Hello! So one of the things that I’ve
always been really interested about in my life is my heritage. I have an idea of
kind of my background, obviously I’m Canadian, but before my dad’s family is from Scotland, so I’m half Scottish, and from my mom’s side of
the family, they’re all French-Canadian that originally came from France. And
that’s always been pretty you know part of me. I felt proud of being
both those different things. But, you know, I kind of really want to get into the
details about it. And maybe it’s because I’ve just seen too many MyHeritage commercials or whatever, but I really wanted to kind of do that whole
DNA thing, submit my stuff and really see where do I come from.
What is my heritage? So for this video I want to see whether it really was worth
the money to buy this kind of MyHeritage DNA thing and give
them my DNA. I think it’s mainly just like saliva and stuff and you mail it
back to them and they mail you your results. It wasn’t super cheap, but this
was actually probably one of the cheaper ones around. I know there’s one called
23andme and I think that’s by Google, that was a bit more expensive. This one was only 160 bucks or something like that. I could be wrong, but it was
probably one of the cheapest options cuz at the end of the day, I’m still pretty
frugal when it comes to buying things. And I also I had a friend who tried it out
she liked it so I thought I’d try it out. And so no this isn’t sponsored by MyHeritage, I bought this myself. I thought I would check it out do a little review
and see what happens. Alright, so if you do buy it you get this
fancy looking box that like opens like this and you’re like “Whoa, that’s fun!” And
in the box, let’s see what we got in here. So, in the box we’ve got, I don’t know,
let’s see what we got here, okay some papers, probably important. This
little package thing that I’ll mail. A hazard bag, that’s fun, and then some
vials. So, I’m gonna read the instructions and see what I’m supposed
to do. How do I open this? Use the swab head to scrape the inside of
one of your cheeks while rotating the swab. Okay, ah, okay. Good.
Oh my god, I drooled on myself. That’s okay. I think that makes sense. What the hell? Ah! I did it! And then I mail it and we
wait. Alright it has been six weeks since I submitted my DNA samples and I just
got my email from MyHeritage with my results, so all I have to do is basically
click this button in the email and it’ll reveal my heritage. I have a fair idea of
what it’ll say, I just, I mean, I’m pretty pale. Like there’s only so many options.
I’m from a cold place clearly, but you know, you never know. I’m kind of
excited to see what the results are so let’s take a look. All right, let’s
find out what my heritage is. Oh my god. 62% Irish, Scottish & Welsh. Not surprising. Iberian, never heard of that one. Have to look that up. Scandinavian,
yeah that makes sense. Really? Okay, 1.3 percent Nigerian, and
then 0.8. 0.8 percent North African. Okay. So, I now have the results. I have an
idea what my heritage is as pe MyHeritage. It may defer if I tried a
different kit, I will never know because I probably will never spend more money
to do another kit or whatever, but the only question that still remains is “Was
this worth it?” Was this worth the money? Um, I’m gonna say yeah. I’m gonna say it
was worth the money to me because I really loved learning about my heritage
and my background and the cool thing was because I have two sisters, I was
able to share the results with them and so now they also know what their
heritage is. And fun money tip, I just thought of, if you do have siblings,
you can just do one kit, submit it, and you can share the same results. So really
you could just like split the cost so there you go! But for me, yes this was
worth it. This was worth the money. I’ve always been curious about this, it was a
lot of fun. Now I’ve kind of created this really fun conversation with my
sisters and my mom who’s pretty ticked off that we’re not French, and we really
really thought we were French. So for us it was a bit of fun. It’s kind of an
entertainment thing. Same as like I don’t know going to the movies as a family basically. Probably about the same price. So I’m gonna, say yes this was worth it.
It may not be worth it to you because of the price tag and the, you know, suspect
results. I don’t know if I am actually any part Nigerian, but it is what it is.
Thank you for watching my video on my experience doing DNA test to find
out what my heritage is. Let me know in the comments if you’ve
ever done anything like this, and what the results were. Were they totally
spot-on, were they totally out of left field? And make sure to like and comment
and subscribe! I will be back next Tuesday with a brand new video, so I will
see you then!


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