My Ancestry DNA Results Are In!! I’m a little shook!!

Ich bin Deutche. Ich bin Deutche. Dad am I saying that right? Ya russike. Ya russike. I don’t know what I’m saying. Hey guys Candy Dawn. Welcome back to my channel. So a few weeks ago I unboxed my Ancestry DNA
kit for you guys. Now if you haven’t seen thayt video I am going
to put the link down below. Basically it just explains everything that
comes in the kit and how you go about submitting your DNA. But guess what? I’m so excited because my results are finally
in. Before I go ahead and reveal those for you
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you get notified when I post any new videos. So about eight weeks ago I sent in my saliva
sample for Ancestry to analyze and now they have finally emailed me my link with my results. Now what I know so far about my family history
is that my father is German and my mother is part Italian and Hungarian. So I’m really curious to see if the DNA results
are going to match what I already know or if there’s going to be any kind of hidden
surprises. So without further ado let’s dive in and see. So once you open up your email link with your
results it will bring you to a page like this. Not quite sure if you can see but over here
on this side is a highlighted map of all the regions and areas that your DNA matches and
then over here on this side it breaks down the percentages for you. Alright according to my results I am forty
one percent Eastern Europe & Russian. Now this is what’s shocking because my Dad
knew I was going to be going ahead and doing these DNA results so he revealed to me that
his mother was Polish and his father was Russian. So this whole time I actually just thought
I was mostly predominantly German but according to my results I am mostly Russian. But only about by one percent because it says
40 percent I am Germanic Europe. I’m also eleven percent Swedish. Five percent England Wales and Northwestern
Europe and three percent Baltic States. Whatever that is. So what’s really cool about the ancestry Dna
results it also gives me a list of DNA matches. So anyone else who has done this kit it will
match you to anybody that you are related to. So it’s actually found matches for people
who are my second third fourth fifth and even sixth cousins. So I just think that’s really cool because
I don’t know too much about my Dad’s side of the family. So I think it would be really neat to be able
to touch base and reach out to some of those people that I have matched with that are more
on my German and Russian side so that I can learn a bit more about my background and family
history. So a little disappointed because I was hoping
that a long lost family member that I’ve never met before would have been curious about their
history and their ethnicity and they would have taken this test and that we would have
come up as a DNA match. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. That’s a long story and a bit of a private
story so I can’t give you too many details but maybe that would be a video for sometime
in the future. It all depends if a certain family member
is willing to give me permission and feels comfortable opening up about the story. So the other thing about Ancestry is there
are a lot of other perks to their website that you can take advantage of. So for example people that you have matched
with may have created their own personal family trees. So it might link up to another like two hundred
and twenty five people that you could be related to. There could also be birth certificates. More information on these people but in order
to do that you have to register and sign up for their monthly services. Now I’m not quite sure how much that is but
when you actually take the Ancestry DNA test they do offer you a special discount. I believe they offered me one month free of
the service. I haven’t taken advantage of that yet but
I probably will. So that’s something you might want to consider
ahead of time before doing the DNA test. So overall I am happy with my results and
the experience that I had with Ancestry DNA kit. I would recommend doing it. I also would recommend I think it’s a great
gift for somebody. It’s not overly pricey. It’s just a really neat experience to find
out more about yourself. Okay guys that’s it. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it
really informative. If you do want to find out more information
like I said about the kit. Everything that’s included. How you go about submitting your results. It’s super super easy process. That link is down below for that video. Who knows maybe you guys will be of some help
for me in the future in locating and searching for that missing family member. But make sure you stay tuned and are subscribed
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