Hi sisters James Charles here and welcome back to my YouTube channel. Today’s video I’m so excited to bring you guys a brand new episode of beauty battles with two of my favourite people on the planet the ones that gave birth to me sister mother Charles and sister father Charles Welcome to our channel! brother. Oh my God so my entire family’s currently visiting me right now in LA and on my channel I do a really awesome series called Beauty battles where I have two different people both take one half of My face with all the same makeup products, and they are challenged to see who is the better MUA (makeup artist) and being that these two people came together to give birth to me. A makeup guru I figured what better way to test out who I really got the makeup knowledge from my dad or my mom Then have them do an episode of Beauty battles, so that is exactly what we’re gonna do today How do we feel about this are we excited? Excited I am I am excited I’m a little nervous because Although I wear makeup every day your father is a much better artist than I am yeah So I was gonna say that too so I think that the playing field is definitely actually even in this situation that my mom wears makeup Every day and as the true sister she watches all my youtube videos She’s always the first person text me every single time. I upload be like great video. You can’t drink on camera. I didn’t I I Definitely think she has that makeup knowledge, but my dad is far more creative far more artsy I think like we said this could be anybody’s game at this point without further ado if you’d like to see my parents a battle to see who was the better M.U.A and learn about me and my childhood and our crazy family keep on watching Okay so for today’s video I picked this look out for you guys to try to recreate today. It’s really simple Sure, I’m gonna. Take the Tarte shape tape you’re doing this first Yes because that’s what I do on mine first Oh okay Thats why she looks the way she does Wow So I tweeted you sisters And I asked you guys to send in questions for my parents answer about me and my childhood and growing up with me and sister Ian so are you guys ready for a quick little Q & slay sure why are you pushing it? You’re pushing his face? I’m just holding my thing gently and you’re like Just focus on your side I’m trying to would you keep moving it around the first question is from Jenna And she said ha see you guys how did y’all react when James wanted to start doing makeup? I just Was confused at first because I’ve never seen boys wear makeup so Whatever my first thought was that perhaps He was transgender which would have been totally fine But that was a whole new unfamiliar area for me, and I was nervous for him and I was nervous for myself because I knew Things would change, but once we realized that James was comfortable with himself we were comfortable with him And we were very supportive and still are with what he’s doing Yeah, for sure it was I feel like a rough patch in our family and our abuser is kind of confused But I kind of like try to explain to them as best as I possibly could that I was comfortable my gender identity I just wanted to do this to kind of express myself And of course like once I started like gaining followers and getting paychecks and something became more of a reality that like I wanted to Do I was like something serious other than just a little hobby after school going back even further Zoe asked? What was your guys’s reaction to James being gay? you’re gay I Don’t know do you have the better side, or do I I’m not sure I got no better side actually Oh Nicole asked, how was the family decision of James not going to college? And if he did go what would you have liked him to study architecture interior design fashion design? I think that would have been his forte actually the whole College thing happened rather quickly in my mind he was I I believe yes that he would have studied something in the creative arts field and I was still determined that he was gonna go to college up until the very last second Okay, so I actually have a follow-up question for you, too I was in high school working really hard in doing well on my grades, but kind of last second I kind of hit you guys with hey. I’m graduating early and moving to California not going to college Do you have any advice as parents to any other parents out there? Who may be watching with their kids about college and for those kids who might not feel like college is the right path for them obviously each individual each circumstances (laughs) Obviously each person each individual (continued laughing) We’re gonna be here all day I won’t laugh I promise go ahead, so obviously each individual is unique each situation is unique we Nope, I’m done You answer smartypants If your son or daughter’s got good grades, and they’ve been working hard And they want to go to school let them go to school. They don’t want to go to school You’re the dream for about 80 grand a year So what can that stand my life on a budget Life on a budget Anne asked what’s the most embarrassing thing sister James said as a child? T-ball sitting at the second base line braiding the second baseman’s hair That’s embarrassing. She looks great Gabriella looked amazing. She did look great, but we’re at a t-ball game priorities I didn’t think the baseball field or the infield was exactly the place to be braiding Gabriella’s hair. That’s what did it for me That’s when I knew something was a little different Mum what do you think? I do remember that situation I also It’s so cute how you’re like actually trying so hard for every question, I think it’s cute that’s why it’s funny Just be natural you’re doing fine Your egg looks good. It’s nowhere near as dirty as mine. Edgar asked how has James becoming a big influencer/ famous Changed your guys’ lives. I think the major change is him just not being with us all the time because he’s living in, California But it is very surreal for me when we are here visiting him or when we were in New York City a couple months ago people recognise him stop him and want an autograph or a picture and To me to us. I’m sure he’s just James and to the world he’s James Charles and It’s kind of cool to see that everybody just loves him, but yes. It definitely is scary a little scary as well So you guys mentioned the last question helps sometimes a little bit scary for the world to kind of like know me so this question comes from Nicole, and she asks mama and father Charles How do you guys feel about the hate James gets for anything as a fan it always makes me so mad But I’d like to know how you feel. It’s it’s terrible and because he’s a new quote-unquote celebrity We are not used to this and I do I Admit that I do read the comments, and it just breaks my heart that there’s so many people that are so unaccepting of people that are unique if you don’t like What somebody does or what somebody believes in then that’s okay, but don’t don’t be me don’t be cruel And it just breaks my heart people are For the most part, that’s why I don’t participate in any of that online stuff because as a father you Only have a couple of responsibilities In your life one main one is to make sure that your kids are safe his safety has always been a priority to me That’s what scares the hell out of me because there’s a lot of And That’s always scared me school bus I’m grateful for all his fans that follow and protect him And support him because it gives me strength to know that there’s plenty of people out there that Don’t feel the way those selected few do so I’ll be so down this one is for you and in a lot of cases when it comes to boys in beauty we unfortunately see a lot of like horror stories online about their fathers not being supportive from sister, Kalina Papa Charles what was it like building James’s glam room and the basement I put a mirror up and some makeup lights and tried to do the Best I could to give him what he wanted his glam room used to be my office It was so I had to move out of my office pretty much which was no big deal, but that’s what I do I build stuff so it was no problem. I had fun That was I think the really cool experience to be able to bond with my dad because we’ve always been really close we boys built Stuff together, but obviously like we were talking about before makeup was definitely a really Rough patch for our family when we kind of started off so that was a really awesome just experience that we had together because it really showed that like they were beginning to be way more supportive and Helped me in my career It was clearly obvious that he was dedicating a lot of time with a lot of energy to it And it was gonna be something that he was going to pursue So it just made sense to take it to the next level and give him a better Area to work and a different set up, so that’s what we tried to do next I’m gonna use the morphe 35o palette for some color on the eyes Use code James for 10% that’s right Daddy’s awfully concerned about his daddy shadow Karolina Oz what was one thing you didn’t allow James to do it But he did it anyway wear makeup to school. I would have to say everything All right eyeliner. Oh God this goes on top of your eyes right? Yeah start at the inner I guess I don’t have a steady hand should probably put my glasses oh That was pretty good. I think Don’t be looking at mom What’s now you were no more nope you’re looking at mine to see what I’m doing. Where’s that go do it on the bottom I Don’t know I don’t know if I want to put this on your waterline am I gonna hurt you I’m not putting the stick into the light for Christ’s sake good. It’s this that’s not right What’s up, right? Well? Why would I put a stick on your eye do I going on underneath your eye no goes in there? No, no, I’m gonna put something in your eye. It makes them look pretty. That’s okay. They look fine I’m doing his eyebrows and acts I’m gonna fill in the brows Wisps Don’t you very competitive I am Are you looking at okay brows? This family is a funny subject because thank God you got my dad’s bras because I Know they’re horrible they’re like sell anything apart Yeah, I just put in the little line at the end I don’t know you should put them together you should put him more together Yeah, start like right here right there. Yeah, so I need to put little here. Yeah, you’re actually a hundred Oh Get me up in the morning when you’re ready to do your eyes I’m super excited because I’ve only done my mom’s makeup I think twice every time I do it she complains because it always looks too much But you know what I? Think sister Christie is ready for a full glam makeover stuff you guys want to see that give this video a big Thumbs up down below. I’m gonna slay her eyebrows. I need some tips on how to look prettier That’s you already look beautiful you saw your makeup game could be a little better sure I’m done with my brows I feel You bro on the website, beautiful If it’s matched no, it’s Just a good word Yes, man Does this involve glue? On your eye, it goes on the bottom of the top All right So I’ve never worn false Eyelashes before so I’m not sure if you put mascara on and then the lashes and I know after you the lashes you always put The mascara on to blend them together. I have no idea how to do this I Think I did it. I’m going to put this on and turn it to glue James as I should Wouldn’t be the first time Kim asked what is your guys’s favorite makeup look that I’ve ever done my favorite is the solar eclipse It was my idea, but it also was a very creative very cool look that did well, I believe to reveal it said ok Love a marketing love there’s been a number of them. I like the one with the hand that was when you first started this Colony, and the skull that’s like two years ago. I know I just got that once one of my favorite ones I thought was really cool, and I also like the one with the matrix that you the color matrix on your lips I thought that was extremely intense I thought those like my old yeah those were some of my Favorites when I was younger and Saul had time to do a lot of those creative looks I would go to school all day for eight hours And then go home and do my homework, and then go to work at my frozen yogurt shop And then sometimes go home and finish my homework Or if it was a really late night sometimes do a makeup look and my mom always goes to sleep at like 6:00 p.m. So I’d always be the one awake, so he was at 11:30 midnight is he come upstairs to say What do you think so he would always be the one to do the lux before they would go live okay this question is from Sister Sebastian and he asks. What were the options for James when he found out you were pregnant Kind of question is that Oh What were the name options for Jason? He found out your hip fracture if James was a girl He was going to be named Chloe and he was named James Charles James after his grandpa who passed away two years before he was born and Charles is my dad’s middle name so hence James Charles. I know you like to have a full lip oops So I know you over lined them oops Oops going on oh So Sorry I’m pounding on the Beautyblender yeah, I had a little bit of a ooh. I do now as well Now I’m gonna go in with the liquid lips I have mine Oprah liquid lipstick. Oh, Oh Stay on your side, I’m gonna like do the corner of his mouth no no put the mushroom on there You just don’t look very you’re like How’s it go Oh Yeah, you could do that. Oh, my god. Okay. Sorry last step. I believe is setting spray oh That’s very close I Think my mom and dad have completed their beauty battle for today. I have not seen the finished result yeah I’m a little bit spooked Magoo my dad Just did me the honors of cleaning my mirror for me, or are you gonna rotate it to ready? Yeah one two? three tada Trusting look we got going on here Wow let’s go through. I feel like the base for both sides looking Mediocre at best You both powdered after which is great because nobody wants a wet face all day long. Yeah, nobody wants a wet face all done No, no, I think da definitely took the I’ll look home really the lash is a place on more accurately Oh, my hat my lighting jamya lash, right? Looking at it. I would say down daddy didn’t do the water like no don’t you like mine I didn’t what I was afraid I didn’t I didn’t want to put any I didn’t feel comfortable putting his pencil on his eye Yeah, we’re gonna listen at the finished makeup look today I am so thankful to have two extremely amazing and supportive parents that love me and love what I do So thank you guys for having me absolutely. I will be very very honored to walk outside of this makeup look on my face Maybe no, I don’t know about that I really hope you guys enjoy this videos today and learn a little bit more about us as a family We are crazy somebody Please send me an email about a reality TV show we will definitely come on its first store if you guys didn’t like it Please don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up down below and subscribe if you have not already. We just hit literally three Million subscribers last night, which is so it’s like literally blows my mind Thank you guys so much for the constant support and love always you all mean so much to me I never in a thousand years thought we would ever be a three million subscriber So this is so crazy and unreal so from me and my family to use sisters out there Thank you so much, and if you haven’t already click that subscribe button subscribe come to the sisterhood. We are pretty lit It’s a good time I promise if you’d like to follow me on my makeup geordie can follow me at answer Which better thetable just James Charles at my snapchat for more behind the tea sites office hours that extra s after Charles my dad does not have any social media accounts Please do not go look for him, but my mom John is fine If you’d like to follow my mom her thing is Christy be fine team up on her thing down below She always post pictures of me at Ian’s and she always comments and likes back, too So if you guys ever want to talk to her She’s there, and she’s great so she wants to talk to me You could talk to her this video says her shot at goes to sister Gabby Thank you so much for your always falling in support me I literally love you so much And if you guys like to be the next video sister shadow make sure it always a retreat video links They go alive on Twitter all right sisters. Thank you so much sharks in this video We love you so much, and we will see you in the next one. Bye use code James for 10% off If I had to on my fly away, it’s all in the wrist No works fine, it’s not I don’t know. I never used one of these things before I’m not a diva You got to do this wand sound what no you gotta say it if you don’t say it it won’t open You’re making me feel insecure whap yours is more better greased or something than good I can’t honey. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Yeah, you’re doing it, but you’re not teaching me how to do it myself Did you do it again trying to go come on go to bed again, try it again Try it again hi one more time Wow Wow


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