Mixed person (Amazigh/Eastern European) live DNA results (23andMe)

Hey what’s up everyone,
So I’m here to share my DNA results. I’ve done the test from 23andme
as well as ancestry DNA. I haven’t opened my results yet so I’m here to share this moment with you. So for my background from what I know, I’m multiracial, my dad is Eastern European
to be more precise Hungarian and my mom is North African, So Moroccan to be more precise. My mom she’s a mix as well since she’s half Amazigh
and half North African. Doing this DNA test for me, It was something that I wanted to do. Actually, I gave the test to my older brother as a birthday gift and I’m like might as well do it as well. So you can always have some surprises and I’m here to find that out. I’d be very surprised if I have any
Native American or East Asian. So without any further do Oh by the way English is
actually my fourth language so hopefully you can understand what I’m saying. I know I have an accent. Alright so let’s see it’s actually a bit nerve-wracking. Alright so oh sh*t sorry, so 59.6% European 28.6% Middle Eastern and North African 9.2% Sub-saharan African 2.5 Unassigned. Ok wow, so what’s interesting here it’s that I’m actually 60% Afr(…)
I’m sorry 60% European. I always saw myself more ethnic I would say
than European. So that’s very interesting so alright 7.3% Iberian 4.9% Balkan I’ll have to make some research after that because
I don’t have much idea about those two. 1.5% Italian Alright that’s it! 13.7% Broadly Southern European. 13.. only 13.8 Eastern European I really thought that I was like half Eastern European and half North African so this is interesting. Now I do have 2.8 North Western European 0.3 Finnish 0.1 point British and Irish 1.8 broadly northern West European and 16.2% Broadly European. Alright! Now for the Middle Eastern and
North African percentage so 27.4 percent North African 1.2% Broadly Middle Eastern and North African. So that’s really cool! Now for the African side Alright, 9.2 Sub Saharan African 6.5% West African 0.6 East African 0.3 Central and Southern African and 1.8 broadly Sub-saharan African. So this is very very cool! I mean like for the African side, I’m not very surprised. It’s amazing you know to actually have the percentage of like
your ancestries from where they come from. So I’m actually going to compare it to
my brother results Who’s, he’s waiting for his results, but you know … It’s very cool, thank you for watching! Take care. 🙂


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