MERYL STREEP What She Is Really Like As A Mother ★

I drove me nuts as a kid it really it didn’t it it still does a little bit so how was it in school when you bring home friends from school and you’re like Meryl Streep is your mother what was that whole thing like I mean it’s hard for everyone else to imagine I think what that must feel like I grew up gratefully in Connecticut so it wasn’t it’s not like I was I grew up in in Hollywood so the industry didn’t kind of loom large over everything so all of my friends were very very down-to-earth like getting kids who didn’t didn’t care I had a pretty and a pretty normal upbringing do you remember when you realized that my mother is famous what that whole thing meant hmm you know when you go out for dinner or whatever and people are looking and they’re like oh how there’s yeah yeah this I drove me nuts as a kid it really it didn’t it it still does a little bit I get really protective of her that was always my role was to kind of like be the bodyguard and I can see that because everyone wants a piece of her and like she’s my mom yeah yeah leave her alone she just wants to eat so I get all kids at some point you’re getting embarrassed by your parents mm-hmm especially when you’re a teenager yeah did you ever get embarrassed by her parents yeah yeah god knows what she’s in there saying right now do you have any children no okay well they don’t really take a listen doesn’t matter what advice comes and it’s like wind going through the hair yeah when they’re bragging about you or something yeah every yeah that’s like if she died when she goes on talk shows or something and she talks about me or tell some story and you know that’s like annoying but um it’s it’s it’s normal I think parent-child stuff except it’s not just like in front of a few friends it’s like in front of the entire country that’s true you you grew up with of course with Meryl as your mother did you go to the sets did you grow up on them do you feel that you kind of grew up on a sense it that way no not not really at all I when I was very young when we were kind of small enough that you could kind of put us in the overhead compartments and airplanes when we could kind of be carted around we we traveled a fair amount with her but then when I started in school it was very important to my parents that we kind of stay in one place as much as we could as much as they were able so she would she would um it she would take jobs remotely and we would go to visit or she would come home on whenever she could and then and then at a certain point and she started choosing films based on their location and their proximity to to us cuz she didn’t to like being away did she do did she give you any really good advice on how to jacket yeah she did she gave me really resonated with me when she said to to defend who you’re you’re playing just like to defend them as if like their life was in your hands so I guess that sort of means it says to not judge them and instead to understand that there’s like a great imperative to understand why they do what they do and say what they say did she give you an advice on the whole industry and how to like you know doing things like this yeah you know being being famous in general it’s it’s kind of a challenging job just doing that yeah it’s it’s weird it’s a weird one you know to kind of keep your head on straight and to to try and be as present and candid and honest and yet not bare too much because especially now with the internet and everything area it’s hard to just you know I think just sort of radiate out but no she didn’t say anything specifically it’s just I think how we were we were raised to not put a big premium on Fame at all or so like really seek it out growing up with a parent that’s really famous is probably kind of challenging sometimes dude did how did you prepare your kids and how did you explain to that what what mommy was doing you know it’s weird because we really made an attempt to move them out of the public eye I never had them photographed as children and really was very adamant that they not be seen as my adorable props and tried to keep them out and as a result they all wanted to be in show business I mean I swear to god I was singing I will live near an ecological Center and they’ll become you know environmental scientists doesn’t happen no the apple doesn’t fall far Oh mom you’re here like the 80s all over again hi there thanks for watching my interview I hope you liked it and if you did please share like subscribe comment below if you have anything you want to share with me or with other people here on YouTube and I hope I see you again soon I take care


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