Moved In Together Without Commitment (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case ofMoses
and Green v. Lightle.
Thank you, Ron.
Good day, everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Good morning. JUDGE LAKE: Mr. Moses,
you’ve summoned Ms. Lightle to court to prove
that you fathered her one-year-old daughter,
Lamiyah. And you say Ms. Lightle deniesthat you’re the father
because you wanna fight
for custody,
is that correct?
Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Lightle, you claim you want
this paternity dispute to be over just like
your relationship. Correct. JUDGE LAKE: And hope once the DNA results are revealed you won’t ever have to see
Mr. Moses again. That’s correct, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: All right. So, Mr. Moses,
the stakes are high today. MOSES: Yes, they are high,
Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Explain. Because, me, myself,
I’m a great father. I would love to continue
being a great father, but Ms. Lightle here, she make that a bit
difficult at times. LIGHTLE: No. MOSES: She gets
in her feelings, she gets mad at me. I’m not the father
or it’s a possibility… He’s a difficult person,
Your Honor. …I’m not the father. He doesn’t know
how to communicate. When we on good terms,
Your Honor, “Come get your daughter,”
Your Honor. He’s a child. Okay. One at a time.
I wanna understand this. Sometimes,
she says you are the father. Yeah. When we
on good terms, she says, “Come get your daughter.” Legally, you are the father. That’s why I say that. MOSES: Legally, yes. I signed
the birth certificate. Legally, you are. Yes, this is my daughter. I signed
the birth certificate. JUDGE LAKE: Let me see
that birth certificate. So wait a minute,
Mr. Moses, you signed
the birth certificate. You believe this is your baby. Yes. Uelamik Islamiyah. LIGHTLE: Your Honor, I… You all go together. MOSES: I named my child.
She named after me. JUDGE LAKE:You’re on
the birth certificate.
I told him
when I was
eight-months pregnant
that there was a possibility
that he was not the father. She say this all the time,
and it’s out of spite. LIGHTLE: No, it’s not.
This is ’cause it’s the truth. JUDGE LAKE:
I wanna hear from her.
Ms. Lightle, what did you tell him exactly? I told him when
I was eight months pregnant, Your Honor,
that there was a possibility that he could
not be the father. He told me that he know
he is the dad and he’s gonna be there. He know he’s the dad. JUDGE LAKE:
Before the baby was born? Before the baby was born. How did you know
you were the dad before the baby was born? LIGHTLE: That’s what I want
to know. She lived with me
at the time, Your Honor. She was dating her ex. My ex. MOSES: Her ex-boyfriend. They’ve been sexing
for however long. Never got pregnant. As soon as she come
dealing with me, she’s pregnant a month,
two months later. How that’s not my baby? How do you know
it’s your baby if she’s been dealing
with this guy the whole time,
even when she was with you? No, she wasn’t. I only dealt with him once
when I was with him around the time that I got
pregnant, Your Honor. So you’re saying around
the window of conception, you slept with another man? LIGHTLE: My ex, yes. But you were also
with Mr. Moses? LIGHTLE: Yeah.We weren’t official, but yeah.JUDGE LAKE:Okay.
But you were having sex?
But she lived with me. Yeah. MOSES: But we did
our own thing. She… Yeah. Explain to me
what is this relationship. Now, she lived with you,
but she does her thing.
What is this? I broke up with you
because I caught you in the bed with a female. Oh, I kicked you out. You didn’t kick me out.
I left. I caught you in the bed
with a female and I left. You didn’t kick me out. How? Yeah. I did that on purpose. How you kick me out
when I was helping you pay your rent, how? Hold on, hold on. Hold on. Were you all
in a committed relationship? I was committed. MOSES: She… No. She just told you
she slept with another man. LIGHTLE:
Before we were official. She lived with me. I wasn’t living with you
when I slept with him. So you all
moved in together? LIGHTLE: Yeah. With no commitment? When we moved in together, there was supposed
to be a commitment. I slept with my ex
before we made a commitment. We were, like, friends
with benefits at first. So how can you expect anybody
to be committed? You let me live with you. You said you wanted
a commitment. JUDGE LAKE: Ms. Lightle, when you found out
you were pregnant, who did you tell? MOSES: Me. I told him. He was with me
when I found out
I was pregnant. When she was in labor,
who did you call? LIGHTLE: I called you. Me. Who stayed there all
three days in the hospital? LIGHTLE: You did. Me. Who the baby came home with
the first day she came home? LIGHTLE: It’s you. Me. But still… I told you, you know.
You know. MOSES: You know what I mean?
My daughter… Just look.Right there at birth.JUDGE LAKE:
And, Mr. Moses, I can see
this makes you emotional
when you talk about it
because you love this baby.
I do. That’s my daughter. That’s mine.
Lamiyah is mine. Until these results
say otherwise,
that’s my daughter. And you say you were led
to believe she’s yours. That’s what you were told. MOSES: Yeah. AUDIENCE: Aw! JUDGE LAKE:
Oh, she’s just beautiful.
(MOSES LAUGHS) LIGHTLE:Thank you.That’s my baby. Yeah, that’s my baby. Oh, she’s so cute. I would love for her
to be my daughter. JUDGE LAKE: Why do you think
she’s saying… I feel she has
a guilty conscience within her that
she has to care of more than with me. I know this is my child. You know what I mean?
I believe this is my child. I feel right here,
that’s here. She has a different
feeling inside her. And this emotion that
you feelin’ this moment? Betrayed. Betrayed. Betrayed from who though? MOSES: You. You’re very disrespectful,
Lamik. MOSES: You’re disrespectful. You’ve made my life
a living hell. You made my life
a living hell. What? Who bothered who more,
Brittany? Let’s pray right now
to the universe that she’s not your baby. Who bothered who more?
Who bothered who more? You bothered me, Malik. Don’t call me no Malik. Lamik, whatever. She’s not your baby. She does numerous things
to me. You know what I mean? If I’m dealing with a female,
she don’t like that female, I can’t get my daughter
because I’m be at
that female house. That’s a lie. It’s obvious you all have hit messy mode. MOSES: Right. It’s just messy now. LIGHTLE: Yeah. But in terms of the paternity, you are saying definitively
Ms. Lightle, you’re not the father. LIGHTLE: True. Like, when she was first born, she looked like Lamik. She doesn’t
look like him no more. She looks like my ex. She look like all my ex. MOSES: People see me
with Miyah and be like, “She look
just like you.
That got to be your child.” So, okay.
I need to understand this. If she looks like your ex, you really believe
she’s your ex and in eight months old, you told Mr. Moses he may not be the father. MOSES: Why not before that? Why is Mr. Moses
in the hospital?Why is he there for the birth?Why does he sign
the birth certificate?
Why does the baby
go home with him?
Why does he have visitationand you’re giving him
visitation? Why? Legally, he is the father. I told him that before
I had the baby that… JUDGE LAKE: No, legally, he does have a legal right
to see the child because he signed
the birth certificate. So you’re here to tell me that because he has
that legal right, you’re letting him see
the child? LIGHTLE: They have a bond. Somehow, I don’t believe this is based on the law. They have a bond, Your Honor, but he did step up
and he was there. I feel it’s unfair for me, because, like she said,
I did step up. You know what I mean?
For her to tell me, as a man, I’m not the father
of my daughter and I stepped up
to be the father
to my daughter… I told you that before
I had the baby though… Let him finish
the sentence. MOSES: But she tells me
this off and on. If you’re gonna tell me
something, you stick to it. You got to stick to it. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) You know what I mean? Don’t be on the fence,
you know what I mean? Oh, we’re on good terms now,
“Come and get your daughter.” You know what I mean? “Oh, I don’t like you now. “No, you can’t get her.” MOSES: Stick to one side.
Let me know. I mean I never told you
you couldn’t come
get your daughter. First of all,
it ain’t even between us. I don’t care if don’t like me,
I don’t like you. But we got a little girl
to grow up with. We got a little girl to raise. No, we don’t. MOSES: That’s the attitude. I ain’t gonna lie, Your Honor. I’m not a good boyfriend. But I’m a great father.
You know what I mean? I’m not a good boyfriend
and I ain’t gonna lie, but I’m a great father. For me to be
just like belittled in any way for my daughter
is disrespectful. What’s disrespectful
is the things that you do,
Mr. Moses, like, MOSES: What did I do to you? LIGHTLE: I asked him not… This girl has threatened me
over Facebook, so I told him, “Do not
bring my daughter over there.” Hold up. She started
trouble with this female. JUDGE LAKE: All right.
Listen, listen, listen. Now, we’re again off
the subject of paternity. So you all are intent on airing out all
your messiness in here.
I’m concerned about Lamiyah. I’m trying to figure out
who’s her biological father. She’s one year now, and as far as we know now, she thinks Mr. Moses
is her dad, is that correct? Yeah, she’s call me dada
and everything. MOSES:
She knows I’m her dad. That’s the only dad
she’s ever known? Yes, Your Honor. So the stakes are high here because the truth
is she will know if this man is now missing
from her life. And now this baby
is calling you dada and her mother saying,
“No, that’s not.” That hurt. JUDGE LAKE: I can only imagine
what that feels like, because it’s still so new. MOSES: Right. It’s just a year. It seemed like yesterday. MOSES: My first. Your first. My first. JUDGE LAKE:I get it,but I also understand
your position
that if there is a question, better for us to know now. Than later. JUDGE LAKE: But I have
to ask you, Ms. Lightle, do you truly believe
Mr. Moses is not her biological father or is your relationship just
at such a negative point, volatile point, that you
just don’t want him to be? I just don’t want him
to be the father, Your Honor. I just don’t.
I can’t deal with this man for the rest of my life,
for 18 years. I can’t deal with him
for another day. I don’t even wanna be with,
right here, you know, talking. Stop. Like, I don’t… I don’t want him
to be the father. I can’t, I just
can’t do it anymore. Do you really know
who your child’s father is? I slept with both of them around the time
I got pregnant, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Okay.
So that means you don’t. And look,
this is why we’re here. Just lay it on the line.
So you don’t know. JUDGE LAKE:
And at eight months
you told him that. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE:
But then when he still decided to be there,
did the other guy not really wanna be there? Why did you let him?
You kept saying, “Well, he stepped up.” The other guy, he… He, uh, stepped back
because he stepped up. LIGHTLE:
You know, he didn’t know
if it was his for sure and he stepped up,
so he took the back… Oh, sometimes
I get a light bulb. MOSES: The thing… No, no, no, no. Don’t talk. Because I just need
to process it because I finally got it. JUDGE LAKE: You don’t know
who the child’s father is. The ex doesn’t know
for certain. You informed Mr. Moses that you didn’t know
for certain, but because of the confusion, the ex, kind of,
dropped back, but Mr. Moses still came on up
and stepped up to the plate. LIGHTLE: Yeah. JUDGE LAKE:
So you allowed him to be there even though
there was confusion and you didn’t know. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: I get it now. Your ex, Mr. Green, is here.
I’d like to hear from him. Ron, will you please
escort Mr. Green in? Yes, ma’am. RON: Come on in. RON: Go right up
the stairs. You look real cool
coming down the courtroom, but you know you
can’t wear no sunglasses in my courtroom now. Thank you, sir. So let me make sure I have
an understanding of this. She came and told you,
“I’m pregnant,” while you all have been
dealing with each other, she said you’re her ex, but once she told you
that she also admitted openly, point-blank,
that Mr. Moses also was a potential father
and then she added, “But he’s stepping up
to the plate.” He stepped up to the plate and, I mean, you know,
we had intercourse one time and there’s a possibility
that she might be mine. Ms. Lightle,
have you let Mr. Green into Lamiyah’s life at all? I mean,
Mr. Green is my friend. We hang out
and when I got the baby, he’s around, you know,
she’s around him. She doesn’t know him as daddy. JUDGE LAKE: She doesn’t? LIGHTLE: No. LIGHTLE:
But he’s definitely
been around her. He… You know. I don’t really, I never really
let them bond because… Why can’t my daughter be
around girls I messed with? LIGHTLE: I never really
let them bond because he stepped up
to the plate. But he’s been around. So, Mr. Green,
when you’re around Lamiyah and you’re with Ms. Lightle,
is something going on in the back of your mind
every time you see her, like, “Is this my child?
Does she look like me?” Absolutely. JUDGE LAKE: It does? It’s natural. Ms. Lightle,
you’re saying you hope Mr. Green is Lamiyah’s father? LIGHTLE: Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Why? LIGHTLE:
We have a friendship. It’s just a better environment
for my daughter
to be raised in because it’s not poisonous like our relationship. You know, I don’t
want my daughter to see me arguing and fighting
with her dad all her life. So when you say, “I don’t want
him to be the father,” it really is based upon
the nature
of your relationship and the way in which
you both interact. JUDGE LAKE: You just feel
like it’s toxic? Yes. When we good, we good.
When we bad, we bad. She making it seem like
it be all bad. It is all bad. No. She make it bad. JUDGE LAKE:
Well, it can’t be all bad because you wouldn’t have
potentially been in this courtroom making
this beautiful child, so there’s no way
it could have always been bad. And if it was always bad, you wouldn’t have wanted
him around you in the delivery room, definitely not on
the birth certificate. You don’t wanna
be bothered with nobody you don’t wanna be
bothered with when
you’re having a baby. LIGHTLE: That’s why I’m here. So what I’m saying is, it wasn’t always bad. All right. So we know what
you’re hoping for, Mr. Moses. You’re hoping Lamiyah
is your biological child. Right. JUDGE LAKE: I think it’s time
for the results. Ron. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) RON: Your Honor. JUDGE LAKE: Thank you. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and they read as follows. In the case ofMoses,
Green v. Lightle…
Pertaining to whether
Mr. Moses or Mr. Green is the father of one-year-old Lamiyah Moses, it has been determined
by this court, the biological father is… Mr. Green. You are the father. I’m sorry, Mr. Moses. MOSES: I’m okay. I’m just glad we know.
You know what I mean? It’s a bittersweet
feeling from my end. You know, I would love to be the biological father
of Lamiyah, but now, I don’t got
to deal with that. MOSES: You know,
so, you know… The feeling is mutual. JUDGE LAKE:
We sit here day after day and we see various
different approaches from possible fathers. Some fathers say,
“I want hands off
until I know the truth.” And some men like
you step up to the plate even when there
is uncertainty on the table. I commend you for that. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Thank you. JUDGE LAKE:
You know, and whatever this is between the two of you,
put that aside so that Lamiyah
can get the closure and hopefully be able to have
her biological father’s name on her birth certificate. Mr. Green, when you look
at your beautiful little girl, how do you feel? I just feel like she’s mine. I, you know, I feel blessed. JUDGE LAKE: So that thought
going on in the back of your head was real. Thank you again, Mr. Moses,
for being such a standup guy for this little girl. And we have counseling
and resources for you all. I wish you all
the very best of luck. LIGHTLE: Thank you. Court is adjourned.


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