momondo – The DNA Journey feat. Carlos

Hi Hi So Carlos, tell me a little bit about you and your heritage My family background, I would say is entirely Cuban What sort of percentage do you think? 100% Oh 100%? OK, so 100% Cuban There’s a little bit of rivalry to your nearest neighbours, do you think? There is, I think I think Cubans don’t like to be confused with Dominicans and the other way, like Dominicans with Cubans I don’t know why, but there is a rivalry there My grandmother has 12 sisters and brothers and I have seven uncles So the whole family, all born in Cuba,
all generations as back as far as you can remember? Yeah. I know there is something with my
great-grandmother, sorry. My great-grandmother Maybe Dominican I hope not A DNA test? I would love to do that And what that does is, then we can step that back up to two thousand years ago Two thousand years And tell you where your ancestors come from What would you not want to find, do you think? Dominicans … or Argentinians … or French Carlos It’s time, my friend Hello again Hello Carlos Hello I’m a little bit nervous, I have to say Why? I don’t know Whatever’s in there, you’ll still be Carlos, right? Yeah yeah yeah, sure, it’s not, well yeah … Read it out to us, Carlos Whoa … Whoa! No … No … No … Wow … That is crazy Spain/Portugal, 22%. See, Spain, yeah? Native American, 17%! Oh my God … South Eastern Africa, 16%.
Africa in my heart Italy/Greece, 12% Nigeria, 8% Great … Great Britain? Come on! 8% Senegal, 3% Ivory Coast/Ghana, 3% Benin/Togo? Where’s that? Africa Africa, yeah, more Africa, bring it on. 2% Mali, 2% No, this is a joke! Eastern Europe? Seriously? Middle East, 2% Cameroon/Congo, 1% Scandinavia! Oh my God … 1% Scandinavia Melanesia, 1%. What is Melanesia? This maps out the entire world, because that’s where you’re from This spot here, Melanesia, the very last thing you’ve got that’s what you would show up as if you were
an indigenous Australian, if you were an Aboriginal I have Australian! This is really unbelievable Well I mean you’re one of the most ethnically diverse people I have ever seen If aliens landed on the planet, and we had
to send them a representative of the world it would be you, because you’re from everywhere! I’m a real man of the world I am Enjoy your trip Safe travels, man


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