My DNA Kit Results Are In!!! (Part 3)

Hey, what’s up it Cecily and Cecily: What’s your name?
Baby: My name Ziah Cecily: Tell, tell them yout name
Baby: Ah… Baby: name is Anaye Your name is not Anaye your name is Aziah Baby: (giggles)
Cecily: Aziah. Oh my gosh How did you forget that? Anyway, Cecily and Aziah and TODAY
I got back my Ancenstry DNA results so I am super excited to see um if there is anything I didnt know to see if I am perhaps a 100% African Hey, just really lighskinned…so I’m going to pull ’em up on my computer right
now in front of you guys I can’t believe I waited but I wanted to get an authentic reaction What? So like
I’m African, European Asian and Middle Eastern Ok, so here are my ethnicity estimates Wow OK so The obvious being 71% African Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Congo,Benin, Togo and Mali Less than 1% American which would include the Native American which means that I have less than 1% Native American which makes no sense to me because my Grandmother was supposed to be half
Native American so… how does that even happen? less than one percent Asian 24% European 6% of that being Scandinavian Scandinavian of course! and 15% of that being West European which is like what… of like Great Britain and Italy and Ireland the Iberian Peninsula Russian Jewish ok very bizzare no pacific islander…damn 3% Middle Eastern What? this is so weird, like I didnt know what I was gonna … I didnt know what i was going to encounter but I didnt think it would be like this ok, I had to digest it you know Oh, trip! So now they also have DNA matches DNA Matches! So… trip off of this! The first person they list is my brother! (laughing) close — and they say “close family” What? they’ve got 28 people that I am related to who I have a DNA match with this is like so weird so they got a list of people who
are my second cousins, and third cousins, some fourth cousins, some people who look like me now we’ve gone into um the White folks (laughing) confidence is extremely high that I am related to all these White people a bunch of white people, like Aziah: (babbling) I mean you know, I
don’t have a problem being related (stammering) LOOK AT US, so… Cecily: but this is so weird
Aziah: so weird (laughing) this is so weird this is so weird like like to see all these people I might be related to and gosh you know you can feel like you’re alone in the world and there’s only one like you or maybe a few people like you and you may not even like those people
you know to think that we’re all connected one way or another and we could all be like around each other and not even know that we’re related like its just criminal that some people don’t know who their — who their family is like I mean I had no idea what this was going to be like when I taped it I was like I wanted it to at least be authentic and i think that we achieved that I’m trying to keep him from
kicking the camera over – (crying) get the thing get it and go play, go play bye go ahead go play I’ll see you later thank you, thank you but um yea like I didn’t know what I was going — any I didnt know what to think of this experience and of course this is the beginning of this is the beginning of a lot more discovery research, like i said i been looking for for like 20 years off an on and now I got something to be like hey so who are you like where do you come from who do you belong to you know I dont know, I dont know if i am ready to start pursuing these leads and asking people, to be honest because its so much that comes with it its like its so weird I don’t know, but anyway I’m going to um definitely keep you guys abreast of what happens and contacting people and stuff like that so I need to learn how to say “bye” in Scandinavian and um all the African
Aziah: bye that I need to learn and definitely in Middle Eastern which is not really even a language but I am going to figure out what that is too oh my gosh Come on say bye Alright, say bye Cecily: see you later
Aziah: bye Say thanks for watching. Thanks for watching. The next time we do a video on… Aziah: your ice cream Cecily: That’s not ice cream Cecily: on the boobie obsession Aziah: boobie obsession Cecily: boobie, boobie obsession Aziah: the boobie obsession Cecily: the boobie obsession Aziah: Boobie Aziah? Cecily: No you don’t have any boobies. Cecily: Say bye Aziah: Bye boobie obsession Cecily: Say bye Aziah: bye Look at the camera and say bye Cecily & Aziah: Bye Aziah: bye


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