My Ancestry Research Update 1

hey guys so I reached a dead end with my
family tree and getting the ancestry DNA results from my dad will only be useful
if I have my mom’s ancestry DNA as well so that i can differentiate between the
two of them. Right now it’s like shooting in the dark. Just because my dad is a
certain percentage of something doesn’t necessarily mean that my mom isn’t a
certain percentage of something. so I need to figure out what my mom is and I
don’t plan on ordering another ancestry DNA right now so I figure I might as well go
to the mormon temple because they do have ancestry research technology there I don’t know if you guys ever heard of
that but yeah for those of you looking for your ancestry and you need to look
through documents and stuff like that I got a lot of my information from the
mormon temple which is in Oakland so I’m going to take a ride out there to
the mormon temple and hopefully i can gather some information with what I’ve
already gathered so let’s go we have arrived at the mormon temple
this is the entrance it’s in insane that’s the temple right there and then
right here is the visitors center which is this way that’s the visitor center
where you can get information and look up your family ancestry. so we’re gonna
head in there and check out our family ancestry I don’t believe you have to be
a member of Mormon to do this it’s open to the public. They have a
freaking awesome view. i’m going to show it to you Alright I don’t know if you guys can see it but
this is Oakland. Whats up you guys. It’s Oakland. its kind of foggy haha but it goes
further on and there’s a walking trail here that you can you can check out but
we’re not going to, we’re not here for that. we’re going to look at our… I’m gonna look at my ancestry so let’s
go Alright so pretty here my goodness how can they
afford this. That’s insane. all right visitors center family history center Let’s go in. is it open? looks empty. OKay. pick a computer any computer will do. okay when I say I need to know what family is what because look it Italy. And I’m looking up my mom, so I need to know if I should take that as a lead or not. you guys I’m getting so much information
but I’m gonna take a break down they have a break room here look at this
and they have it opened for you to just pick I can get I got a soup or fifty cents a small super fifty cents you can get whatever you want from here
and they got a little break area. I’m bout to slam Hey guys. so and back and i’m exhausted from researching for
hours I can’t believe I research that long but
once you get in there and start like looking things up you just get sucked in this curiosity
warp hole and it’s so hard to get out of it so let me tell you what I found out absolutely nothing just kidding my grandparents on both sides were
friends and they live together and then they had children and their children got
married and had other children. so yeah that was pretty cool and on top of that what’s so awesome
about this research was that when you look somebody up here is my grandma for example it gives you a list of
people who are in the household and their relation to the relative that you’re looking at know
what else I found out my grandma like my great grandma is from Tepechitlan zacatecas Mexico. Ooooo I said that right the
first time that’s awesome it’s a great lead because
i didn’t know where she was from and now i know i’m hoping though that
she is the correct woman that I am researching because when I found her
name they had M-A Encarnacion de la Rosa and I always recognized her as Maria de la Rosa but apparently M-A stands for Maria in short because you
know with spanish name they tend to get really really long so… they… I mean… they
could have abriv… i guess Encarna… En-car-na-sion is difficult and
unique to abbreviate so they abbreviated the shorter nameMaria. I’m assuming
that there’s a lot of Marias in Mexico so they decided to abbreviate that one since it’s
the more familiar name i’m assuming i also found out that you got married at
15 hella young 15 years old got married to
a 21 year old man what the hell? but i’m guessing that was normal back then it’s so frustrating researching my
ancestry because of the spanish names like if you look at my grandma and my
grandpa they look indigenous like a muthafucka.
I mean there’s no white and them at whatsoever but they have Spaniard names so this is frustrating because i know
that you know with Native Americans they were stripped of their identity their
last names were taken away they were forced into you know of religion that they were
familiar with maybe some accepted it willingly but some didn’t nevertheless
you know like the identity was taken away so when someone’s baptized they are given a Spaniard named and it’s
usually like Catholic name pertaining to someone in the Bible or something so
there’s a lot of Maria’s and there’s a lot of you know I don’t know other names okay so yeah even when giving the Spaniard names what happens to the real name like how
do you identify these people when everybody has the same name like how do you separate family when
everybody has the same name and you know some people were born around the
same time so you know one year off one month off like it’s so hard so frustrating but i’m not going to give
up i’m going to keep searching because i’m hoping maybe what i can do is find
their name through baptisms I’m hoping that their original name is on their baptismal paper Baptist
paper I don’t know what it’s called but I’m hoping it’s on that document so far
haven’t run ran into any Baptist documents back Baptisim documents ? i dont know. I ran into those documents so I’m hoping through birth
certificates then comes Baptisim and then i can
find their documents there we shall see ya anyways I got stuck though on my
great-grandfather Ramon Chavez I cannot for the life of me figure out
where he came from where he was born anything the only way he pops up is
through association so husband of father of and it doesn’t give any information
beyond that so I I need help and fortunately for me they have volunteers there who are
familiar with the search engines not only through ancestry but through family
tree and they have other search engines as well like I think ancestry wiki and
stuff like that so I met a lady there and she’s a volunteer she’s also sister
there because i think that like a church or something i’m not familiar with
Mormon religion but they have sisters and so the sister
there volunteered to give me information and so we have an appointment to meet up
on wednesday so that she can help me research all this information where I
got stuck hopefully she’ll be able to help me I’ll
let you guys know what I find out so far but just to let you guys know
using the mormon temple to look up ancestry is so helpful and you guys
should utilize that resource as well I don’t know if there’s like Mormon
temples with ancestry research places in different parts of the world I’m hoping and assuming that there are
mine this place was spectacular it was huge and everything is paid for so utilize that resource if you got it smoke em if you got em. anyways yeah
so that’s all for now i’ll share whatever i have next time around and good luck on researching Peace


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