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– Today is a potentially confusing day but mostly it’s exciting, why? Because this video is
being sponsored by 23andMe. 23andMe is named 23andMe
because there are 23 pairs of chromosomes in
every cell of your body. And they contain all of the
genetic information about you like your eye color, your propensity to cry at commercial with puppies. And you can find out
where your family is from and all these things. Why am I nervous? I’m nervous because what if
we find out I’m really a boy? What if 23andMe informs me that I can’t lose weight after 40? Then I can stop trying. Let’s look at the footage
of what it looks like to prepare your DNA, that’s right, it involves the most sexy
thing you can imagine, spitting into a very tiny
tube for about three minutes. Check it out. Welcome to you. I’ve been living in me for 42 years, I wonder what I’m gonna learn. (happy music) Oh that’s, okay, I can spit that much right into there, I guess. So I didn’t realize that I
needed to wait 30 minutes after drinking my Thai Iced Tea. (buzzer buzzes) Before I could take my spit samples so I’m gonna play a little piano. (piano music) Is it time yet? (happy music) Now here’s the deal. I know you watch a lot of YouTube videos, you probably watch a
lot of television too, maybe you even watch reality television. On those shows, they sometimes
say things that are not true. I’m gonna tell you something
that’s absolutely true. I have not even logged into 23andMe since I sent that sample in. I have not seen these results. I literally don’t know
what’s gonna come up. I’m very nervous. If this even makes it to a
video, that will be amazing because maybe we’ll
find out horrible things and I’ll start crying and all of my makeup will run down my face and now we will say we can’t make this video. I’m so nervous! I literally think it’s gonna be like, it’s gonna pop up and
be like, you’re screwed! I hope it doesn’t tell me not to be vegan ’cause that’s gonna be a hard day. Hmm. That’s so weird! I’m 99.7% Ashkenazi Jewish. (man laughing) I’m the Jewish-ist person anyone knows. I mean whatever it is
that Jews were chosen for, I’ve got it. Mostly it’s heart disease and anxiety. .2% British and Irish. Hello! I am .1% broadly European. I’m gonna say that the
broadest part of me is my hips and I’m blaming Europe for that. There is a way based on
your DNA from your mom that they can literally
trace the migration patterns of where your family went and how many years ago they went there. So we start in East
Africa 180,000 years ago and then it looks like my
line branched out, wow, to modern day Saudi
Arabia, modern day Iran, and then up into the Caspian Sea. Oh my gosh, that’s so cool! Oh, hey now, I have fewer neanderthal variants than 82% of y’all. Neanderthals are ancient humans who interbred with modern humans and then they became
extinct 40,000 years ago. This is amazing. Some of your traits may be influenced by having neanderthal variants. I’m a terribly messy eater
and I hate washing my hands. I feel like those are
neanderthal variants. You have one neanderthal
variant associatedd with the reduced tendency to sneeze after eating dark chocolate. Put that on a dating profile. Whenever I eat dark chocolate with friends they’re all sneezing and I’m like what? Why would you sneeze? Now I know why, ’cause they
don’t have that variant. Get ready for it folks! I have one neanderthal variant associated with having less back hair. I am unlikely to flush
after alcohol consumption. I know you were thinking
like unlikely to flush after peeing in the
toilet, that’s also true but that’s not something
that comes up at 23andMe, why waste water if you don’t need to? But unlikely to have facial flushing it’s a blood vessel thing. That is something I’m unlikely to do. This is a wellness
section that also tells me I’m likely to consume less
caffeine than other people. I never knew that but I
actually don’t consume a lot of caffeine and don’t like caffeine. I don’t drink coffee, I rarely drink tea, once in a while I’ll have a soda. I am not likely to be a deep sleeper. Well gosh darn it 23andMe,
you know me pretty well. I’m sure it’s because
of my high anxiety genes but we haven’t gotten to that yet. Here’s something that’s disappointing. It’s a good thing, predisposed
to weigh less than average. So why don’t I, 23andMe? My genetic muscle composition is common in elite power athletes. Do you understand what’s
happening right now? I’ve missed my calling. Oh, lifestyle and training factors drive athletic performance though. Guess I gotta step those up. Genetics isn’t everything,
I know 23andMe, clearly. Here’s something I’ve
also known my whole life. Likely to have more than
average movement during sleep. I’m a person who has more
than average movement all the time and it is also true in sleep and now whoever’s lucky
enough to sleep next to me will just have to deal with it because the evidence is right
here folks, can’t help it. I bet what you’re wondering right now is if I ever got to go
out with Mayim Bialik and I ate asparagus, would you be able to smell it in my pee? Well folks, yes. The chances are very good,
I’m not even kidding. The chances are very good that I can smell asparagus in your urine. Unlikely to have dimples,
that’s true, I don’t. Not on these cheeks, what? That was a cellulite joke. I have slightly higher
odds of disliking cilantro. Like there are some people
who say that cilantro tastes like soap to them, I
happen to love cilantro so. Slightly higher odds doesn’t mean that it’s gonna be that way. Yes, likely to have wet ear wax. Likely blue or green eyes, true story. Likely ring finger longer? It’s not long enough to put a ring on it. Little freckling. Hair texture: likely straight or wavy. I mean there’s not that many choices. I mean, you know we call
it a Ashkenazi Jew fro. Less likely to have thick hair, thanks 23andMe, already knew that. There’s some extensions in here right now. One of my sons has a photic sneeze reflex, one of them doesn’t and I likely have no photic sneeze reflex. That means when you go out
in the sun and you sneeze, that’s my kinds are right there. Fred you didn’t get it from
me, got it from your dad. Miles, right here, no
sneezing when it’s sunny. – [Boy] But you also
sneeze when it’s sunny. – I sneeze all the time,
that’s a different story. Prefer sweet over salty, not true 23andMe. I know that this is just a predisposition, no, definitely more salty versus sweet. Toe length ratio. I won’t show you my toes, it
says likely big toe longer, meaning than the other toes,
that is true on one foot only. Likely no unibrow, thank you 23andMe ’cause knowing the way this body works, for all I know at 43,
I’m gonna get a unibrow, now I can say no, I won’t. One of the things that Jewish
people all over the world tend to reflect on as the
Jewish holidays are now is our connection to a
larger Jewish identity and what that means for our
significance in the world. And learning this
information at a time of year when I’m focusing so much
on my spiritual identity and my connection to the Jewish community, even if I wasn’t 99.7% Ashkenazi Jewish, having concrete information and being able to see that there’s a whole
world of people out there that I’m connected to is
really, really special. And also just knowing that there’s a place where we can actually get
this kind of information, like this is where science
has led us to in 2018. We can have this kind of information that keeps updating, the more
people send in their DNA, it’s unbelievable and I’m just really glad that I did this and I
really wanna thank 23andMe for encouraging me to take this leap and find out more about what
I’m made of and who I am. Maybe it’s time for you to
learn more about your DNA. Head over to and enter your information and
send in your spit in a tube and you can get all of
this amazing insight into who you are and how you connect with the rest of the world. Thank you 23andMe and thank
you everybody for watching. Like this channel, subscribe, share this and tell me your experiences. If you’ve done a DNA screen or not, what was it like for
you, what did you learn? And most importantly, is
anyone more Jewish than me? Let’s find out.


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