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It’s been several months since Rachel
and Pete did a DNA test. And Pete made some big
predictions about what his might show. Listen. I’ve been told I’m Norwegian
that my entire family is Norwegian. But, you know. Are we going to find
out that Pete’s really a Democrat? Or is he so
politacally affiliated? Not possible. So if I took this test and Elizabeth Warren took
the test I could find out maybe I’m related to her. Perhaps you are you never know. They show that clip because the
reality is we did this segment because Pete wanted to challenge Elizabeth Warren because
she refused to take a DNA test. But you’re not afraid
to take a DNA test. No not at all. So I took one. But we’ve been waiting for a long
time which made me wary of the results. All right. So was pete right about any of it? We’re about to find out
the details of their family background. And here is Yvette. Yvette Corporon is a
collaborator for, the author of
something beautiful happened. She’s here with the results. Allright, hit me with it. Ok. Here we are. All right.
You’ve been busy. Which is why it’s taken a long time a lot
of news but I have major news for you today. Are you ready? You told me that your family
is Norwegian, as far as you know. Sir you are correct. You are mega Norwegian! He’s a Viking! Your DNA shows, your MyHeritage DNA
test shows that you are 96.4% Scandinavian. And in your history we see that you
are indeed Norwegian, both sides of the family. You’re also 2 percent Irish, Scottish, and Welsh,
and one point six percent North and West European. Now the MyHeritage researchers were able to build a
family tree for you with 125 people going back generations. And you have over 5000 DNA matches, relatives
just waiting to touch base with you and connect. Choice is yours. There you have it. Now using all this information the
researchers were able to go back and build your family history and this
is where it gets kind of interesting. These are your great
great grandparents right here. So this is under Gunder and you
know my oldest boy’s name is Gunner. Yes I know. Did you know that? Well I knew there
was an guvnors back there. So we went with Gunner. So this is Gunder. This is your great grandparents. That’s right. Grandma Edith. They were both born in Norway. They had 11 children. So large families tend to
run in your DNA as well. He has a large family. -Ya. You’re carrying
on the tradition. 11 children, supercool. Now they settled in Minnesota and
we found their story in a book called The History of Goodhue
county and it said that Gunder. And they said that Gunder
was a very prosperous farmer. Now we have some great info for
you on the other side as well. Your great grandfather John Hegseth. Now he was. His mother passed away, leaving his
father a widow with four children. He married a
woman with six children. So the family blended and then… Blended families reunited families are
in your history as well. Carrying on the tradition. And then John’s father passed away as well and his
stepmother couldn’t afford to take care of all the children. So she put him up for adoption. He was adopted by a local reverend, a man
who founded the local church which is the head church. Now this is why you had such deep
ties to the church and your family as well. Definitely Lutheran
right? Lutheran, exactly. And he was the founding father of a Lutheran
Church and also we have one more thing for you. I want to get to Rachel too though. OK. This is your grandfather’s World War
One draft registration document as well. It says that he was a Mason. He had light gray
eyes and brown hair. So I know that service to this
country is so very important to you. Clearly that’s something that’s
in your heritage as well. Thank you very
much. You’re very welcome. Recently that my kids are all around the TV this is
the most exciting thing that I’ve ever done on Fox. They love genealogy. So I can’t tell you if you relate to
Maona because I know that was a big deal . That was the big thing, they wanted
me to come out Polynesian becuase of Moana. Well I don’t know about that. But I can tell you
guys that you are 70.9% European:. 59.9 % percent South European. Scandinavia? No. And you have a lot
of you have Spanish roots. So that’s where that comes from. 8.1% percent North and West European,. 2.9% percent Eastern European, so you
and I might be cousins,. And 7.8% percent African. So you can see they migrate because
the Moors were in Spain for a holiday. Now you have over 1800 DNA matches and we
found some really interesting history for you as well. Because clearly show business and standing up and
speaking your mind runs in your family history. Right. OK so Rachel your great grandfather his name was Juan
Jose Socko Nתסez and he was a musician in Spain. That’s right. Right right. OK so we found him first
living in a house in Madrid. He actually went to school at the provincial school
of music in Madrid and we have a photo. There you go. That’s the school that he attended. Then later he moved to Santander where he
lives in an apartment with four other musicians. Now when he was there
there was a Spanish Civil War. That’s right. He was actually fired from his job for standing
up and speaking out for his beliefs. Against the communists. That’s right. It runs in the family.
I know where you get it. Now, I know that you’re very proud of your Mexican roots
and you speak a lot of your father’s side of the family. Now we found your
grandfather’s baptismal certificate from Spain. OK. He was, your grandfather was
baptized on October 25th in 1903. In Mexico, I’m sorry. Yeah in Mexico. We also found a census document that shows your family
when they were here and your grandfather worked in the mines. So there’s a census document from
1940 that we have as well. And I have it for you right here. That shows your grandfather was
working in the mines in Arizona. Awesome yeah. Wow. So deep roots you guys. This is really fascinating. If you like
what you just saw, you should go for a special deal for Fox viewers. They don’t just tell you your
DNA, they tell you your history. That’s right. So there’s a 25% discount right
now and free shipping because we want other people to discover
their family history as well. That’s great. Yvette, thank you for being here. Thank you so much guys. What’s in my DNA. Yes, you’re next. I’m from Memphis
and related to elks. It’ll just say Kentucky surfer.


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