Mother Tries to Give Back Adopted Boy

next story is amazing that is the story of courage and hanson and
she was of course the united states in tennessee %uh he adopted a Russian buoyed by the name
of argument somalia and %uh the lived together for some time and then she decided %uh I can’t take this anymore I mean it it back so what he did was to put a note %uh indicates and basically %uh set her mom with him to Washington and from Washington her mom the grandmother
in this case put the kid on a plane in moscow with the notice said and just in a bind so he’s seven years old and ages you take that back and so then they said hey look for the note
said they’re bringing back to the authorities the proper authorities in moscow so they can you know a put ’em back you know or furniture whatever
it you know wherever they got now torie hanson says that she was like you and it’s she says quote this child is mentally
unstable he is violent and his severe psychopathic
issues I was lied to and misled by the Russian orphanage
workers and a record regarding his mental stability and other issues she says after giving my best of this trial
and sort of say that for the safety of my family friends and myself I no longer which the parent this trial I won’t do you realize that so adoption more instead of getting along with it at this trial of and I have their say now let’s great right an absolutely nuts and so the russians are the irate over this and is it a couple of other incidents also
it on this segment and regards to American families that about
the Russian kids the point now where the Russian government is considering banning all adoption %uh from brusett in America which is a very strong move and if they do that would be I would shake things up that is no question
about that %uh but they think it’s gotten too extreme
now before you make a conclusion on this and think
okay well let and if he’s deathly in the wrong you should also hear what he had to say about
the specifics she told the associated press he drew a picture of our house she says she
tried and tried and tried to get in there behave in an interview with all consummate
doubt state and hey people et cetera et cetera and then she
says he took it from our house burning down and he also anybody that he’s going to burn
the house down with us in it he got to be where you fear for your safety
was terrible we will see the movie star hit parade out
the kid in turns out it’s actually like a thirty eight-year-old rumanian the war for a or right but they should make movies like that anyway so you know it if she fears for the safety of your family
it’s that are out but if it’s a little bit more complicated I’m I think that the ruling on it but let’s put it this way it’s not black and white yes if you got this trial that he’s consulate
talk about burning to house them but he added the of course you’re worried about but curiously they care what do you do in that case before of the details I was stuck together of the that benefit of
the doubt a few baby she’s you know that we don’t know
who’s telling the truth is that let’s be clear on that yeah I had to have that option open it you
could completely these you know so could this possibly decide eighty eight sometimes though the test might in the cabinet but all that but maybe that could be something or maybe she said it is if you can adopt a kid I think you have the right unh unh unh unh works for you know internationally but I think if the Wright issue without the
kid usual I don’t want special needs child maybe it’ll have the capacity of the money
for the patients and what it’s going to because I’ve worked so if they say this kid isn’t going on was
that another alternative moment of instability he does that is kind well I didn’t you know why that is but that’s
that military hear it and that’s what’s so we’ll talk about and I think is it about human being and so but his old how I see it now I think you have a right not to get lied to by the
orphanage right oh I see and then you could maybe take some action
about that maybe you’ve seen them out of a again internationally it’s a lot more complicated
right I don’t think the kid back I mean it’s it’s a human being it’s not like
a you told me that the the monopoly said had the the car and
the symbol and I couldn’t find it them both on the eve of back you know it’s now did you can’t have it capital you made
a commitment that I don’t think turnaround from and I that if you don’t run from any on a
commitment that tremendous sympathy for you and I think we gotta find a way to help you you know make that commitment counsel in whatever it is right it put me kid just by itself without the money been going put him on a
plane just sending them back it’s something really grossed about that and so I still issue of the russians are livid over I don’t want to make it and that approach ago but I mean the deal about the beatles a warning
how this happened effectively she said it happened on that but if it is definitely going to wonder what
was a lot from each to look into somebody’s lesson is what happened I needed to fix nafta yeah right where can I get this and one of our villages the so it did yes it’s it’s that would the couple quick
details on %uh this %uh sixteen of the Russian children
that are that adopted every year by the united states so if they stop it out for process that would
be of question every day he says that they explained to the united airline stewardess
what the situation was plus they pay to get to what about the nature the decayed got that safely that to the a
place that he was close to go which is the Russian education in science Ministry now but the reason that the russians are contained
in it personally think that’s that point not good enough know you should bring in it’s up at the very very very right %uh but the real punishes those you choose
what about about but so were the problem hasn’t been rushing
kids that are violent America it’s been American parents that are violent the Russian kids here three other cases the
russians are mad about in two thousand six peggy sue health
of manassas Virginia with sentence of twenty five years in prison after being convicted of fatally beating up
two-year-old girl she got that from siberia in at two thousand eight kimberly that animal the onset of of %uh to a utah was sentenced to fifteen years after pleading guilty to killing a Russian
in that in her care and much of this year prosecutors because
they met with the Russian diplomats that’s how to handle the case with public is it doing
there seven-year-old adopt a Russian son at their home in newtown of bills for this all according to the associated press the sort of like we’re doing it right who is violent and without island that’s the title is it on you know that three
different cases a film like this and I you’ve said about doesn’t matter to
us ell look good for us and for that way look if you go into the documents that it’s
a really interesting and and oftentimes of commitment you gotta be in one million percent sure that not only are you to be able to handle
it if you think it goes it goes the way you think is going to go we got to be able to handle it if it goes
to weight the don’t expect that’s part of the impact that’s their conclusion


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