My Ancestry DNA Test Results, From Mexico Michoacan

okay so we just got mail let’s open this up alrighty you here it is it just got my ancestry DNA kit and let’s open this up okay so stays here activate the online kids gather DNA sample see so you pretty much fill the test tube with spit and you send it off there’s actual sample bag is this live a container just fill it all the way there and you send it off inside this that’s all so I’m going to send this out and I’ll get back to you guys once I get the results alright see you then ok guys so the tests are in after so many months so finally here so we’re going to open it up and it’s going to be we’re going to see what the results are so we just got the results and we’re going to go through it right , okay mom look going to see the results, action!! I thought you didn’t want to be in the video? okay we are going to look at our results oh look, Dice Peninsula Iberica okay then it says I am 33% native American 33% Peninsula Iberica well Spain and the other percentage European English Look and it says I am from Michoacan It says I am from Colima and very common and you can even see relatives that have done the test lets look at the regions and it says that I am from Poland, Belarus, Russia, Israel How ironic How is it guessing all of this? well from the genetic test you are from Ukraine and Russia that explains your nose. yes its true your sister and your brother should take the test. Greece, Great Britain but I though I would be more Indian or Persian, maybe its just my brother and then it says it is very common, of which exact region we are from. look at the region my mom and dad are from jiquilpan michoacan mexico, what I am going to do we are going to look at what relatives it shows us Mom: mine? Yes it says we have more relatives in Europe In USA it says there are four Yes well your aunt Carmen, Your aunt Rachel, wait your aunt Rachel no , she moved to Mexico Russia, Ukraine, you see I want to see if there is a… Western Colima? So does it mean my Father was over there? or my Mom? put the camera down shes tired HAHA look at the babies face look at relatives 518 people are probably my 4th cousin okay mom, what do you think of all of this? that I am from these places won’t you answer? oh I need to respond? oh well I think, oh I shouldn’t over react. I think that it’s awesome , how cool that I am not just Indian. well yeah, I thought that I was from Totolan, Taramauras or the Indian Mary’s. I am glad but my mom said I was from spain how strange? I thought you said other places you liar. the baby is funny but this is for you, I want to know where I am from, because I have been told I look persian well you need to take the test do they need to withdraw blood ? it’s done with saliva do I spit there? and it says 10% Africa (full breakdown in description) I bet your brother has more African genes speaks to daughter: 10% Africa!! okay mom, what do you think of all of this? well I think the world is a pot of seeds that get all mixed up oh no… then what should I say? I just like it and thats it. okay thats all. your going to get a zero with me. ask your sister, she talks alot. Do you want to come out in the video? No. did you see my results? come over, no. the Mendoza you see there are from my fathers side look third cousin when I go with my dad Ill pay the subscription you have to pay for that? Yes because it shows they are my third cousin. and the only way to see it is with the subscription me alright guys so that was my results on ancestry com this is the first time I do something like that word I test my actual DNA and see where I come from my honest thoughts are you know it’s it was kind of expected I knew it was going to be Native American and I know it can be from Spain it was really shocking that voice if they % probably ten percent that I’m European like Jewish Europe or Jewish European or whatever you want to consider it it’s a little bit ironic since my name is Israel and then it says it’s Jewish Israel so so it’s just a little bit strange and a lot of people confuse me you know especially my brother he looks a little bit indian persian you know I was thinking maybe one of our descendant is from like India or something like that but there’s good to know that my actual genes don’t have that you know it’s something that you may say it’s not worth it a hundred bucks but it’s something that I guess it’s kind of priceless you would never know it without paying the money so I think it was worth it so if you’re just thinking of knowing what your actual descendants comes from or your ethnicity is something that’s really worth getting and also you want to see who your relatives are I would advise you to get this because it’s really crazy I message someone right away it’s easy it’s either my second or third cousin so it is just like either one generation behind and thereby cousin and i was messaging them and one of their grandparents happen to be relative to my grandparents and they’re even born in the same town and everything so where I visited Mexico and Kiki of every truck on they happen to be from the same place so if you want to find relatives maybe you’re an orphan or you know you just want to know your your background definitely get ancestry and not 23 Emmy ancestry DNA ancestry DNA has a really good archive of a lot of family already and a lot of people are using this I got my test in January it took until April to get my results so they’re overbooked with test results so the more people do it the larger their archive is so there’s going to be a lot of people doing it and then in the future likely everyone’s going to be doing it it’s going to get cheaper eventually since it’s you know a lot of prefer getting it done the more people get it done likely to lower the price eventually even more and that’s all hope you liked the video

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