Mtek interviews small business operator and Tax professional Brenda DeLong

Hi, my name is Brenda DeLong and my company’s
name is Income Tax Edmonton. I love technology. I learn as much as I can about it and try
and keep up on everything. I use accounting programs, I use tax programs,
I install my own. I try and fix my own problems. I always google it or try and fix my own problems. My favorite app on my iPad is We’re Related. It’s a free app by and it shows
you your famous relatives. Because I have a genealogy tree on
and it goes through algorithms on the internet or other people’s trees and it will show you
famous people that you’re related to. I love it. I use Simply Accounting and QuickBooks, but
I prefer Simply Accounting, and, I use Profile, a tax accountant. Well, through my website, information page
or they can contact me through my website or email. My client set, come back to me through email
or, yeah. I use Dropbox and yeah, I just use the internet
for everything. I’ll Google everything. Okay. You know, I use Google Maps and … Yeah,
for GPS. I use it for GPS if I’m lost or whatever. Well, I just love the internet. I just love researching, that’s another passion. I just like researching.

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