Mutant Mermaid | Roblox Mermaid Adoption Roleplay

Oh my gosh! [Intro music] Hey guys! What’s up? LDShadowlady here and today we’re gonna be playing on some Roblox role-playing as a mermaid, and a turkey, and a baby, and a few other things. It gets pretty weird. But that’s expected of one of my videos. So don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoy, and you love weird stuff. OK, so we are now in a mermaid paradise. What do you do first? I guess we make ourselves look like a mermaid? I mean, I’ve always dreamed of looking as fantasical as… Where is her face? And what are those?! Oh my goodness, wow! Mermaids are so majestic! I had no idea. OK, well like I said I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid I guess it’s just a matter of putting on a tail and a clam shell bra. Wait, these aren’t mermaid clothes! What is? What is this? This is disgusting! Oh, mermaids! Alright, this is what we’ve been looking for. Well, that’s somehow even worse than before. Oh my gosh. I don’t want to be this mermaid anymore! I want to be a different mermaid! Why can’t I be a different mermaid? It’s time to mermaid suicide. What the? Where am I? Oh thank goodness, I’m back to my human self. OK, this time let’s pick a better mermaid outfit. This one’s pretty cute. And this is the one we’re going with. Eww, look at my hair! Is this really the best I can do? I could just be a pirate instead. Now I’m some kind of pirate-mermaid mutant! Oh dang, what am I doing? What the heck? I’m just taking a nap. Just a little mermaid snooze. Oh, I can’t stop! Make way! Coming through! Right, I don’t know how to get out of this position, so, this is just my life now. OK, let’s pick a face because we definitely need a cute face. There we go. Need to get this eagle hat. There we go! It’s covered up my hideous face. OK, I’m ready to in the pool. Oh no! I sunk to the bottom. Nevermind! I don’t know what’s happening right now. What the heck?! I want to try get onto one of those pool floaties. O-oh. There we go. Come get me boys! Wait, what is this? Is this my body? What have I done? What? What?! What’s happened? What is this? Are those my arms? Ermmm. Ok. Can I get out of this position? What is this?! What are my arms doing?! Nobody’s going to take me seriously as a mermaid if I’m going around doing this! Hello, I come to play bouncy castle with you! I’m just a normal mermaid. Oh she’s leaving. I actually scared someone away from the bouncy castle because of my horrifying mutated body. Come back! I’m really normal, I promise. Don’t be alarmed! Oh, maybe I’ve inspired her to become a mermaid. She just looked at me and saw how beautiful I am. Yes girl! Good choice, good choice. OK, how do I fix this? Because this is just embarrassing. What is happening? Help me! Ew, what are you doing?! Get out of here! Help! Guys help, call 911. Please help. OK, who else is saying help? Somebody else needs help? We’ve got to find her, we’ve got to help her. Where is she? There she is! It’s a little boy on a pool floatie! I’ll save you! I’m coming for you! I’ll save you! Oh no, he’s actually just jumped into the water at the sight of me. I guess I saved him. I saved you! Yeah, you’re welcome kiddo. Just another day as mermaid superhero extraordinaire LDMutatedLady. Oh my goodness! That’s definitely not fixed anything. Please help. Somebody, anybody help me! Oh a glow stick. Oh my gosh, look at my glow stick! I’m gonna go in the dance club with my glow stick. Why can’t I go in? Oh, wait , hang on. I found the underground entrance. Wow, this place is awesome! O-oh. Oh no! I fell through the floor. I’m now just back to looking ugly. I need my beautiful body back. Can I be a turkey? Oh my gosh. Look at my face! I’m gonna go to the adoption center and see if anyone wants to adopt a turkey. OK there are no people here. I’ll just wait patiently for somebody to arrive. “Two hours later.” I’ll take anyone, please. I know, I’ll do what that kid did earlier. This is gonna work. OK, just need to get on there. OK, this is it, this is it. Help me! I can’t swim! Help! You there! Help a turkey out! C’mon! Why is everyone ignoring me? I’m clearly in distress. S.O.S. Turkey in distress! Well. This is disappointing of the human race. Perhaps if I were a cute child instead they would save me. Wait, is that mermaid coming to save me? People are jumping in. Are they coming to save me? Yep, people just walking past as if they – Is she saving me? I think she’s helping me. Yes! You saved me! I am forever in your debt. I grant you five wishes. I love how this girl is clearly interested in Alex but he is clearly more interested in me. Girl, can I help you? What are you doing? OK, apparently nobody wants the turkey wishes. In fact, I’m starting to think that girl didn’t even save me on purpose, I think she just accidentally saved me. OK, maybe if I was a cute baby instead of a turkey, people would like me better. Yeah I want to reset. Oh, the turkey! I’m just a cute little baby! I’m a cute baby. Please adopt me. Oh my gosh, I know girl! I know. Look at me go, look at me go. Look at me go. Come? OK where are we going? Where are we going? Where is she taking me? I am so cute as a baby. Pick anything? Oh my gosh, I fell! I fell through the floor and now I am dead. OK, she told me to pick anything so I’m guessing she want me to be a mermaid. Not sure how that’s gonna work. It didn’t work out very well. Mommy it didn’t work! Look at me, I’m hideous! She says you look beautiful. Thanks mom, but I don’t think you’re telling me the truth. This is all your fault. OK, this is just getting really weird and I feel like it’s time to quit. So thanks guys for watching this super weird Roblox video. If you enjoyed it, don’t forget to leave a like on this video, subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already for more super weird videos like this, and I will see you next time!

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