Moms before Guest Arrival | The Cheeky DNA

I think they have arrived! Welcome! Welcome! She might get a heart attack looking at your
room kindly clean it! Kindly arrange this Sofa, Clean it properly! Did you clean the kitchen? Subha! From morning I just gave you one job, to fold the bedsheets. Keep the laptop inside, last time someone
poured water on it! Keep you camera inside, last time, they were
asking for DSLR pictures to change their profile pictures, you were complaining right? Keep the printer inside! As soon as they come, they will ask whether
they can print their flight ticket, they can travel in flight, but can’t afford a printout! Hello! How much did you buy? 4 kg mutton, 2 kg chicken, 20 eggs huh? 4 people are coming, so kindly get enough! Comb your hair properly Kindly lay down the new plates Last time she found so many faults, this time I am not allowing her to find one As soon as Aunty comes, talk to her, don’t
meddle with laptop in your room! Change the screen, get a new bedsheet, we
will change Taste that chicken curry, and tell me whether
it’s nice Take out the new cups Check whether the salad has enough salt! Adjust it accordingly! Not those cups, that I have kept for your
marriage, get the other good ones! Buy 1 Coke, 2 Mirinda, 1 Pepsi, 1 Maaza and
that Bovonto too, we only have fresh juice at home Ask them where they have arrived! Don’t eat everything, you yourself will finish
it I guess! Will give you a thrashing if I come there,
get lost! If aunty gives money, don’t immediately take
it! Kindly show off your humility a bit, then
don’t forget to get it! Take this rag, and clean the huge family portrait
in the hall, they should die out of jealously. Why are you roaming like this, they will ask
whether you don’t have a nice dress, go wear a nice dress. Subha! If the aunty asks how much is the new washing
machine, tell it’s 20000 rupees. She will cast an evil eye. I lied to her that you got 80% last semester,
keep that hall ticket inside and maintain that lie Last time, I got emotional and lied to her that we are getting a car, kindly maintain
it! Subha! See the dirt behind you ears, go scrub yourself
and bath again! We don’t have snacks at home at all. Only murukku, mixture and biscuits we have. Get some chips while coming back! Go wash your face While returning from the market, buy some vegetables too! Her daughter went to Europe and has turned
vegan ever since! Change the password for this WI-FI! Last time,
he asked for the password and wasted 3 gb by downloading Shinchan! Change it now! I am tired by telling you repeatedly, remove
the Earphones or else I will get angry! She won’t eat Non veg it seems! New concept only! But
no one should go empty- stomach na! Did you clean the bedroom? Fill that handwash and keep! I have done everything, don’t know what issues
she will have this time! Welcome, Welcome, it’s a bit shabby, kindly
adjust please!

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