MyHeritage DNA Review | Shocking ‘Sudanese’ DNA Results!

Hey guys its Hind, and today I’m gonna be
doing my DNA Test reveal, as you can probably tell by my thumbnail apparently my results are a little bit shocking… SHALOM Let’s get into it. So that’s what the test says I am Umm so I haven’t done a DNA Test I watched everybody else do it and the reason
I didn’t do was because I wanted them to have more data, because the way that it works
is the more people do it, the more likely they are to identify the correct race so for
example lots of English people have done it lots of French people have done lots of Polish
whatever people have done it so they’re able to identify an english person from a
french person even though they are very closely linked in terms of their heritage in terms
of their race whereas whereas when it comes to a Vietnamese and someone from Thailand
they’re not very good at that and if it comes to an Ethiopian, a Sudanese or a Somali
also not so great at that see where I’m going with this? So I was waiting for them
to have a larger database and I saw 23&me started to give Sudanese and other nationalities
from Africa free tests because they wanted to make their sample bigger (Laughs) now I
actually used a different company to the one all of the other Sudanese YouTubers used they
used 23&me I used DNA Heritage, My Heritage DNA I think it’s called…This company is
based in Israel it’s an Israeli company and obviously Israel is in the middle east
and they have a very large Ethiopian Jewish community there as part of I think it’s
called operation moses, I’m not sure, but anyway the operation to move all Jewish people
back to Israel umm so when it comes to my DNA what i think probably happened was that
they thought ‘ooh we don’t know what this East African is but the closest thing we have
to it, is the Ethiopian Jew so we’re gonna clump her in with them, thats what I think
happened and the same with Somali because theres not way I’m 0% Sudanese… I mean..
C’mon! With regards to the Arabic side so what my dad told me is that my ancestors started
off in Saudi Arabia, and then they moved up to Iraq and then they came back down to Egypt
and then they moved to Sudan so that you can see exactly is what is highlighted they’ve
highlighted a bunch of random countries because they don’t know which one it is but that’s
obviously correct and Turkey is highlighted as well because my mum is ¼ Turkish so I
knew that that would be highlighted, so with regards to the Middle East Israel is in the
Middle East they have a wide pool of people from the Middle East so obviously the company
is able to detect that but when it comes to East Africa not-so-great not-so-great did
I find the results shocking? Yes I did I found them really interesting and I did go on the
website and I was like OK I’m gonna try to find some of y relatives and I was really
fascinated by the Ethiopian part because initially I did believe it I thought ‘oh yeh! You
know this is really cool!’ but then when I went on there I noticed there were so many
Sudanese names and photos and those were like my 3rd cousins but then all the Ethiopians
were like my 6th cousins twice removed so I was like hold on… OK, clearly there’s
something dodgy going on here so! Let’s get on with the review, do I recommend that
you do it? Yes I do I think it’s really fun, do I recommend that you take it seriously,
no, I never take these things seriously I’ve seen other Sudanese people do it and they’ve
gotten under 1% middle eastern and I’m like… hmmm doubtful of that…A lot of these tests
are really good at picking up specific races but when it comes to races people don’t
really know about they tell you that you belong to the closest race to you, so as a Sudanese
they’re not gonna identify that and the thing is if you look at all the other Sudanese
that did the test none of them got Sudan and it’s just like.. WHAT? (Laughs) that’s
where we’re from like what are you doing so yeh anyway that was my DNA test result,
this was a highly requested video I hope you enjoyed it and i’ll see you next week. Bye!


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