared to yeah but they just want to go with me so they have
that Merman and it’s been really amazing you know you never know I don’t know how
people are going to respond you don’t know if you’re a baby like their privacy
if they’ve developed this whole life without you and if you can tumble those
blogs right but that’s not what’s happening what’s happening here is that
these two families are intermingling and meshing and you know the things that I
love about Orly I see in them right and the things that I guess just if I’m
gonna grew up with her I get along so well with them because it’s like having
five more Z’s is really weird like we we always do it she was a son of the years
apparently big universe Ola Morley’s so I’m not I’m thrilled that they everyone
has embraced me and that we have these two families that
are like so easily merging and that everyone would come out here I mean
that’s a lot of expense and like a crazy amount of and chaos in your life to come
out for somebody’s you know like someone you just barely met well the crazy thing
to me is that they’re not even coming here to see my mom they’re coming for
your kid wait these auto and not just shows how much like that is my mind you
know they’re coming for your gym you know that’s crazy it’s not to go to your
wedding makes total sense right yeah but it’s like it was an innocent love I saw
Mary Ann in the airport and it was like we we reckon I’ve never seen a picture
Maree yeah but we recognized each other instantly
you know and it was like hugs and tears immediately when I was a teenager my
grandma so then years went by little she had a child up for adoption and she
found on ancestry cute names so that night I went home like that weekend
hoping to find her that’s why kidding about genetics yeah my goal was to find
my sister and so I got an email at work and I was so excited that I open it if
your results are in and so I clicked on it and it said immediate family and it
said you know I’m like this has got to be her but of course I didn’t know then
I had to go to me my pregnancy I can like look into it
after the meeting I have no idea so then when I got out of the median and
I asked her some questions no I didn’t I emailed portly first and
then you are the daughter of sister so then of course I don’t know why but we
were very like reserved because you’re scared yeah so but looking back it’s
like our DNA closed course we’re sisters yeah so mine after that then I asked my
mom some questions of birthday and she has mother all bad so then we talked yeah and we were so nervous excited it’s
so funny when she first figured it out and she got the message I was with her
yeah and we were in public and I was saying like oh we need more fish for
grocery shopping we were grocery shopping she’s like what
vodka I was like are you okay mom she was a mess machine I tried previously
looking for you guys to so it’s just like crazy that that website was the
answer and it’s because I’m here in I was Teri’s second horn she
thought she was the first yeah up until I was in my early really early 20s I
phoned over your mom and then that kind of put a little spring in my step on
gamifying her I’m gonna find her I found out the day the time the hospital but I
did not get and I kind of got funding but but because that is not your mom or
my mom yeah I could not get to it yeah I can tell you where but yeah I just yeah
so you had like oh yeah cuz me aback you look similar
you’re like a does she look like genuine like I mean did she have like an
imagination of what she would look like what was it kind of Johnny yeah yeah no
and when you look at baby but you’re so it’s so pretty I got those in you yes
there’s but then when Jenny photo of the ancestry she would mention anything else
for sooner she got down oh yeah that’s all she got Christmas present soon as
and then she gave me access to it which I still have my mom because I did the
family yeah my family’s I hope yeah and my daughters
something that it was Jenny calls me up and she said don’t check me how am I
gonna check you and then we found out we found your mama and that was like
shaking excited I cried because I was like oh my they should pay this I
retired I could sponsor no and Wow fun ever since you’re really eyes and then
we might you my birthday me again you can tell was born
yeah you know we just have yeah I know it’s kind of weird but it’s like you
know it’s like okay it’s my niece but it’s definitely but it please
see that’s the thing is a lot of people ask me and like I kind of like wanted me
to go cousins you know get my hand and it was it’s so hard to explain
yes like here’s the link to the video yep because I was like well
is that is what this is that is all of us sisters this is Rebecca
that is your mom that is me and I’ve added pnina in there because she is now
part of our family there’s Jenny Patti and krysta it’s so
sweet and then 2018 is when we all met each other I love that I just and it
just came from a simple DNA test I’m Rebecca I am the youngest DNA’s sister
this was all a surprise to me it didn’t know that Jenny had done the ancestry
until she had already connected with orally I was apprehensive on meeting her
and entire family very apprehensive which we all were I wasn’t sure that it
would turn out as good as it was going to be I was the child that always had
been comfortable with what I had and new things sometimes make it hard now that I
know the nieces and Orly and Mark and now the extended family I am slightly
torn that I didn’t get to watch everybody grow up but I get to see the
next adventure my fear of the envision was that she had
this fabulous life growing up not that we didn’t we
had the most freedom that most children have like we didn’t have the rules that
they did the other kids we got to be who we were and then live off our
consequences um and I thought that maybe she was brought up like a princess and
that she had everything she ever wanted and it was exactly how we were brought
up there were struggles there was animosity in some aspects there was
happiness sadness and was part of what we figured out that we were that much
alike even though we were raised by different parents we’re still raised the
same so she was just telling me that her dad slipped one day and said it and said
that he had a daughter that that him and my mom had adopted out and I was about
14 and at first we didn’t believe him but then the next day we had asked him
about it and he was like yeah but we don’t talk about it and I guess it was
kind of a secret like none of our family knew my mom’s stepmom that raised her
was she was just so she didn’t she didn’t have that bond with my mom or
create or Linda like she did with her other children you know some people can
accept accept stepchildren like parents kids and you know some people can and it
kind of got left alone for about two years and then Maryanne started asking
about it and then Maryanne started talking to Jenny and then to went on
like this huge hunt to find out that the church that had the records no longer
existed so there were no records there was nothing for us to go off alone
and so we had talked to our dad about that and he was like well there’s
nothing you can do now I don’t know if that was because he was a Chuck Close
chapter or because there really he allegedly thought that there wasn’t he
could do and then Maryanne throughout the years had always said well let’s try
this and let’s try this and jenny was like well let’s try this and I’m like
you know okay you’re the baby I’m the baby
babies are spoiled you know so you have a different mindset of the older kids
and so I was I was happy the way that it was and I didn’t want to ruffle
anybody’s feathers I didn’t want to work anybody up and then it’d be a bad
experience you know my you know my sisters and my mom had been like the
center of everything for so long I’m like no you know let’s you know if she
wants to find us she’ll find us that’s kind of but it was a closed adoption so
there was nothing you could do and then so all throughout the years
till probably my 30s is when they started to bring it back up and bring it
back up and then one day Jenny was like okay I did ancestry like yeah it’s just
like I got a hit so none of us even knew that she had done it Wow until it said a
grandmother or a direct sibling while we knew that a 40-something year old
couldn’t be our grandmother so then it ended up being a sibling and so she
talked with her first and then I had I kept asking her all these questions like
well no ask her because I didn’t want to I wasn’t ready to and and then I tried
to figure out pictures and stuff and so orally had some pictures and then I
pulled up our pictures when we were little and put in side by sides and I
didn’t look like her at all growing up it was Jenny and then it was Mary and
and there was one right on four years old so I was still
like you know and then when I met her I’m like holy crap I look like her now
like she went through all the stages I feel like you guys looked the most yeah
I know but not growing up yeah you know they marry and sixth grade picture with
Laura Lee’s senior picture is like twins yeah but then Jenny’s five six seven
eight year old pictures are twins with Orly mm-hmm after her but so like there
was still that confusion again it was just confusion I didn’t know how to
comprehend it and I’m only said a lot the adoptive mother mother and she has
another two into my life she’s a very special human being with a lot of
amazing qualities she’s a great mom and I always tell her that and I always
wanted to know what she came from I always wanted to know what she inherited
from home because it had to be somebody very special and luckily we found the
origin of my baby and it’s the family turns out to be an amazing bunch of
people very loving very open and I just wanted them to know that that I love
them all and that they didn’t just find an older sister they found the whole
family in that we are we welcome you to everyone for holidays of parties and
whatever we got because they are part of a family and I love them
and how did you feel when mom first told you that she did find the family I was
excited because I’ve been after him for years to find out years ago she did
contact the adoption agency and they told her that they needed her to write
so they could contact her mom and see if she was willing to so that’s William you
don’t know what’s on the other side and for some reason it just didn’t they told
her that there and she forgot and did write the letter but thank I mark did
the DNA thing and Jenny did her side of it because he was in the cards it was
destiny and I’m very happy because if I hadn’t been adopted I would have died to
know where it came from who my parents are and why did they put me you know put
me I mean ups I know you had to wait for I’m the DNA mama
When Jenny did the DNA test, I knew that if someone was out there they were going to contact us When Jenny did the DNA is wasn’t that long after when your mom found us
The girls did not know until they were older that they had a sister the DNA and Genesis I think I’d rather
it was a lot of emotional scared she was I knew the girls would accept him but it
was any motion a blackness and I it’s surprisingly excitement it’s a different
plating there’s no that’s only four hours of Eva and to have discovered we
come back up here to find the find out she’s in Miami I have children we were down there all the time we’re in
Miami oh that’s crazy it is but to me
everything happens at the time it’s I’m not really a weekly church for work but
I believe that you’re put here for a purpose and
things happen when they happen for a reason yeah yeah I don’t think she was
ready to find us until she was in the dollar yeah I truly believe that we
would have met when she was younger we never wanted my mom to know adopted
family to ever feel like it’s just great because I feel like the families are
really emerged yeah like she comes to see you more than we do you know I say
get along so good and penitas kids they’re just welcome they don’t even ask
questions they just put their arms up for me and for you it was most on here
but I do say it’s not just like you know you’re pretty fly
and the biggest thing with people afraid to arrive in airplane hours well if it’s
your time doesn’t matter if you walk across the street dark and on the street
earn an airplane you there time is your time and I’m glad that we’ve got you
because it is it’s emotional but every time I meet more and more of your family
more emotional yeah now you see where all the cream
but similarities just when I was talking to Jenny and I was telling her about my
flight anxiety I’m like I had to crush she has she’s like I understand for
years I was blaming my dad’s side of the family
Lizzie Nami I’d rather fly because it’s much quicker when I was near Florida my
main husband you better cry newsa Carter yeah I’d rather fly yeah when the twins
were born I feel loved over there burned he drove I’ll be in the car and it’s
just he tried to help not the right time it’s you know yeah it does it does when
she turned 18 that was that was a sad day for me because I knew at any time
after 18 yeah but I didn’t know there was no avenues I just thought that it
wouldn’t be happy family yeah some tire it is it’s yes amazing say disagrees and I know wouldn’t mark
today I’m Eric’s mom when I was down there’s something and now I feel like if
she found age of 18 Stephanie great time you know and she told me she does her
you’re the medicals yeah so I’m glad that can go to give her
a little piece of leg on that I love that you know that’s what I was so
worried about she found them and I’m like mom asked him about mental health um they were all day all night of
drinking you know but we didn’t associated but what’s my back to God we
weren’t involved outside of the family yeah it’s kind of you know I went from
this little small little big huge which is good there’s not much I can picture
she already knows everything under crochet she did say she wanted yeah –
sure crochet to give it to her when she’s ready for her kids when they’re when they’re doing
this I make all the graduates it’s just crazy
because growing up come to my wedding and you know be there so I feel like
it’s such a good time it’s kind of like it could have gone two ways it was for
me the positive I want to do with us or it’s not I remember Jenny mess which
makes it okay she was like whenever you’re ready to talk I’m here and like
that for me was like really great because I was like they’re not gonna
force it on me no that’s the one isn’t it you know I
would never do it I’m not gonna fit myself some normal or I know I’m not
ready to be more accepting but your family is you can never have enough love
to unite that’s what Mark said the first time many yeah I’ve never heard him say
that is that the first time it was the very first meeting he was gonna do
something and I said no you’re not getting for it he goes I have money we
don’t have family it was like I’m gonna do it because you’re a family yeah I
think it was just pizza he’s very like that
he does need a lot of stuff I know and it’s kind of nice being
different I mean I knew that she was placed in a suburb in Annapolis but I
knew I mean before I met her I told I knew that he got the bottom ones and
then you have a designer a new cocktail shaker things with color hair she had I
knew yeah you know I had all that information not as detail on the detail
form like your monitor yeah but I had but it was emotional it was a good thing
where they yeah very much and I just hope they keep us we’re we’re so family
and you know obviously it’s difficult in different states and everything but I think it’s just yeah I don’t know if
it’s influence or he makes sense to them we should have same thing and it didn’t
make sense yeah and by you guys Chris you have noted but yeah it was
just a lot of it was scared everybody basically whether or not you wanna party but now we’re doing even tomorrow so you
know today it wasn’t really like a decision and then I kind of thought
about that everyone wants to bring a book about it it’s really an incredible
story yes it is like it’s such a waste to not share this story you know like
it’s so beautiful like this is something you can see it like a movie or something
that’s crazy yeah it’s he does that’s a lesson he did
we all got together yeah cuz we could have god I could go to the grave well
she did that and she is so much like really yeah yeah I mean when we first
met her expected us that many you that’s so cute she’s like we saw it we were
like just not even like looks-wise like totally out of it make sure personality
traits and I think that’s why we all get along
well the same person how you know I’m sitting you’re talking about anxiety me
too me too me too you know you know Malika mom I’d rather fly and
get there quick wait guys how she is you know so it’s like it’s crazy because
we’re such a mix of different people but like we all have the genetics
yeah so we’re all the same mm-hmm she’s she’s that I am 100% sweet and she she’s
got in the DNA she doesn’t yeah she traced the bloodline your mom is
actually from our Alton it’s a real well the thing is like I was saying that I
went to here you know you must have an idea imagination of like what the other
person is like so me and my mom would always make jokes saying we’re European
royalty you know and like we would just you know we made those jokes about it
being like yeah we’re supposed to be Queens if I know and we’re like we’re
not that far yeah it’s just amazing yeah but scary at first but I’m quite scary


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