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I all welcome back to my channel I have
been posting a ton of videos where I haven’t been saying anything but I just
wanted to welcome you back to my channel and say hi but the reason for this video
is because my ancestry results are in. I am like so excited okay I have been waiting for
eight weeks for these result and they are finally here and for those who are new
to my channel please click the button subscribe and make sure that you like
the video and to make sure that you get notifications by clicking the bell next
to the subscribe button but anyway let me get with it so let me take off my
glasses by the way so you can see my features but anyway so I did my ancestry
DNA through and I I just received their results today and I
had to make this video so basically let me start with my expectations what
did I expect so as I’ve already said a thousand times
I was born and raised in South Africa so I’ve always expected that I would be black
okay because that’s what I identify as that’s what I grew up as so I always assumed that I would be black based on my culture but I also expected that I would
probably have a little bit of out no I thought it best out have a lot of Khoi-San
in me because I’m short light-skinned high cheekbones um they are somewhere
under those cheeks okay I
and also like I have squinty eyes and also we have a long history, Xhosas, my
tribe has a long history with the Khoisan um so I thought I would have that
but I also thought that I would have you know like some Asian in me because a lot
of Khoi-San have mongoloid or Asiatic features so I assumed that I would have
some Asian in me and I have an Asian friend and we look like twins so again I
thought I would be you know like maybe I have I would be like maybe 25% Asia
or something like that but then again in South Africa we have a lot of white
people so I thought that I would be like you know like have some white in me
maybe 25% or even 50% but again we’re I mean I I knew that that was kind of like
you know like pretty much impossible because of racism in South Africa but I
could have been right also I assumed that like I looked at my
dance moves I was like my dance moves are questionable
maybe there’s no way that I’m hundred percent black I cannot sing to save my
life there’s no way I’m 100 percent black okay I also thought about you know like
my daughter my kids people always ask them if they’re mixed and I thought
maybe they are a throwback or something like that and so I thought about you know
like a lot of things and I’m Xhosa so if you don’t know check out my ethnicity
tag video but I am Xhosa and so I always had the expectation that um
African but I am also very very light-skinned and so and by the way I do
bleach my skin people have said that I wish my skin no I didn’t this is how I
was born I was even lighter when I was younger but as I grow older am a little bit darker but anyway but also that maybe I
have a mild form of albinism which is was to me the more plausible theory
about Who I am because obviously I have someone who has albinism in my family so I just assumed that that was the case but my hair you know like I mean I’ve
dyed it now but my hair is pretty much like dark brown naturally so but I
expected those things but as I’m about to show you my result shocked me
they blew my mind mainly because as I said I’ve always been a proud African
girl you know like you know you’ve seen my videos when I went to South Africa I
said this is the land of my forefather’s this is where I was you know I’m from
this is it no further than this so as a results will show you that might not be
the case without further ado let me show you my results so I pre-recorded this
because I wanted to make sure that I can show you the screen okay here are my
results you can see them for yourself I am 100% African oh my god I am so like
blown away by this because ah I just did not believe it to be true even though I
knew it in my heart that that was the case but the fact that there is
scientific proof that I am actually hundred percent African is just
mind-blowing to me and I did have expectations and I knew what I was I
just didn’t think that it would be confirmed okay so bear with me as I am
just like shocked, shocked and I’ll tell you why okay but
let’s look at the results so I am southeastern bantu 87% of me is
southeastern bantu okay so south eastern boundary is South Africa which is where
I was born Kenya Namibia Botswana Zimbabwe Zambia
Angola Tanzania Mozambique Uganda okay and so in the in that area like I mean
in this part of the world you find all sorts of people you’ll find
light-skinned people you find the darkest people really on earth I
shouldn’t say that because I don’t do that but you find the darkest people to
the lightest to albinism in this area so I was kind of like really shocked and
then I have 13% south-central hunter-gatherers so again
they’re from South Africa Namibia Botswana and Congo area again I was born
in South Africa so it absolutely makes sense but there just to give you a back
information so the Khoi-San people they are very closely related to my tribe
which is the Xhosa tribe I mean not only my tribe but South Africa southern
African tribes as well right but I’m talking from the perspective of my tribe
linguistically we use the same cliques and obviously like we have very similar
features you can find Xhosa people who look exactly like the Khoi-San people so
I was shocked that I have only 15% I expected a lot more because I
always assumed that my features you know like the light skin, the buttocks, the
flat nose and you know like my eyes everything I always assumed that that
was because of the Khoi-San people and and I mean largely it could be that
no like I have more of their features that are external than anything else but
anyway and so the bunch of people of course I always laugh with my friend
who’s from Kenya whenever she writes in her language I can make out some of the
words and she can make out some of the words from my language so we are
obviously like one people so here’s the thing so I have nothing outside of
Africa pretty much everything I am is from southern Africa
I have zero from North Africa and West Africa
I have zero Asian I’ve always assumed I have Asian but again the Khoi-San people
have mongoloid or Asia or Asian features so I always assumed that that
was because of that and then I have zero Europe which again I mean I could have
suspected that I have European in me because South Africa has white people as
you already know so but again I have zero white in me and here’s the thing my
niece who is half white we have the same skin color skin tone even though you
know like she’s 50% white and I’m 100 percent black and it’s just like
mind-blowing the only difference between me and her is the hair because her hair
you can tell that she’s mixed in my ear you can tell that I’m not really it’s
the only thing that says that I’m black when you look on the surface and so
other regions tested I have 0 America Pacific Islander I have 0 West Asia
which is the Caucasus like if I was Caucasian I would have have traces
from region but I have nothing also from the Middle East so it is like just
mind blowing and I mean it just shows you know like the conclusions that we
draw about ourselves about people around us could be completely
wrong now that you’ve seen my results what do you guys think so you are
looking at a pure African girl my DNA as me is nowhere else to be found other than
in southern Africa so how do I feel about that I’m hundred percent happy
because I’ve never know I’ve always known that that’s where I’m from so but the
thing is is that let me go back growing up in South Africa pretty much every kid
would tease me and say whitey whitey whitey okay so I kind of accepted that okay and I mean I
didn’t like it but I accepted it because in Africa if you being bullied you
either crumble or you just continue to keep on stepping right
but anyway so um when I was growing up pretty much everyone assumed that I was
mixed okay even black people assumed that I was mixed so they would call me
whitey but I actually thought that you know like it’s not a point in my mind I
thought maybe you know like this some truth in it because I was born in a
mixed neighborhood in South Africa so you could have you know like I could
have been mixed but my mom you know like she’s already told me that you know like
we are black and so I never questioned that other than you know like few times
when people assumed that I wasn’t black and I grew up in a black
neighborhood so in South Africa the colored people which are mixed people
and they always assume that I’m colored right they will speak Afrikaans to me
and they are shocked when I cannot speak Afrikaans and then white people assume
that I was colored when I moved to America especially when I still had my relaxed hair and everything you know because my hair is really the only thing that says hundred
percent African but anyway so when when I just moved to America I remember going
to a hospital everywhere I went people would say would speak to me in Spanish
because they assumed that I was either Puerto Rican or Hispanic somehow and um and and
I remember like when I went to the hospital they would give me a Hispanic
translator because at the time my accent was even thicker than it is today and um and
in when whenever people meet me and they get comfortable with me and they ask me
where are you from I always say why don’t you take a guess and people always
assume that I am from is a Jamaica or some other island in the Caribbean so
the point I’m trying to make is that everywhere I went people have never
suspected that I’m African so to get a confirmation like this is to me just
like mind-blowing and you add the fact that you know like all in my family we
have dark all the way to light-skinned and so again I’ve never questioned that
because you know like I’ve never questioned that we were from you know
like the same parents even though we looked different in terms of our colors
and you add the fact that a lot of people whenever I do with people online
and you know like maybe with talking politics or whatever people would say
you know like you self-hating blah blah blah and someone actually once called
my mother a sloth because they said there’s no way you could be black you
know like and I’m thinking to myself I I’ve already done a DNA test and
I’m just waiting for the results to confirm so here they are absolutely
happy would I have been unhappy if they were different? No I
would not have been but remember I’ve always identified black so for me
anything else would have been shocking in a way you know because I grew up in a
black neighborhood I grew up with a black family I went to black schools and
so in South Africa so everything about me other than my skin tone is black so
so again I mean people can make arguments maybe you are not black but
I’m just going to say I identify culturally as black and and so but
anyway so I hope you enjoyed please let me know what you think what is that I
was like just what you thought I was what were your expectations of my
results but I hope you enjoyed this and to all those people when I was growing
up they would call me all these names just know that Africans come in all
colors they come in all shapes they come in all sizes okay that’s just Africa
it’s the most diverse continent on Earth and that’s partly because we Africans
are the first people so everybody begins from Africa and so everybody will look
like Africans rather than the other way around so a lot of white people and a lot
of Asian people look like me not the other way around okay I’m joking I hope
you guys enjoyed the video ok bye bye.


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