My Family Tree and Me Book Trailer

MY FAMILY TREE AND ME takes the concept of
family ancestry and turns it on its head – well, almost. In this one-of-a-kind picture book,
award-winning illustrator Dusan Petricic uses two stories in one to explore a young boy’s
family tree. Starting from the front of the book, we follow
the family story of his father’s side through multiple generations to the centre of the
book where both sides of the boy’s entire family are pictured. Then, readers flip to
the back of the book to follow his mother’s family back to the centre. With his signature playful style, Petricic
encourages readers to make connections between family members’ physical appearances as
well as shared interests. Since so much of the story is told in the art, this is a wonderful
tool for enhancing children’s visual literacy as they spend time looking for clues and characteristics,
and is a great springboard for learning about their own family history.

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