My Ancestry DNA Results!

My DNA ancestry results are in. I’m going to
be checking them for the first time. I’m going to see a pie chart first and then the
results are going to come out in alphabetical order. Great news your
ancestry DNA results are in seeing my results I’m going to go ahead and click
– Oh my goodness, whew. Ok. Um let’s see oh yeah I was already logged in oh wow. Okay I’m
looking at the pie chart it is what I expected so far okay view your genetic
ancestry oh look at the matches gosh this is so exciting
and I put my reading glasses on actually. okay oh yes they did the genetic
community is accurate okay show more regions oh here it is just amazing okay
I have hold on my mouse is zooming in on the map.. okay here we go
29% Africa 8% out of the 29% the breakdown for the 29% is 8% Senegal 7%
Cameroon Congo 4% African North and then, Woo I fill the adrenaline um 5% percent Ivory Coast Ghana, 2% Mali, 2% Benin/Togo less than 1%
Africa South Central hunter-gatherers Oh wow, and then next region is 55% Europe, 31%
Iberian Peninsula, 12% Italy Greece, oh my gosh it’s so amazing 3% Finland Northwest Russia 3,%
European Jewish, 2% Ireland, 2% Great Britain, 1% Europe East, 1% Scandinavia,
and then I have 14% America Native American I have oh wow, I have less than
1% Pacific Islander Polynesia I have less than 1% West Asia Middle East and
the genetic communities um is correct I have a genetic community and they
identified where my mother was born so for the general categories I have
29 percent African 55 percent Europe, 14 percent America um less than one percent
Pacific Islander, and less than one percent West Asia so I’m gonna stop
recording for a bit because I’m gonna let family know. For ancestry for my ancestry
DNA results my predictions are um I guess from largest to least in percentages are
Europe, Africa, and America. Yeah so for Europe, I expect to see
mainly southern Europe and I do expect to see the Iberian Peninsula for Africa
I expect to see mainly West Africa if not exclusively West Africa and I do
expect to see Senegal because my grandfather my dad’s dad he was born in
Cabo Verde in Cape Verde and I did some research and discovered that the African
side of Cape Verde ins and show that genetics from
Senegal maybe likely so I do expect to see Senegal and for Native American I know
it just shows like a broad like, it’s just south a North America for the Native
American um but I know that it’s from North America and then anything else
that comes up if there’s anything else that comes up it’ll be interesting. I do
think there are going to be other regions I just don’t know where they are.
For my predictions, I didn’t mention North Africa I was aware of the
migration from North Africa to Cape Verde I did wonder if there was a
connection there with my lineage and that I didn’t include it in my
predictions and for European Jewish is interesting I didn’t mention it in my
predictions but I for years have had, I’ve been drawn to not just on Jewish
customs and beliefs but I felt like I was part Jewish and it’s not something
that came from any stories on either side of my family because I don’t
remember anybody mentioning anything about there being a Jewish lineage on
but I was at the point where I just, there’s something internal I guess I would
describe it as I could feel it I could feel it in my soul and um, and I actually,
when people would ask me what my genetic makeup is I started including Jewish um
so that was really neat to see on my results
um because again it wasn’t anything that came from any family stories or any
anything. It was recently when I sent in my DNA sample to I started
looking for Jewish lineages that’s when I learned about the North
African lineage that went to Cabo Verde and also on European lineages um
migrating to Mexico um but was after you know it had been years
already where I just had this feeling that I was that some of my genetics
were Jewish so yeah that’s really neat for me to see that all of the lineages
are neat to see and good to see. So in terms of my family tree and tracing my
lineages back the side of my family that I’ve been able to trace back really
quickly the one that’s then the easiest, and the one that has gone.. I’ve been able
to trace back the furthest um back into ancient times is the Spanish side.
The migration, before the migration, um, the where specifically they lived in
Spain um, what their professions were their coat of arms um some of the
ancient homes are still standing and preserved and they have the coat of arms
over the doorway so it’s, that’s really interesting that has been the easiest
and the quickest so that’s really interesting it’s really neat well I
think he did you did the National Geographic story um it
connects me to people so I was clicking through and to cousins I have over five
hundred like fourth cousins and closer I think it is let me check really quick I
have five hundred like fourth cousins or closer and there I can see a
lot of them have some of them are family members that I
know um and then there are just so many people on here that I’m genetically
related to and I can view the match and I can see the shared matches it’s really
cool right the largest percentage is 31% from Spain and Portugal the second
largest percentage is 14% Native American and the third-largest percent
is 12% Italy Greece the fourth largest percentage is 8 percent Senegal and
Senegal I did expect to see because my grandfather on my dad’s side he was born
in Cape Verde and I did research on the genetic composition of Cape Verdean and
I learned that it was highly likely that I would have genetics from Senegal so I
did expect to see Senegal it’s.. The results are very expected it’s what I
expected um it’s such a surprise but it’s so
exactly what I expected. 4% North African it’s very likely comes from a Cape Verdean
side because um in the 1800’s the um there were Jewish people in North Africa and
they migrated to Cape Verde and it’s um there’s a history there documented
history of that migration and so um yeah so I think that’s likely from my
grandfather my Cape Verdean grandfather and I’m actually able to see and get an idea
of what is on what side I’m through the genetic matches the family that is on
Ancestry and then also my mom I shared the results with her I shared the
results and I um she wants to do it now so it’s really coo,l so I’m gonna order
her s kit. I’m going to download my raw DNA file from and then
upload it to DNAl and I know they are doing
medical research and they provide ancestry information for those that
upload the raw DNA file to their site I also I know they go through an
institutional review board, I looked at their site and I feel comfortable
uploading my raw DNA file to them and it’ll be interesting to see if they can
provide more information more detailed information on the Native American side,
if they’re able to trace back where in Asia the Native American genetics come
from that’d be really interesting if they could identify groups of people,
regions and also groups of people in Africa and to see also how the European
side is displayed so it’ll be interesting to see that so once I get my
results from ancestry DNA I’m going to go ahead and figure out how to download
my raw data file upload it to DNAland and then continue to you know read and
intake the information from ancestry DNA and then after that and have a look
at the DNA land results

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