Mother Mary on the Loveliness of Our Soul

It’s a privilege to be with all of you again. I’m 62 years old. I was born in a suburb of Chicago and was a devotee, within the Catholic Church, of Mother Mary from an early age. And when I first did the New Age Scriptural Rosary that came through Elizabeth Clare Prophet—and I started doing that in 1974— it changed my life and I was even more blessed and beatified than I already had been by the presence of Jesus and the angels. I have tried to give this rosary—either the New Age Scriptural Rosary or another rosary—every day since that time in 1974. So Mother Mary is one of my gurus. I consider her my personal teacher and mentor. She’s shared magnificent HeartStreams through me, which are dictations, darshans and discourses. She has shared more than any other master through me. I was privileged to release a book by El Morya. And in the second part of that book, I shared an experience that I had with Mother Mary back in 2002 that changed my life again. And you can read about that in Advanced Studies of the Human Aura. I served in a spiritual community for thirty years and did a lot of very humble and menial jobs over the years. Yet God called me when I was forty-eight to my messengership, if you’d like to call it that, which is telepathic instruction released through my heart-mind. In the Catholic tradition it would be called locution. I’m going to say heart-mind because it’s not just my mind; it’s really my heart. And it happens instantaneously. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s how the masters and the ascended beings communicate, through this heart-mind telepathy. So my gift is to hear and feel simultaneously what the masters would like to share. Sometimes in dictations it’s very, very evident that they are speaking directly through me. In a discourse, in what I’ll share tonight, Mother Mary is overshining me. They are not her exact words in many cases, yet it’s what I’m sharing that I’m hearing and feeling at the same time. And then in darshans, where you are allowed to ask questions, she also overshines me, and it’s still my mind that’s the vehicle for what she is expressing. Yet it’s just a beautiful thing. And hopefully you will feel her Presence over you. You will feel the light; you will feel what we call the radiation, which is this beautiful resonant field of divine love, joy and the virtues of God, which infill you with the very living Presence of the Holy Spirit. Everything I do, I believe, is overshined by the Holy Spirit, because when any ascended master comes, that master or divine being also has the full objectification within and through their being of the Spirit of God, which is the Holy Spirit. You can’t really ascend into the heaven world without having this gift of the Holy Spirit that moves through you— your soul, your spirit. So I pray that each of you tonight, and those who will hear or see this presentation later, will be able to feel Mother Mary’s Presence, her energy, her love for all of us and for you in particular. I could speak more about my life, but I’d rather give the floor and the walls and the roof to Mother Mary. She shared with me that she would be sharing on the loveliness of our souls, the genius of our soul’s natural and amazing intuition, how our soul is meant to portray the Mother aspect of God. And Mother Mary will share on the divine femininity of our true, balanced being, one with God as Father-Mother. Earlier, just a few hours ago, I was meditating and I will share now what Mother Mary gave me: She says that we were all created in God’s image and likeness, so each of us is lovely in God’s eyes. What is lovely? Our soul, which is the feminine aspect of our being, even as our spirit is the masculine aspect of our being. The spirit is powerful. So the soul is lovely, is the feminine aspect of our being. The masculine aspect, our spirit, which is our I AM Presence, is all-powerful, by God’s grace. Since God beholds all as perfect, divine, radiant, holy, pure, undefiled and beautiful, God continuously shines light upon all that he/she beholds to illumine it and hold it in beingness and to encourage our soul and to empower it. And behold means “to hold in beingness.” Behold, “being held” or “hold in beingness.” Our soul is lovely. And so long as we maintain a certain purity of consciousness and humility of beingness, our soul shall always remain tethered to God and we will remain on our path of light, eventuating in our ascension. Our soul is our essence. Remember this: our soul is our true essence, and when we are in love with God, our inner loveliness grows and shines and continues to nurture our entire being through God’s virtues and many essences, which we call quintessences. When we are in love with God, our inner loveliness grows and shines and continues to nurture our entire being with all of these beautiful virtues of God and quintessences of the Divine One. Now, our intuition flows from our inner genie and releases the genius of our Higher Self, our Divine Presence, which is always one with God. Remember this: our Divine Presence is always one with God. And when we are in tune with our I AM Presence, we are in tune with God Almighty. So God is as close as we desire to allow God to be. And that closeness comes when we are in communion with, in alignment with, in love with our Divine Presence, right inside of us. “The kingdom of God is within.” God is all-knowing, and our spirit, our Divine Presence, is also all-knowing. Our intuition manifests when our soul is in alignment with our spirit. Some people think the soul and the spirit are the same thing, but let me share more. Our intuition manifests when our soul is in alignment with our spirit, when we are open to higher inspiration. Our inner muse releases intuition to our heart and soul when we require it and especially when
we are still and know the I AM, who is God within us. This statement, “Be still and know that I AM God,” is the keynote that will facilitate this higher intuition to always be ours. To be still and know that I AM God is the keynote that will facilitate this spiritual, or divine, intuition to always be ours, always be available to us. When we have prescience— which is spelled pre-science— about something that is about to happen, kind of a foreknowing of a situation that could occur, the genius of our natural and amazing intuition shines forth. When we simply know something from deep within ourselves without having to have it verified with outer facts or mental proofs, we are exhibiting our Christic intuition. And where is that depth? It’s our soul. So intuition flows from and through our soul. The Christ consciousness, which we are all desirous of manifesting all the time, is always in tune with God and thus always the receptor and generator of what Mary says is “in-tune-ition.” That’s kind of a takeoff on intuition. What is intuition? We’re in tune with God, and so we can call it in-tune-ition. To develop better in-tune-ition, attune yourself to your inner Christ Presence; be still and listen. And then when the inner voice of conscience speaks, obey immediately and do not doubt what you receive. Our soul is meant to portray the Mother aspect of God. How? By being loving, caring, giving, respectful, thoughtful, kind and a good listener to our inner child. Now, Mother Mary says tonight that if we have an inner child, we also have an inner Father and an inner Mother. The inner Mother is our soul, even as the inner Father is our spirit, our I AM Presence. When we are sensitive, we mother our spirit to perfuse its divine energies unto and within our soul. So how do we develop this sensitivity? Well, I just shared that. By being loving, caring, giving, respectful, thoughtful and kind, we naturally begin, through the sensitivity that comes to us, to be more expressive of our true nature, our Divine Presence. So when we are sensitive, we mother our spirit to perfuse its divine energies within our soul. When we are dynamic in our spirit, our I AM Presence, we father our soul to upturn its focus to our Source and to enter into true adoration of God through our Presence, which is one with God’s eternal Presence. So we mother our spirit and we father our soul. It’s kind of a Zen Tai Chi dynamic. We mother our spirit. In other words, through the mother aspect of our being, which is our soul, we mother our spirit so that that spirit can manifest within our soul. When we are dynamic in our spirit—in other words, we’ve gone up into our I AM Presence through meditation and prayer— we father our soul to upturn its focus to our Source. So hopefully you can visualize and see what Mother Mary is sharing. We mother our spirit and we father our soul. Now, one major goal in our life is to balance the masculine and feminine aspects of our being so that we can live in perfect harmony and peace, integrating our spirit and our soul in a sacred dance of light and joyful beingness. In other words, when we are balanced in our feminine and masculine aspects, that’s when—through the harmony and the peace that manifest—we are really integrating spirit within matter, or light within matter, and simultaneously raising up that matter to become spiritualized. We’re spiritualizing matter and materializing spirit, as my guru, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, used to say. So this sacred dance happens when our hearts and minds are both open and vibrating in synchronicity. Our hearts and minds can vibrate in synchronicity. And when our will is aligned with God’s will and the radiation of our inner Higher Self flows freely through our entire being—body, mind and soul— then we are also in balance. We talk about the heart-mind connection—the heart and the mind. The will is the other aspect of our being. So we have heart, head and hand, or blue, yellow and pink. To balance these two aspects of our being, the masculine and feminine nature, we can choose to pray and meditate each day and then to act and work with our entire being. Work is how we activate what we receive in meditation and what we hope for and have faith will manifest through our prayers. If we only pray and meditate and don’t work, we leave the divine quintessences vibrating in the etheric, mental or emotional planes of being— or all three. However, if we work, we prove the law in the physical octave and we anchor our beliefs and all spiritual energies vouchsafed to us within and upon the earth earthy. Our work allows us to fulfill Jesus’ prayer: “Thy kingdom come…on earth as it is in heaven.” If we aren’t working and serving and distributing the energies of spirit within matter, then how are we fulfilling Jesus’ prayer, the Our Father, or the Lord’s Prayer? Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. We have to work. Mother Mary says work and service integrate the spirit of the Father with the soul
of the Mother right in our earthly domain. However, if we only work and leave off of prayer and meditation, our work will eventually lose some of its divine luminosity and joy. So we have to do more than just work all the time. We have to reflect, meditate, pray and fast occasionally. The 40 Days for Life is beginning very soon, and people who religiously follow the matrix, or ritual, of 40 Days for Life often fast. Sometimes people fast every day; some people fast once a week. They fast as they are able to fast. Fasting allows for a more receptive ability of your soul to receive light. So the masters Jesus, Mother Mary, Kuthumi and others encourage us to fast regularly, preferably one day a week, three days a month and seven days a year, because we will be able to receive more light when we fast. We’ve emptied part of ourselves out so that we can receive more. We’ve emptied the chalice so that we can receive more in our physical body chalice. Now, you may think that you can’t do this. I can assure you, you can. It takes willpower; it takes determination; it takes fortitude. Yet what one can do, all can do. And even if your doctor or somebody says, “Oh, you shouldn’t do this,” don’t listen to that. God is great within us. We can definitely leave off of a meal or three meals in a day and survive; we’re not going to die. Even if you have issues with whatever, you can learn to discipline yourself. Yes, you may get a headache if you’re not eating at the normal time. Drink plenty of water. Empty yourself so that you can receive more. When I was seventeen, I would fast for seven days on water and a little honey, because this was in the book called The Essene Gospel of Peace. I read it when I was sixteen and then I experimented and I fasted. And that’s when I started seeing auras, and Jesus came to me very personally on the sixth day and initiated me. And within a year I found the teachings of the ascended masters—actually, it was within a couple of months. So this was me sharing, not Mother Mary, but she asked me to share this. When we sing and pray as we work, that luminosity and joy expand and brighten everything around us. So the balance of prayer, meditation and work and service is so important for us to manifest our true nature, to invest ourselves in God’s work upon Earth—our holy mission, our reason for being, our dharma. And so we have to work. I know people who just like to read and pray and meditate and don’t really like to work. I can assure you, they could anchor so much more light in the world of form if they were to work, because this is where the rubber meets the spiritual road, or maybe the spiritual rubber meets the physical road. So don’t just talk about the teachings or study all the time and leave off of the great work at hand. “Faith without works is dead.” Remember that scripture. It’s true. Faith must be put into action, a nd faith alone will not get you to heaven. Yes, faith is important— belief in God, acceptance of God as a reality, faith in yourself, your Higher Self, faith in what God has vouchsafed to you as his/her gifts and talents that you use to expand the kingdom of God on earth, to expand the reach of heaven’s light deep into the earth. Each one of us anchoring that light becomes a worker for the harvest in the fields of the Lord. And it seems that ever since that scripture, the fields really have been white to the harvest, but the laborers are few. So I hope that you are a laborer— the laborers are few. What does that mean? Well, few on this planet are willing to do God’s will or engage God actively to actually fulfill the work and the will of God. So I pray that each of you, as a heartfriend, as an initiate and as an aspiring ascended master will work and pray and meditate in balance and in harmony. And when you do this in balance and harmony, your threefold flame expands; it’s locked deep within the secret chamber of your heart. And you’re able to actually increase all three plumes simultaneously when you have the balance of prayer, meditation and work— and I’d add to that, study. Study is the yellow plume— teaching, studying, reading the words of the masters, reading sacred scriptures, reading phenomenally inspired books, et cetera. We have to have the devotion, the love of God, the deep meditation and reflection and contemplation of the mystics, the prayers, the dynamic decrees, the chanting, the singing and the work. All of these are important. Mother Mary says our souls are the sacred receptacles for God’s graces and mercies. When we feel the need, or requirement, to receive greater graces and mercies in order to share them and allow them to manifest and flow through us, we should again be still and know that I AM God. And that I AM God light is within us. Reflect on God and his/her light day and night; breathe deeply. And when we do this, we breathe in the Holy Spirit. You can’t just breathe in the Holy Spirit if you don’t breathe slowly and deeply. You can’t be in a rush to receive the Holy Spirit. You’ve got to be patient; you’ve got to allow the Holy Spirit to come into your being. And sometimes it takes a little while. Some of you have been doing this for years— invoking the Holy Spirit. And when you do, it’s instantaneous. Yet you had constancy over many years and decades of praying and meditating and fasting and decreeing. And so when the light is invoked, you feel the radiation; you feel the uplift; you feel the light, the rush right through you. Yet for many people, it does take time; it doesn’t happen instantaneously. But for many of us, now it is happening instantaneously because we’ve built up the momentum through habit and through our practices and disciplines. So breathe deeply. Even if you’ve been doing it for years, spend some time every day— even if it’s three minutes —breathing deeply and allowing the Holy Spirit to permeate your being. And then, by God’s grace, miracles may manifest through you as the Holy Spirit takes up residence within your being. In other words, the Holy Spirit has full access to flow through our being— let’s put it that way. Now, I am a great advocate for the Holy Spirit, and so is Mother Mary. Mother Mary had the Holy Spirit. By God’s grace, I have the Holy Spirit when I’m in tune. When I’m in that in-tune-ition experience, the Holy Spirit speaks, the Holy Spirit moves, the Holy Spirit inspires and the Holy Spirit charges light into a situation and provides answers to dilemmas. I had a meeting earlier today— and this is David again— and Lanello was overshining me during that meeting. And it was amazing all the things that came up that required addressing that I had either forgotten about or others in this meeting had forgotten about. Lanello, who is a great advocate for the Holy Spirit—he had all nine gifts of the Holy Spirit— inspired me, and it was one thing after another. By the end of the meeting it was like, oh my gosh! In fact, I told people in the meeting that I was feeling so much radiation from Lanello, and now I realize it was his radiation and also the Holy Spirit’s radiation. So this was the primary teaching that Mother Mary desired to provide: the loveliness of our soul; the genius of our natural and amazing intuition (in-tune-ition); how our soul is meant to outpicture, or portray, the Mother aspect of God, because it is the feminine part of ourselves that is in alignment with the Mother aspect of God’s being. When our soul is in alignment with the Mother aspect of God’s being, our soul becomes luminous, joyous, effervescent, inspired and connectedly dynamic—connected with God and dynamic. We should all be dynamic souls by now, Mother Mary says, having been on the path for so long. We should have such dynamic souls that people feel the luminosity of our souls in our presence. They feel our auras, they feel the charging of the light through our auras and sometimes they may not even know who we are, but they come in proximity with us and somehow they are blessed; they are healed; they are graced; their burdens are transmuted; they just feel better. Why? Because our auras are charged with light and our souls are rich and brimming in spiritual frequencies. That’s the way we should be walking the Earth. Our souls should be effervescent and luminous and supercharged with light so that we can offer that light to others— a full cup of the Holy Spirit’s grace. That’s our goal: to be so charged with light because of our prayers, our meditations, our love, our givingness and our focus on God that at any point, God, the Holy Spirit, the masters, the angels can use us as an instrument for healing, for blessings, for all manner of spiritual uplift. We have a prayer that uses some of those exact words. I like to give that prayer every morning—it’s one of the first prayers. “Use me as an instrument of thyself, O God.” You can do it in your own words: “O God, use me today as your son/your daughter of luminous beingness to shine your light through me to everyone I meet, everyone I serve, everyone I come in contact with. Let your light flow, O God. Let your light flow.” As soon as you heard about the accident today that was mentioned right before the recording started, did you immediately go into action and pray? Yes, I think many of you did. Did you send your Higher Self to that place to overshine all those who were dealing with the people that were killed in the bus and the tractor trailer, that terrible accident? We can be on the spot spiritually whenever we hear of anything that requires our attention, our prayers, our love and our light. How? We visualize ourself in our Higher Self going exactly to that place, spreading the light, charging blue fire if somebody requires protection, charging emerald light if someone requires healing, charging golden light if people require some assistance in knowing what to do and how to do it, charging white light around the whole situation to bring God’s grace into it, God’s miracle light. And then use any of the other colors—violet to transmute the burden of it, the suffering of it; purple to give ministration and service to everyone; pink to spread love through the whole thing. Just bring all the colors of the rainbow. You’re in your causal body, which is your rainbow body, also called your body of virtue, and see yourself going there in consciousness. You set yourself there; you visualize it; you accept it; you feel it. And then you feel the light flowing through you blessing, healing, gracing, uplifting, nurturing, whatever, the people there. You can do this with your eyes closed as you are meditating, contemplating. You can give prayers. Just start to expand your awareness and accept that you have this ability, through your Higher Self, to do these greater works that Jesus said we would be doing because he would be going to the Father7— he went to his I AM Presence fully. And he taught us how to do it. He could heal from afar; he did distance healing— Jairus’ daughter and others. He came to Jairus’ daughter and healed her physically. In another case, he told the person that she was healed right now. The instant that it was brought to his attention and he made the call or he sent light, the person was healed. Jesus was a master of healing, instantaneous healing. Guess what? Mother Mary is also. So many prayers have been uttered to her through Catholics and others who love her that she has a huge storehouse of light to use for blessings, graces, healing and miracles to manifest all across the Earth. I was watching a video earlier today, during a brief intermission that I had in my work, about a recent message through one of the visionaries of Medjugorje. The lady is still getting the messages because Mother Mary comes to her periodically. She was in this crowd and they were praying and singing and doing rosaries and stuff, and then suddenly her face lights up, she looks up, and obviously Mother Mary is appearing to her. Then she’s kind of whispering as she’s contemplating what Mother Mary is telling her. And then afterwards she shares with the people around her. This is happening in Medjugorje, in Bosnia Herzegovina in Eastern Europe. Mother Mary is continuously helping people all over the Earth— those who pray; those who fast; those who implore her for assistance; many Catholics, others; new-age Catholics, if we want to call ourselves that. Catholic just means “universal.” So we are universalists of the highest order. So thank you, blessed Mother Mary. Now, I did get those questions that Barbara mentioned, so I’ll see which ones Mother Mary would like to answer. She’d like to address number four: [Question:] How do we communicate with our own soul? [David:] Be still and know that I AM God and that your I AM Presence can overshine and inhabit your soul, if you choose. So you can say: “God, come into my being. Lord, come into my being. Holy Spirit, come into me, whatever words you’d like to say. Once the Holy Spirit and God’s light is shining within you, it’s easy to communicate with your soul, because the I AM Presence displaces any negativity or darkness and then the perfect field for communication occurs. There’s no interference through any darkness that may be manifesting in our auric field or through a lack of the ability to communicate—hear, listen and respond. To communicate the best way we can with our soul, we invite God fully into our being to displace darkness, negativity so that we are an open channel to receive in-tune-ition (intuition), which flows through our soul. It flows through our soul from our I AM Presence. The intuition actually comes from God, or our I AM Presence, through our soul. So the soul is the receptor, or the receptacle, for that in-tune-ition. [Question:] How can an individual seek soul development while living in a material world? [David:] I think that was pretty much shared tonight. We anchor spiritual light in the physical, and when we do that we are developing our soul. We are fulfilling the purpose of our soul to have this experience in the matter planes of being and to anchor God’s light right where we are. It’s easy for an individual seeking soul development while living in a material world. How can we do that? Work! Pray and meditate and work. In the material world, you have to work; work helps to develop the soul. The fabric of the soul expands; the elasticity of the soul expands through work and service. The dynamic nature of the soul is alchemically broadened through our work. Yes, the sail is set through our prayers and meditation. The Holy Spirit provides the wind after we pray and meditate to carry the ship of our soul across the seas of samsara to fulfill the reason for our soul, the purpose of our soul, which is to be a receptor for, a chalice for the light of God, the Spirit Divine right within us. [Question:] Is the disciple, in their outer consciousness, aware of their soul’s future dictated by the Lords of Karma, whether they are to reembody or they have earned their ascension? [David]  Mother Mary is not so concerned about the future. What we shouldn’t presume is that we are going to ascend or worry about it or fixate on it, she says. Do your work every day. Do your prayers, your meditation, eat righteously and live righteously, and everything will happen according to cosmic cycles. If you are fixated on the future, too bad—you’re not living in the present moment. So the soul’s future isn’t dictated by the Lords of Karma; it’s dictated by your freewill choices. The gradual evolution of your soul is assisted by the Lords of Karma; it’s not dictated by the Lords of Karma. They’re not dictators; they’re facilitators of God’s will and love and wisdom for us to learn our lessons, to grow and to master ourselves so we can ascend. It will happen naturally when we are in alignment with our purpose through love, devotion, service, adoration of God, living righteously and being true to our own words. Can we all say that we are true to the words that we believe and accept, that we follow them with great joy and that we are living to our highest potential? If you are living to your highest potential, you’re living in your I AM Presence, Mother Mary says. Our highest potential is our I AM Presence, or the atom of our divine being. That’s our highest potential— superconsciousness. So to live to your full potential means to allow God to manifest through you, your I AM Presence, to shine forth light through you. That’s living to your potential, using the gifts and talents that you have, all that flows from the potential that is within your I AM Presence. You have to make that potential kinetic and active through work and service and love. [Question:] How can we help free those lifestreams who are persisting in denying the One God, working against the divine plan? [David:] You know what? Don’t worry about that, Mother Mary says. You do your work on yourself, and by you ascending daily, you raise everyone up. Mark Prophet always had this image of the napkin: you take the center of the napkin and raise it up and it raises up the whole napkin. So work on yourself. Don’t worry about other lifestreams who seem to be persisting in denying the One God. Why place your attention on anything negative— people denying this, denying that? You’re judging them in thinking that they are less than you. If you are fixated on people that deny God, consider this: have you denied God within yourself by not accepting the full radiance of your own I AM Presence and manifesting your divinity, and being a being who’s balanced 100 percent of your karma? Don’t worry about others. Focus on yourself and your true nature and outpicture your highest divinity, and you will naturally draw everyone in your sphere of influence up. So whenever people ask questions like, “How are we going to change this?” “How are we going to change that?” the masters always come back to our personal accountability and responsibility to change, transform and transmute ourselves. So please don’t fixate on others, negative people in the media, negative people in government. We spend too much time fixating on all this stuff. Just don’t even think about it, worry about it, have any anxiety about that. Work on yourself. Work, work, work every day. Improve; become more luminous; become more loving, forgiving, honorable, integrated in your I AM Presence. [Question:] What are examples of exemplifying the Mother aspect of God within us? [David:] What was shared earlier by Mother Mary: being loving, kind, generous, understanding, patient; focusing on our virtue every day and making it real. Make it yours and allow it, as a living essence, even a living being— because virtues are living beings— to suffuse itself through you. That’s how you can exemplify the Mother aspect of God within your soul. Accept the virtues of God fully ensconced within your being and live virtuously. Mother Mary has been called a virgin. She wasn’t a virgin after she had her children, yet she maintained that virgin consciousness of purity within her soul. So, yes, she’s still a Virgin, with a capital V, in the sense that she was pure, undefiled, immaculate in her thought processes and how she felt about people, how she saw people and conceived of them as perfect and divine and beautiful and clear and clean. You can do the same. What one can do, all can do. [Question:] Why is it so important to experience and live in the Mother light of our soul? [David:] Because this is our natural estate; our natural state of being is to live in the Mother light of our soul. It’s natural. It’s so important to be natural. Don’t try to be someone else; don’t try to be humanly perfect. You are divinely perfect already. Don’t try to be humanly perfect, because it won’t work; it won’t ever work. Just be loving. The way that you can tell if you’re living in the Mother light of your soul is by how patient and kind and understanding you are, because that is the crux of what and who a mother is toward her children, all of her children. Is she patient? Is she kind? Is she understanding? Is she a great listener? Does she listen to her children when they call out for help, when they have skinned their knees? Yes, of course she does. Now, the first question is the last—well, actually there are two more: [Question:] How can we work with heavenly hosts in order to free and empower all souls that are caught up in the web of the lower astral and psychic realms, as well as those whose divine plans are being hindered by ancestral genealogy, mass consciousness and humanly provoked, binding energetic blockages and limitations? [David:] Whoever wrote this question, I’m sorry; you’re focused in your head. You’ve got to get in your heart. You’re too mentally oriented, to judge so much that you’re focused on all this stuff. And Mother Mary already answered this question through the answer to the other one. Work on yourself. How do you work with the heavenly hosts? Well, communicate with them, love them and invoke them. You already know how to do that through prayer, but don’t be caught up in the web of your own self-deception, thinking that you’re better than everybody else and that they are lesser than you. That’s pride. Work on yourself; love God with your entire being. When I do the Paneurhythmy dance, I spend almost the entire dance silently telling God, “I love you with my entire heart, mind, strength and soul.” That’s what I do when I do the Paneurhythmy. That’s what I’m trying to do throughout my day. I fail every day to do it 100 percent all day long. Yet this is the great commandment: to love God with your entire being, heart, mind, strength, or will, and soul. That’s what you should do. That’s how you can work with heavenly hosts and help everyone, illuminate the mass consciousness, transmute all negativity, wherever it is—psychic, astral, whatever. That’s how you do it. Don’t worry about all this stuff. I mean, don’t worry, don’t worry, don’t worry. Be at peace within yourself and your Presence. Now the final question: [Question:] I hear that our heart is called heart-mind. The mind is our vault of knowledge; we really think with our heart. The question is, is the heart-mind our soul? [David:] Not really. The heart-mind—I’ve never heard the term exactly that way. The heart is the seat of wisdom, Mother Mary says, not the brain. So when you are in the wise domain, or dominion, of your I AM Presence, your heart is in a beautiful field of radiant joy. And when you are in that radiant joy field of light because your heart and your mind are one, in synchronicity, then, of course, your soul is also blessed. But she’s not saying that the heart-mind is the soul. The soul is the feminine aspect of our entire being. My teacher, Elizabeth Clare Prophet, said that the soul is the feminine aspect of our being and it’s what weds itself to the I AM Presence in the ascension. “The mind is our vault of knowledge; we really think with our heart.” I think you think higher thoughts through your heart. You think spiritual thoughts through your heart, not through your brain. But the true mind is the mind of God manifesting through us: “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.” The Christ mind is the sensitive mind that is in league with and in tune with both the heart and the soul. So when we say “I AM whole—heart, mind and soul, or body, mind and soul,” then we have the balance of everything. So I wouldn’t get too fixated on any mental construct: “I hear that our heart is called heart-mind.” The heart is the heart. The heart is the sacred middle chakra of the seven major chakras. It’s the balance point, the nexus of the Christ consciousness. And what is the Christ consciousness? It’s the perfect balance of Alpha and Omega within us. It’s the perfect balance of spirit and matter. It’s the integrating nexus of heaven and earth right at the center of our being. So the heart is the receptor for everything divine that flows through this figure-eight-flow nexus of consciousness to our temple of light here on Earth. And simultaneously, the heart is the nexus for all of our devotion to flow up in vibration to our I AM Presence and to Almighty God. So the heart is, yes, all-wise, all-radiant when it’s in alignment with God and pure love. Yet I wouldn’t get too fixated on this term heart-mind. It’s someone’s construct, and that’s OK. If you found that in a book, or whatever, just reflect on it and allow your own Holy Christ/Buddha Self to teach you the deeper meaning of it all. You can get that directly from your own I AM Presence. You don’t even have to go to a master—Mother Mary, in this case. Your intuition is your in-tune-ition with your own I AM Presence. If you are in tune with your I AM Presence, you will receive instruction, information, inspiration from that muse—which really is your I AM Presence— that will bless you through all kinds of beautiful thoughtforms, higher thoughts, visions, dreams and your own ability to visualize and to render light through the co-creative process of your co-creativity with God, your artistic rendering of light through your heart, mind and soul. So that’s the sharing. I know I went a little bit over tonight, and I appreciate Donna and Barbara and all of you so much. And Phil, thanks for facilitating this. Is there anything else, Barbara, before I sign off? [Barbara:] Just that we love you. [David:] I always receive a lot of teaching myself and I’m always amazed at what Mother Mary shares. It’s so poignant, so beautiful, so well said and defined and it’s just a magnanimous way that really raises me up too. So thank you, all. Love you.

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