My Ancestry Research: Update 2

Whats up you guys! so I got some really
exciting news after researching with… after my
appointment with sister Walker at the mormon temple she was able to give me so much
information and clarify so much for me that i had already gathered but didn’t
really have organized or anything and she helped to pull information from stuff
that i had but didn’t really know how to extract information from it so first thing, remember how I mentioned my
grandma Maria De La Rosa well i was researching the wrong Maria De Le Rosa. Just like I said there’s gonna be a dozen of them so you have to make sure that you got
the right one and she was off by like a couple of days in the birthday but it
wasn’t her so I found the right one and on top
of that i also found more documents and this freaking document right here is
from my Grandpop my great grand pop has a list of family names of his children
that he is legitimizing through documentation and
it’s in spanish and i have to like you know try to understand this chicken
scratch but I’m gonna do my best because it gots names in there of my family tree
and it has their birthday I also found out that Maria De La Rosa is
not from Zacatecas Mexico she’s from the San Antonio in Mexico I
think so yeah that was all wrong that was wrong but yeah that’s because that was the
wrong person I did confirm that my my grandpa was born in Wichita Kansas so my mother’s father was born in
wichita kansas which makes them an American Citizen and so so far just finding my
Spaniard side of my ancestry I think well hold on let me rephrase that my… so I’m finding that on my mom
side her father that’s I think where the
Spaniard is coming from because it has him as Spaniard or white and I think with his wife which is my
mom’s mom that’s where the Native American is
coming from still not sure but I think that’s what
it is my grandpa I found documentation documentation of
him being in the military mexico don’t know and understand about
that if he was born in wichita kansas and I also found out
that they owned land and my grandpa was buying pieces of land and what else did
I find out oh he worked at a beet farm with with a my great-grandparents i
think i don’t know i’m still learning the history so the more that I learned the more i’m
going to share with you guys and you guys still go check it out you don’t
have to do a DNA test although I you know it it’s nice to know
that stuff and it will help you as long as you have both your parents so you can
clarify which sides to research so I have an appointment again next week on
wednesday with sister Walker again she’s only gonna be in town for a month because
she’s I think on what she said is a missionary so she’s only here for a month so i want
to utilize all the time that she has available if possible or see her until
her time is up but super helpful woman oh my gosh just to clarify again I’m not mormon and
I’m not you know telling people to be moremon. I’m just saying the research
center is adjacent to the mormon temple and it’s funded i think by the mormons as
a non-profit nevertheless you know, you don’t have
to worry about being solicited to join or anything like that because I think
they have it a rule that you’re not supposed to solicit in there to be a
Mormon and the reason why I know this was because
the lady was who was new to being mormon was trying to you know like get me
to join and sister Walker was there and you had to tell her to you know like
chill chill out because that’s against the rules here so she said told her to respect my space
and I appreciate no no nothing against mormons or
anything it’s just you know I appreciate not being solicited to when i’m trying
to research my ancestry you know on top of that i went to my
very first Aztec dancing yes my very first and they kicked my
butt oh my god you know when you watch them
dance it looks so much fun like oh I just want to jump in there join them well it ain’t no joke it is no
joke because first of all they don’t teach you the steps they just start
dancing and they tell you to join in you just have to watch and start you know
like join in on the train and figure it out you know they’re not i think they’re not
allowed to teach you the steps so you gotta listen to the drum and feel the
beat and join in and every day join it until you understand the steps yourself this class was for two hours i think 2-3
hours and i got huge blisters on the bottom of my feet they hurt so much I
could barely walk for two days I was like waddling around like a
penguin and my back was so sore I don’t understand how they do this they are
freaking strong now I understand why I usually Aztec
dancers with huge muscled legs because what they do is intense in-tense anyways I had so much fun and I met some
really great people there so I do plan on going back on tuesday next week it’s once a week so I
plan on going back on tuesday very cool people and made some great
friends there are my first day


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