Mexican American DNA Test Resuts 😵 | 😳 South TEXAS North MEXICO ANCESTRY | Mi Resultados ADN

Okay, so i’m recording My, dna and what i would like to share my, dna My, mexican, dna with you i did it through My husband, did it my mom and dad bought it for us for christmas and My parents, also did it as, well but through family tree Dna and i will be sharing all of those with you in the near future but for now it’s just mine we are from my grandparents are from south texas and Their parents are from south texas that’s all we really knew for a long time until last, year a couple years ago, when i started doing the genealogy i Found documents that we’re from our ancestors were from kayla in nuevo leon so mainly northern part of mexico and south texas So we’re all in different states now But, we were always curious about? You know, where we were from? i know that you know i always thought, that mexicans were 50% native american and 50% Spaniard but as you will see in my, dna it’s not the case so let’s go ahead, and have a look here’s a pie chart of my, dna and I’m going to click here so that, we can, see? the breakdown, and so i have 53 percent native american it highlights over there like, basically north Central and south america iberian peninsula Only 28 percent Which i was surprised you know i figured i was 50 percent so there, was my first surprise there Europe south, which was italy greece 4% 3% africa north, which is morocco tunisia all of that? we also have Europe west 2 percent, which is france and germany? Great britain 2 percent European, jewish 2% Asia, central less than 1% Then, we had senegal 1 percent which, is that red area in africa Middle east less than 1% which is like, syria that area, asia is less than 1% So i have, asia central and then here’s asia east i also have ireland scotland wales


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