Minda is against Dante’s decision of adopting Alex | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

We need more men! We need help from the outside! We will wipe those who are
responsible for this from the face of the Earth. Your boss here
told me that you’re the leader
of the IT Team. So we’re hoping you can
recommend someone from your team to help our program. What kind of program will
we be making, sir? I can’t tell you in full detail
the purpose of the mission. It’s strictly confidential. But if you can’t
recommend anyone, then thank you
for your time. Sir… You know very well how dangerous
the situation is in Mindanao! Don’t do it. I already gave them
my word, Pa. Who’s that officer? Get his name,
and I’ll talk to him! Let Alex do it. You know Alex wanted to be
a soldier so bad. But you didn’t let him
join the army when you learned that Elmer
will be joining too. You know my reason for
not letting him, right?! Papa! Is he your illegitimate son? No, Minda.
I took him with me because there’s no one to
take care of him there anymore. So you’ll make me
take care of him? Stop crying now. You’re safe here. Elmer? Come here. Son? Who’s that, Papa? We’ll name him Alex. He’s your brother. You know how that moment
changed my life. You know how it changed
both our lives. That’s why I get upset with you each time I see you
favoring Alex over Elmer! I’m just protecting the boy. You cannot protect him by keeping him locked up
in here! Alex? Pa? I’m giving you my permission.

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