Military Family Tree

Your great-grandfather served on a submarine in the Pacific Ocean Fleet That is where I was born in the town called Nakhodka. That’s where he served on a submarine base. It was a base and a couple officer houses. After Nakhodka they transferred him to Port Arthur (City in China) and we moved with him. After Port Arthur back to Russia again. It was bay Olga also a submarine base. Later great-grandfather was sent to China as a military adviser. That’s when we had great relationship with China. But we continued to live in Vladivostok. Your great-grandfather had many adventures. For example in Ghana he said. We came to Ghana, met with the president and etc. On the morning we woke up… …and they were showing only head of the president on TV. They had another revolution at night And because they don’t touch foreigners they were able to leave the country in a hurry. After finishing school in Moscow and because father was in the navy I was told from the childhood that… …I must be in the navy. Indeed I finished school, went to Leningrad(Saint-Petersburg) , enrolled in the Naval Academy. I finished first year and for practice I was in Baltic region on a ship. I served on that ship not long. Around 3 month and after that I got sick. They found stomach ulcer and transferred me to the reserve. He got drafted in the navy. In the navy they serve three years and in the army only two. Many didn’t want to serve three years, better two. But Vova said “Everybody in my family were in the Navy and I will” They brought them from Moscow to Murmansk. And Vova served on a very good ship. Not a submarine or a battle ship but on maritime surveillance ship. A ship of exploring and building. The ship was very well armed with radio antenna and so on. So he served in the city called Polyarny around one year and a half. He was sent to Cuba. Cuba had a lot of ships and through Vova’s ship they connected with submarines… …with fleet and so on. And another goal of their ship was to follow big American squadron… …and sent their locations in neutral water so they couldn’t find fault. He said that had airplanes swoops on them trying to scare them. A lot of stuff happened.

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