MyHeritage DNA tests for genealogy

My name is Rhianna, I am the head of
Support at MyHeritage and i’m very excited to talk to you today about our
latest offering, DNA testing. We are partnered with a company called
Family Tree DNA. They are the leading DNA testing
company for genealogy and their best known for their work with National Geographic
on the Genographic Project. When you login into your family site at
MyHeritage on the left hand side of the home page there’s a link to the
DNA tests. Also on the family tree page of your
site there is a link. On the DNA test page we show you the
three most popular DNA tests, but we offer a range of tests and you can
view them all here. If you’d like to get more information
about a specific test click more details Another benefit of doing a DNA test
is taking part in the Surname Project. The Surname Project puts together groups
of people who’ve done DNA tests and searching the same name. This is an excellent way to find
relatives who you didn’t know about and lots of other really interesting information. You can purchase the DNA test kits
directly from your family site at MyHeritage. Premium and Premium Plus members get a
special discount. Once you’ve made your purchase, you’ll
get an email with a confirmation and all the details that you need. We’re really excited about offering
DNA tests as another tool to research your family history and we hope that you
will be too. You can look up the DNA FAQs from the DNA test
page if you have more questions. And if you would like to send us feedback,
we would always love to hear it. You can write us at [email protected]

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