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hello everyone my name is Melanie and I’m from Mexico I’m Alex from Ukraine and a couple of months ago we did a test called 23andme the video is up here and we found out a lot about where we come from the countries where DNA is present a just a lot about our heritage in general what 23andme gives very general results and that’s why we decided to try another company called so most ancestry and basically the psalmist ancestry helps you find select American roots if you DNA was present in indigenous colonies Mayan or Aztec so we decided to try even though I’m not from Latin America I gave my DNA and in the end of this video will tell you how you can win 100% pretest so you can also find out where you come from so there will be a giveaway all right so I’m gonna open my results first it gives you an option to see the global ancestry it’s similar to what 23andme offers and it gives me very similar results of me being 99.9% from Europe but what about the Latin American ancestry 0.01% from from America do you know what it is and I don’t know what it is no it’s probably very first friend but on the map it shows me the mahaki region of Mexico good so that tiny little part of my DNA that comes from this part of the world comes from Oaxaca now I’m gonna take my no maybe we’re 0.01% for others like Alex said is very similar to 23andme and from America I have 29 point 59 which is what we’re gonna find out which tribe are you from okay so from the 29.5% from America I have 2.06 Amazon 1.19 and s2 point nine eight Maya thirteen point 42% now WA three point five five emails 6.39 awesome so now I are mostly from Mexico City Wilma and Guerrero which makes sense because my my father’s side is actually south of Mexico and Mexico City that’s cool sapote is from Oaxaca and I’m from Oaxaca my zero 0.1% we’ve been in one tribe at some point in a very tiny piece of DNA maybe worship that ninka it’s name that don’t only just learn about what your ancestors wear but you can also know more about the history you can actually do more research about them and get to know your Latin American roots also a cool thing about somos ancestry is that they they do so kids when you have to send your saliva for them to test or if you already have another ancestor kid from or 23andme you can just use that raw data and put it on Samos and they can help you figure out where you come from and you don’t need to wait or spit just have to put it in and it’s pretty much okay so if you want to find out your Latin American roots and which indigenous community your DNA comes from we’re gonna have a giveaway of two DNA kids from Samos ancestry graciously provided to us for you all you need to do to win this prize is to be subscribe to this channel and leave a comment down below seeing where you’re from and whitewater with it we’ll just select two people are random and you get so make sure you share the video invite your friends to see to participate and we’ll be happy to give those two kids away press that notification button so you don’t miss the video where we announce the winners I hope you win I wish you luck bye


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