My Dad Left Us After A DNA Test

Hi! My name is Damian. The story that I‘d like to tell you… is
very painful for my family and me. But my experience could probably help somebody. Even though I don’t know how. Well… just listen. I will tell you what had happened last Christmas,
but first, let me explain what my life was like before that day. I had a pretty ordinary life. We have a big family: my mum, my dad, me,
and my little brother and sister. We did not have any serious problems and were
just an ordinary, happy family. We kept tight and had a kind and trustful
relationship. Christmas was approaching. And so were some changes in my life, it was
my last year at school — and I was going to college many miles away from my home and
my family. Just thinking about this made me feel uncomfortable
and even a little sad… and for that reason, I decided to prepare a little surprise for
my parents and siblings. Christmas Eve – one the most wonderful evenings
to do something nice for the ones you love. For a long time, I thought about what present
I could give everyone. I chatted about it with my friends and even
asked my girlfriend. It had to be something unusual but something
that would be appropriate for both my parents and my younger brother and sister, and it
had to be memorable – I wanted them to have only the best memories about my last “family
Christmas” before I went to college. Finally I figured out the right idea. I discovered that genealogical DNA tests had
become very popular and easily accessible. Neither Mom nor Dad knew anything about their
ancestors and I thought that it could be interesting and amusing. As for my brother and sister, they would definitely
enjoy an adventure – a trip to a real laboratory where cheerful lab workers would take some
saliva from each of us and then we would find out something intriguing about who our ancestors
were. The plan worked out perfectly in my head,
so I paid for five tests – one for each person in my family. And then Christmas came. We had a nice dinner, talking and playing
table games, we even sang a couple of Christmas carols together, took some pictures in front
of the Christmas tree, and exchanged presents. I decided to save mine for the very end and
hinted heavily that I had a massive surprise. And all went well! Dad nodded approvingly and said that it would
be an interesting and educational family activity. My younger brother and sister did not fully
understand the idea but were intrigued, as they were supposed to be. But my mom behaved very strangely… When she heard about DNA testing she became
extremely nervous. She said that I had spent a lot of money for
nothing and that our family does not need any tests to prove our happiness and that
I should have never suggested such a ridiculous thing. Both Dad and I were bewildered by her reaction,
but this was only the beginning – Mom started to yell at me! My Mom! She had never, ever raised her voice before,
but now we had a real drama on our hands! And it was on Christmas Eve! We never succeeded in calming her down, so
the youngsters went to bed in tears and our parents left to go to their bedroom. And I just couldn’t sleep. Mom and Dad were arguing all night. And when morning came, I saw my father packing
his things and leaving, while giving me one last long hostile look. My mother looked exhausted and pointed at
my siblings with her eyes, silently begging me to refrain from asking any questions in
that moment. And when we started talking I could not believe
my ears. My Mom told me that my dad was leaving us. Forever. And that he will probably be filing for divorce
soon. My Christmas surprise forced my mother to
reveal an awful secret, and now I had to know it too. Neither me, no my siblings were my father’s
biological children. Can you imagine how shocked I was? When my parents got married, they wanted to
have a baby right away. But for some reason, nothing happened for
a long, long time. My mother was worried because my father really
wanted and even insisted that they have kids. But he refused to go through any testing because
he was positive that HE was perfectly fertile. So my mother took her part of the tests in
secret. And the tests showed that she was in ideal
health, as opposed to her husband. In order to save the relationship my mother
decided to take a dangerous step – she got pregnant from an anonymous donor. Of course, she didn’t say anything to her
husband about this, but that is how I was born. And when she saw how happy he was to have
a baby, she repeated it two more times. And so my brother and sister were born. Her only requirement was that she had a donor
with similar features to her husband so that he would not suspect anything. I did not know what to do or how to react. I mean, she was my mother. And she lied in the worst way in order to
create a family and make my… step-father happy? And she succeeded. But suddenly he declared that he didn’t want
to be with “somebody else’s children” and left. Time has passed. Our father, it seems, has changed his mind
and tries to make contact with my younger brother and sister and me… but we are no
longer one big happy family. And I can’t judge my mother or approve of
what she has done. Her good intentions resulted in a disaster. As well as my desire to give an unforgettable
present to my family. Do you think that some families have secrets
that would be better kept under wraps? Or, maybe you were once in a situation like
this? Write about it in the comments and like this
video for me.

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