Hello, Happy Valentine’s day! Sorry, I would have called you around 12, but my mom was sneaking around I don’t know when she is going to stop this behaviour. She keeps doubting me all the time Okay, cool! Bye, Love you, See you tomorrow! I am looking damn pretty, But mom will surely doubt me, if she sees me wearing white! I think I will wear a black dupatta from home, and change it in college MOM : Hey? You ready? Daughter : I am getting ready ma, what do you want? Mom : Why are you wearing black today? Daughter :Just like that Mom: Last year itself, I received a message in Whatsapp, that we have color dress code for Valentine’s day! Nobody follows that these days, that’s for kids! So yo u have grown up now! Anyway, send me that text I want to see! Why do you want that? I want it , that’s it, get ready soon! Thank god, she didn’t realise that White represents “Already booked”, or else she would have killed me! Why haven’t the CBI hired her yet? Hello, I’m in class ma! What happened? I will come soon, Once classes get over, I will head straight to home. I won’t be late, bye! I told you I will come on time, I have come to the canteen, I will finish eating and return, bye! To boyfriend :Hey, I can’t come out today, My mom has called me like a hundred times, I dont know what happened We will meet tomorrow, Can’t come out for lunch today, so okay bye, sorry! Mom, why don’t you believe me, why do you keep checking my bag, just because it’s Valentine’s day right? You can ask me directly right? I would have showed it to you! What happened to you? Sit here silently for two minutes! What happened to you? Why are you angry? Why do you keep doubting me? Why were you looking into my bag? You thought I was checking your bag? Are you an idiot? As it’s Valentine’s day , I bought a gift for your dad! Ordered a 3D doll from MyCuteMini., My handbag will look big if I keep it in my handbag, and your dad will keep pestering me so was keeping it in your spacious bag! You started accusing me just like that! Why did you keep calling me all day asking about my whereabouts? Oh that!! Talks to husband on phone: ” I have called Subha thrice and she has confirmed she will come early” ” Candlelight dinner it seems, Is this our age to go dating? We will all go out together, you come soon too” Why did you ask about my dress colour in the morning? Everyone follows color code on Valentine’s day, we never got to celebrate it, and that’s why I asked you! I saw it and realised, white is for ” already booked” and decided to wear this saree! Subha : Wait, then why were you sneaking outside my room at the middle of the night? Hey, Wake up, Subha is asleep, it’s 12:00, Happy Valentine’s day!, what’s this ” hmmm”? Every year I get you cake and candle na, this year you have diabetes, so only candle!, blow it! Don’t sleep, you are waste, I will blow it myself, I will see you tomorrow morning! Okay sorry, but show me that na, it’s nice seriously! It’s so cute right, I din’t even expect! Look at it! Don’t forget to keep it in your bag, get ready soon, we will leave now! Phew! Escaped! I thought she was doubting me! thank god! Mom: Subha Tell me By the way, I have seen all the gifts that you have tucked into your Scooty’s dicky for the past week! Let’s return from dinner, I will deal with you then! Tell me if you have ever been caught on Valentine’s day!

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