My Ancestry DNA Kit Results Compared to Gedmatch

Hi so I just did something very cool I uploaded my information to Gedmatch Now one of my cousins just pointed out the is a website where you can upload your raw dna from Ancestry, to 23 and me and I think Family Tree DNA as well. You can upload it to Gedmatch And what Gedmatch does it runs all your DNA
through these utilities This is where my conversation is going to get a little shaky because still don’t know what I am doing on it But basically you can I been able to find a lot of my cousins More cousins than I found on ancestry I found like second cousins and third cousins I mean it’s just been amazing They also have like these tools where you can compare your DNA Chromosomal DNA type of stuff to theirs so you can see how much of it that you share They also have amazing heritage breakdowns, they call it something else but that’s the word I am using Now I get more information about who I am and where I am from there in way I didn’t
get it from Ancestry SO i am going to show you the comparison And there are like multiple utilities you can use from these scientists who are like studying DNA all day long in a lab somewhere you know what I am saying And they are like I don’t have time for that I aint got time I am starting to feel like I know who I is So I am going to show you Just a basic overview of gedmatch I am not an expert I just got on it like yesterday And so I dont know what I am doing I repeat I do not know what I am doing I know you are going to come for me I know you’re going to say something I know your going to be like why do you cared this is a scam you just black why you want to be special you know blah blah blah I don’t care I want you to know I don’t care I think this is fun I think this is entertaining I find it to be very entertaining a lot of people to do why you dna nazis wanna go in on people I don’t know I don’t know if it brings you joy to call people stupid or to tell people they are wrong because they want they want to find out if they are indian they want to find out they are this their black who cares why don’t you guys find some business something to do I don’t know anyway I’ve got some interesting responses from people in my comments box about this whole journey and she had shed nare nare meaning none ok but take a look at my results and please if you are signed up for like ancestry or any of the ones I mentioned you got to upload your stuff up to gedmatch like i basically went trough the top 20 lists of people I am related to because my brother is on there too so i can see who’s related to me and who’s related to him so i am really reaching out people who are related to my mom and that’s so cool because I never knew anyone that was related to my mom before and I am so excited I am so excited I am so excited to figure out I know im a goober see what i see bye ok as promised i am going to show you a side by side comparison your going to hear my son in the background because I don’t have any help today anyways side by side comparison of my ethnicity results so on the left you see my ancestry dna ethnicity on the right you see gedmatch what I did was I downloaded my raw dna a file from ancestry and i uploaded it to gedmatch and there’s a bunch of tools that all these different scientists that will determine all kinds of stuff like all kinds of stuff that not even possible they have multiple tools this is the tool I read up on Harrappa World blog and I felt most comfortable with what they meant again there’s like a bunch of them so there’s a lot to find out so I will go over this one on the left hand side you can see that the ancestry pretty much put me in the west african category at 71% and all these different places and trace regions they are all generally in west africa other the other side of that…Gedmatch I have a strong presence there yup there we go Also there’s also Pygmy which are a group of people from Africa Then there’s the East African …1% there The Pygmy are from Central Africa so I thought that was pretty cool So I was able to see a little more there, The San people, excuse my pronunciation because I have not heard these things pronoun=nced I more of a phonetic person when it comes
to —which means i sound things out WHen it comes to San or whatever they’re called they are like Bushmen and they’re like the hunters and gathers of SOuthern Africa So some SOuthern African showed up there Was really surprised to see Obviously with the East African in there too there’s like Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and another I can’t
pronounce Somalia and Kenya so there’s one percent that showed up there so I felt like that was really cool then the Asian there’s a lotof asian that showed up too before i go into that my American Indian did show up showed up and showed out there she is right there bam .87 not very high but this Beringian, Beringian again pronunciation issues Iknow its been a long time since I
was in school but these are the people that crossed the Bering Strait remember that story? And they eventually ended up in the Americas The Beringia is this little region around
the Bering Sea it was like land that was attached to like where Alaska Russia and all that you can google it but those people are native people obviously those folks are showing up in my dna so I mean its something not as much as I thought it was going to be but it’s there so that’s Aziah: hey mama Cecily: hi baby The Papuan people are the indigenous people from New Guinea they are Aziah: Hi Cecily” Yea he’s saying hi I have a little of that which was not represented there (Ancestry) at all North East Asian, North East Asia This is the weirdest part cause going down
here my largest what I would call caucasian heritage
is considered to be let me see if that will expand i cant really expand that but over here its says north-east european which is like The Faroe Islands, Norway, Denmark Sweden
Finland, somia, Latvia, Lithuanian and the British Isles. the United Kingdon might be apart of that
too Greenland, Scandinavia, etc etc and my Scandinavian heritage shows up over
here I assume its showing up in there where’s it at? dang I just lost it and maybe some other stuff that is absolutely weird, that’s crazy the Baloch people are Iranian folks That’s my middle eastern right there the the South Indian countries include lord I can’t even pronounce these names I got to get on that I got to represent for
my Middle Eastern heritage I definitely got to represent for my Middle
Eastern Heritage so that’s where these two groups come into
play I think that directly corresponds with my
3% Middle Eastern I don’t know whats going on here And it looks like I got have more European
on this chart than Ido on this chart There’s some Central Asian and I don’t think I think my Asian showed up here in this category and in that category So it’s looking like a little over 1% they
said less than 1% so who knows that just might be an error of some sort this is really weird because I have people ask me if I have any Asian ancestry
all the time I thought it was the American Indian so hell who knows what it is But yea even just the African stuff alone This may be proof that is not
the best place for people that have African heritage to really boil down to what they
are I think that everyone kind of gets the… looking at other African-Americans tests Everybody has the same thing Were not all from the same place Were all from Africa everyone is from Africa but it’s just kind a weird how everyone gets
that blanket., Ivory Coast, Cameroon Cong, Benin, Togo, Mali then we get all this other stuff so yea of course if you are an African-American
or a mixed person in general you’re going to have hands across the globe you basically going to have a little of everything which is kind of cool because i see people
who have maybe 3 or 4 or 2 like how are you just 2 things are 3 things you know come into my territory of like i
got everything so anyway thanks for watching and I hope to share more news about my heritage
with you soon


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