MLM Leads | Step-By-Step Guide To Online MLM Lead Generation

– MLM Leads | Step-By-Step Guide To Online MLM Lead Generation – Hey everybody. My name is Todd, and with me
is my lovely wife, Leah Rae. You can find us at Now, if you’re anything like us, you’ve totally
burnt through your warm market, all your friends and family said no – or maybe a few said yes
and then didn’t do anything – but you still have your goals and dreams for your business,
but you’ve run out of people to talk to. You don’t know where to go or what to do. So, you look to move online, but you don’t
want to be that really obnoxious person that everyone blocks, mutes, and unfollows because
their profile is a constant commercial. Well today, you’re in luck, because in this
video, what we’re going to do is we’re going to show you our exact step-by-step process
for how we generate between 15 and 30 MLM leads per day online with no paid advertising, no
chasing after people, and none of that pitchy salesy stuff. Sounds pretty cool, right? Well stay tuned,
because we’re going to unload the goods on you, right after this. Alright, so how do you generate MLM leads online? -What Your Company Won’t Tell You About Generating MLM Leads- Well, first of all, let me tell you what you
weren’t told when you first signed up into your Network Marketing opportunity. So that
is, that most of your friends and family are very likely say no to your opportunity. You
know, they may buy some products, but in reality, very few will actually join you in your business. Now, it’s rare that someone is able to generate
a sustainable full time income in Network Marketing by just presenting to their friends
and family. It can happen, I’ve seen it, but it’s rare. I mean, really rare. So the rest of us need to find a way to generate
MLM leads for our businesses from our cold market. So, people who don’t know us yet. And that’s
probably why you’re here watching this video. So that’s the first thing your company hasn’t
told you, and probably your sponsor and upline most likely haven’t told you either. Now, the second thing that you probably haven’t
been told is that there’s a big, BIG difference in the way you need to recruit your warm market
– you know, your friends and family – versus your cold market – the people who don’t already
know you. Now, the training that your company provides
will work with your warm market. In fact, the training your company provides for how
to approach your family and friends about your opportunity is likely very good. It still
doesn’t mean that anyone is going to sign up, but if there’s any chance at all that
they will sign up, using your company’s process is probably going to give you the best chance
of recruiting them. Now, the problem with it is that it’s only
designed to work with your warm market. It’s not something that’s going to work with your
cold market, and we’ll go over exactly why in just a bit here. – Build Trust And Rapport To Generate MLM Leads – Ok, so if you want to succeed in your business,
you’re going to have to find a way to recruit people from your cold market. Now that’s again,
people who don’t already know you. So the key thing you have to understand is
that people don’t join companies. People join people.
And not only that, but people only buy from and join those that they know, like, and trust. And what I mean by that is…so think about
your current company. The company you joined. It’s most likely that you didn’t just wake
up one day and think to yourself, “hey, I think I want to join a Network Marketing company”,
and then you went out and did a bunch of research on which MLM was the best and then signed
up. No. You probably joined your company because
someone you know, like, and trust asked you to join. So if someone else, someone you didn’t
like – had asked you to join that exact same company you’re with now, would you have done
it? So people don’t join companies. People join
people they know, like, and trust. And that is where the disconnect comes. When
going from recruiting your warm market versus your cold market. Your warm market already knows, likes, and
trusts you. I mean, hopefully, right? So when you call them up and ask them to take a look
at what you’ve got going on, they are very likely to say yes. They won’t all sign up,
but they’ll at least take a look. Your cold market, on the other hand, doesn’t
already know, like, or trust you – at least not yet. So when you pitch them on your products
and your opportunity, there’s almost a zero percent chance that they will even be willing
to take a look. And even if they do take a look, no one is going to sign up, you know,
because they don’t know you. -Why Most People Fail At Online MLM Lead Generation- Ok, so the other thing you need to understand
here is really where most people go wrong when they’re trying to generate MLM leads online. And that’s that there’s a huge difference
between what, you know, like 99% of Network Marketers are doing, which is really just
pitching and selling, versus what the other, you know, 1% or whatever, of Network Marketers
are doing that actually make them successful, and that is generating MLM leads. Now, I honestly
can’t say if it’s 99% to 1%, but it really does seem that way when you’re out on social
media. So here’s the deal. If all you’re doing – and
truly don’t take this personally if you fall into this category. I don’t say this to be
mean. If this is you, don’t worry, you know, because it’s a very easy mistake to make and
a lot of companies and uplines are teaching this, so it’s really not your fault at all.
So don’t worry about it at all because we can fix it. And it’s better that you’re taking
some action rather than none at all. But if all you’re doing is posting stuff on
social media about your products or about your opportunity, then what you are doing
is NOT generating MLM leads. What you are doing is really just straight pitching and selling
people. You know, pitching and selling people on your
products and opportunity upfront before they get to know, like, and trust you, is really
a very ineffective way to build your business online. Right. And the fundamental difference between
someone who is successful in building their business online versus someone who is unsuccessful
is that the whole point of going online, for the unsuccessful Network Marketer, is to sell
and recruit. And that is why their profiles are just filled with information and pictures
of their products and their opportunity. Again, if this is you, don’t worry about it, I’m
not trying to be mean, we can fix it. Don’t worry. But the successful Network Marketer never
tries to directly sell or recruit online. And that is why you never see someone who
has actually been successful in building their business online posting anything about
their products or their opportunity. You will never see me or Leah Rae do that, you’ll never
see someone like Ray Higdon do that, or Adam Chandler, or Diane Hochman, or Mark Harbert,
or anyone else. People who have built their business online don’t pitch and sell up front.
We all know that the number one rule is to never pitch or sell people on your products
or opportunity up front. Because the relationship needs to come first. People have to know,
like, and trust you before they’ll ever even be willing to take a look. So, instead, the only purpose for anything
we do online for the successful Network Marketer is to generate MLM leads. And you don’t generate MLM leads by trying to sell and recruit people upfront. You generate MLM leads by building relationships, trust, and rapport. And that is exactly what we’re going to show you how to do right here. -Proper Sequence For Getting MLM Leads, Sales, and Sign-Ups- Here’s another way to look at it. The normal
sequence for recruiting someone is really to generate the MLM lead, then after that you follow up with them, build some more trust and rapport, and qualify them. And if they turn
out to be a good fit for your opportunity, you can go ahead and send them to your presentation.
Then you set up a follow up after they watch the presentation and then you work on the
close and signing them up. That is what a successful Network Marketer
does. And the only thing they use the internet for is to generate those MLM leads, because that NEEDS to come first, otherwise, the other steps, they just won’t follow – they won’t
happen. So, the unsuccessful Network Marketer totally
skips the MLM lead generation part. They basically just skip straight to the pitch and the close
with their online presence. And that’s why they don’t get MLM leads and they don’t get sign-ups or sales afterwards. -5 Steps For MLM Lead Generation- Ok, now that you understand why what most
people are doing really just doesn’t work and you understand that you need to generate MLM leads first. And you need to generate that know, like, and trust factor to begin with
to generate your MLM leads instead of just pitching and selling them up front…now, we’re going
to give you our 5 step process for how we generate MLM leads and get sales and signups online. Right now with this process, we’re getting
around 20-30 MLM leads a day. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but it’s usually right around
20 or 30 MLM leads. And that’s with no paid advertising. And this is how we do it. So we’re going to give you the basic steps
here, and then if you stick around to the end, we’re going to show you how you can get
the very best FREE training on exactly how to implement this on different social media
sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and wherever. So, start with that free training – it’s very
detailed and it goes through everything pretty much step by step. Start with that before
you buy a training program because that free training will give you 80 to 90% of what you
would get in a paid training program, and for most people, it’s all you really need
to start generating MLM leads. Ok? So be sure to check that out. – MLM Leads Step 1 – So here we go. Step one – and this is the most important step. They’re all important, but this is absolutely the most important
step. And that is that you need to brand yourself. Not your company, not your products, you need
to brand yourself. Because the question that people have in the
back of their heads when they’re checking you out online, the question that you need
to answer for them is not why they should join your company. The really big question
people have that you need to answer is why they should join YOU.
Because people don’t – we already covered this, right? – people don’t join companies,
people join people. People that they know, like, and trust, Right? So when it comes down to it, you don’t want to tell people what company you’re recruiting for or what products you’re selling…instead,
you want to tell people who YOU are and how you can help them. So that means, your profile picture should
be of you, not your company logo. And when you describe yourself, in your bio, don’t
say that you’re in Herbalife or whatever. Tell them about how you help people make money
from home, or tell them how you help people to lose weight and live healthier lives. – MLM Leads Step 2 – So Step two is to grow your audience. Once you have your profile set up and you’ve branded yourself, you need to grow an audience because otherwise it’s like you’re talking to an empty room. It doesn’t matter what you have to say,
if no one is listening, you’re not going to get MLM leads So whatever social media platform you want
to recruit on, you need to know how to grow that audience, and they’re all a little bit different. If you’re writing a blog, you need to know
search engine optimization, or SEO – that is what will get your blog posts to show up
on the first or second page of Google results when people are searching for things. YouTube is actually very similar to blogging.
In order to get your YouTube videos to rank in both YouTube and Google search, you need
to know SEO. For Facebook, the quickest way to grow an
audience is to run a “likes” ad campaign. But there are also some free strategies you
can use that maybe take a little bit of effort, but they’re also very effective. Twitter and Instagram actually work in very
much the same way in terms of how to grow your audience. With our simple follow/follow
back strategy you can gain – well, we gain about 1000 to 4000 followers every month for
free on both Twitter and Instagram. You’ll learn all about that in the Free training
program we’re about to give you here. And in addition to all of that, there are
other social media sites that you can successfully generate MLM leads and grow and audience on, such
as LinkedIn and Google+ and Pinterest, and all that, but the ones I just covered are
the main ones people use to generate MLM leads and grow and audience right now. – MLM Leads Step 3 – Step three is to provide value to your audience. This is how you get people to see you as an expert. To see you as a leader and also to start getting people to know, like, and trust you. It’s part of answering…you’re starting
to answer that question of why should I join YOU. What do you have to offer to me? So when you provide people with valuable content,
you are teaching them things that they want to know…how to lose weight, what ingredients
to look for in a good protein shake, the best travel destinations, what color makeup works
best for different complexions…whatever your niche is, if you provide valuable content
for that niche, that helps to build your brand and build that know, like, trust factor. It doesn’t have to be content that you create
yourself. You don’t have to start this and be a total expert in whatever you’re getting
involved in. Go out and find some articles – there’s tons of stuff out there – and just
share it. It’s really not that hard. It’s pretty simple. And when you teach people these things, they
start to see you as the expert. They start to trust you and they follow you. And this
is really important. Right. And this is also why you don’t want
to beat your audience over the head with your company, products, and opportunity – you know,
because no one logs into social media to be pitched on an opportunity. Imagine turning
on the TV to watch the news and all you get is commercials. That’s kinda what it’s like
when you fill your social media profile with products and company information. It’s like you’ve got a TV channel that runs
commercials 24/7. And when you turn on the TV and all you get is commercials, people
change the channel. So if that’s what you’re giving your audience, they’re going to tune
you out. So you need to provide content that they are
interested in, and stuff they are looking for. – MLM Leads Step 4 – Alright. Step four. How to convert that audience into MLM leads. Now, this is really important, right? It’s the whole purpose of everything you’re doing online. So, the better you are at those first three steps, the easier this
really will be. And what’s really cool is that with the help
of a few simple tools, you can really automate this process and make it really leveraged.
And that’s really what Todd and I do to generate 20 to 30 MLM leads a day in about 30 minutes or so of work. So, the big thing you need is a capture page.
Basically, a webpage that’s going to require people to give you their contact information
in order to get some sort of free offer or giveaway on the other side of the capture
page. Now, if you don’t know what that is or how
it works or where to get one, don’t worry about it – it’s all covered in that free training
we’re going to show you in a little bit here. And there’s other tools that will help you
in generating MLM leads in a very automated fashion, but that capture page is really the most important
one. – MLM Leads Step 5 – And step five is that you need to follow up with your MLM leads. The fortune is in the follow up. It’s just a universal rule of Network Marketing. You will never escape it. Because the fish just don’t jump into the boat, right.
At least not at first. Leah Rae and I occasionally get a few people who sign up without us having
to speak to them, but it really doesn’t happen that often. I think our first automated sign
up didn’t come until…what was it? Four or Five months in? Yeah, it was about four or
five months in. And it’s still very rare. So, we still have to call our leads and talk
to them and all that jazz. Well, Leah does all of the calling. That’s my work. But again, this is something that you’ll learn
all about in the free training that you’re going to get here. -Where You Can Get Free MLM Lead Generation Training- And you can access that free training program
by clicking the link in the description of this video. Ok? It’s called Social Media Domination
and it’s something we put together. And we really wanted this to be the very best free
training on the subject that you’re going to find anywhere. So be sure to check that
out before you go and buy anything because I think you’re really going to find most of
what you need in that training program. Well, thank you for watching. Hopefully you
got some really great value to help you build your business. If you did, make sure that
you like, share, and comment. And make sure you subscribe to our channel
so you can stay tuned in to all of the new stuff we’re putting out here on YouTube. Once again, my name is Todd and…this is
Leah Rae. And we’ll catch you next time! See ya’!


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