Mystery Wheel – Girls vs Boys Christmas Tree Decorating!

Welcome to Kids Fun TV! [Cheering] Today it’s– Girls versus– Boys! Oh, the girls are gonna win. No. Boys are gonna win. Today we’re gonna see who can decorate the bestest Christmas tree. [Cheering] But the catch is, we
have to spin the wheel and wherever it lands on, we get to decorate it
on the Christmas tree. Some of the things are
normal Christmas decorations. And some of them are weird things that you never put on a Christmas tree. Old gloves, paper cups. T.P. ‘Cause that’s not Christmas. But before we get started,
make sure to give us a “Big thumbs up!” And subscribe to our channel. Comment below and tell us who do you think is gonna win, Girls? Girls, Girls, Girls! Or boys? Boys, Boys, Boys! And make sure you share this
video with your friends. Let’s get started. Here we go. Bad one, get a bad one. Bad one, bad one, bad one. Get food, get food, get food. [Boys cheering] Aw, dang it, maybe next time. Food, what does that mean? Aw, dang it, maybe next time. This is going to be very interesting. Very interesting. Food. These are the best, I… we’re definitely not on the tree. This is kind of weird, but whatever. I’m kind of happy we got the cereal but not as happy as I got the
chips and the Ramen noodles. I was hoping on the wheel
we got ribbon and tinsel. This stinks! This is not normal Christmas decorations. We’ll do the best we can. Ten. This is going to be very interesting how this tree turns out. At least we can eat this food after. Yeah. [Laughing] We’re good? We’re good. It’s our turn, hope we get ornaments. [Wheel spinning] No! Dang it.
[Girls] Yes! Plastic cups. Let’s do this. Yeah. How are we gonna put this on? [Christmas music] [Rustling branches] If you shove the little ones in the tree then it won’t really work out. I’m gonna shove one in the back. Alright, we’re done. Alright we’re done! So last time we got food. Hopefully this time we get a new one. Comment below to tell us
what you want us to get. [Wheel spinning] Come on, we got this, come on. [Girls] Mystery box, mystery box! Mystery box. OK, you ready? Three, two, one. Oh no! Nooooooo! Nooooooooooo! We got hangers… And socks! I am not happy. [Boys laughing] Did we get more stuff or not? These are like tinsel,
these are like tinsel. We’re getting bad stuff…
What’s with this? It’s okay, hopefully next time. At least we got a mystery box. Yeah and that’s something
exciting at least. Hey you guys we should like
put the top on top of the box and put it under the tree
like it’s a Christmas present. Yeah! Merry Christmas! What’d we do to get that one? It must be the white elephant gift. Hopefully the next mystery
box is something good. Good luck boys! It’s my turn. Get tree skirt! Wait, what am I doing? You got this. [Wheel spinning] Turn, turn, turn. Get a tree skirt, get a tree skirt! No, not a tree skirt, no. Yeah it’s for the bottom of the tree. [Boys cheering] We got candy canes! Yes! Candy canes. I just… Guys guys let’s put all of them. Let’s put all of them. Guys. Oh, this looks good. I’m gonna put one up there. So guys let’s count how
much we have real quick. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Where’d you put this one. Yes, we did it! Our tree is fantastic! Yeah except for the cups. Yeah. How come the boys get all the good ones? Guys, there’s Ramen under
your tree and a nasty sock. [Boys laughing] Well anyway, my turn. [Wheel spinning] [Girls cheering] Finally! Something actually
better than garbage. We got ribbon and tinsels; that’s a normal Christmas decoration. Mm hmm. Maybe our tree isn’t going
to be so bad after all. Yeah. Ribbon and tinsel. So we got ribbon and tinsel. No, let’s do this one. I bet our tree’s going
to be good after all. Oh I just found out you can unwrap that! Joyful season there. I just took that end. [Rustling] Well alright, let’s keep going. You keep going. Ah, it’s tangled up! Do you want me to cut this? Yes ma’am. Jazzy, now you’re being
wrapped around in it. You’re the tree you know. Yeah Jazzy become a part of the tree. Wait, we have to make this
look actually really good. Good. Ah, cereal box. Yeah! Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas. Miles, you have to get
“pick for other team,” “stuffed animal,” “tree skirt.” [Wheel spinning] Yeah come on you gonna
pick you gonna pick… [Boys] Stuffed animals, stuffed
animals, stuffed animals Stuffed animals, stuffed animals! [Cheering] Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes! Stuffed animals. OK, I’m going to put this
right here ’cause he looks… Oh, I got Stitch. Oh yeah, my little yellow bear. Well okay that snake’s there. Uh, I don’t think it is. Oh yeah, he is. Wait, let’s put Stitch,
let’s put Stitch right here. I don’t know about that, dude. Hey, let’s have the monkey hug… Oh yeah! Monkey like… We’ll put the snake in
the bottom of the tree. Let’s have the monkey hang upside down. Ribbit. Guys let’s see how much we have. Put Mario up there. No. Nine. No, no, no, no, no. Mario. Shhh. Or, right there. Okay. No, Kaden. No more, no more. What is this we have a unicorn hanging and we have a snake as a, I don’t know, as a tree skirt, tree skirt
Yes. If I got stuffed animals
I would probably put most of the stuffed animals
down so it would look more like a present. Look at our masterpiece! Beautiful stuffed tree. Yeah. This looks awesome. [Wheel spinning] Come on guys. Plastic… [Girls] Cups! [Boys] Yes! Plastic cups. We could put the cups right here so that they look like ornaments. They’re not really ornaments. Cup-aments. Cup-aments, cup-aments. Sounds like a cup of mints, but whatever. Little, big. I’m gonna make a basket. Score. Ahhh! Yeah! [Wheel spinning] Ornaments, ornaments, ornaments. Yeah, we still got that. Ribbon and tinsel. K, now we’re gonna do candy cane and Oh, I’ll just… We’re the candy cane. Green ribbon. Okay, okay. Since I’m the tallest
I’m gonna do the top. Okay, I’ll come around here to get it. Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho. Will you shove that in right there? Wait, what’s that? We’re just gonna have to do this. No. You do that. K, you just wrap it
around from the bottom. Guys, ours looks awesome;
’cause all the cups and stuff now the stuffed animals
and everything that’s good is blocking the bad stuff
so now it looks awesome. I love our tree it’s so nice. Yeah. I even like the girls’ too. I realized something. Maybe we can have it,
make it have a swing. Yeah! Or maybe it could be… Wait wait, and it could
be holding a candy cane. Oh yeah! And now we’re gonna put one in his hand. Yeah one of his hands. Check out this. He’s the candy cane man! He’s the king of the candy canes. Yeah, king of the candy canes. Cool. If we get tinsels again
and we decide to do it I’d say we should have put a candy cane tied it into a bow and put it at the top. One, two, three, go! [Wheel spinning] What do we get, what do we get? [Cheering] Ornaments! ♪ Chica, Chica, Chica. ♪ Ornaments. Okay I think we should do at least a car ’cause it looks pretty cool. I think we should do Santa in his sleigh and then the reindeer like the
reindeer’s pulling the sleigh One, one, two… Ooh, let’s do this, let’s do this. A topper, should we do that? Yeah. Uh oh. And then Oh, dang it. There we go. Eleven, twelve, thirteen Ooh, we should have picked… fourteen, fifteen, sixteen seventeen, eighteen six, seven, eight, nine, ten. J-I-N-G-L-E bells… Jingle bells. ♪ Jingle bell, jingle
bell, jingle bell rock ♪ ♪ Jingle bells swing
and jingle bells ring ♪ ♪ Snowing and blowing
in Jingle Bell Square ♪ ♪ In the frosty air! ♪ ♪ That’s the jingle bell,
that’s the jingle bell rock! ♪ [Laughing] Whoo! Get something good, get something good, get something good! No! Yes! Yes! [Boys] Tree skirt, tree skirt! Tree skirt. Okay let’s put it on Kaden. Make sure the circle goes on that part. Okay, I think we are… Okay, now… Now, put on these. Yeah, but don’t cover Santa! But never cover Santa. We’re putting the
stuffed animals down here so they’re like presents and stuff. Oh we should put a candy cane here. And Santa’s feeding the
reindeer with his candy cane. We should do one more. I just noticed that the
boys don’t have their snake. Wait, where’s our snake? Where did our snake go? Do you girls have it? Yeah, we have it! [Girls] Three, two, one: we’re ssss-sneaky! Give that back to us! Do you guys get it? [Girls] Sssss-sneaky. Of course we do. You girls are sss-silly. Thanks-ssss girls-sss. You’re welcome. Now that we have done a few rounds comment down below and tell
us who you think is winning the boy’s team? We need your help! Please
vote for the boys’ team. We need your help. [Boys] Please. [Boys] Please. I beg of you. Or, the girls’ team. Comment down below and
vote for the girls’ team. Come on; we need your
comments we can do this. Come on, we need your help! Dance break! [Upbeat music] Yeah, whooo, let’s get this party started. Now it’s the girls’ turn. Yeah It’s my turn to spin. [Girls] Candy canes! We’ve got the candy canes! Candy canes. Let’s decorate it. Aw, dang it! It broke in half. I’m heart broken. Oh you can’t say that, you can’t say that. Too many hearts, too many. Okay, you gotta put… Hey I got this lower. Yeah we can. Wait a second, we don’t
want that down there. We just finished our
masterpiece and it looks lovely. Lovely, lovely! I guess it’s my turn to spin. Pick for the other team,
pick for the other team! Pick for the other team,
pick for the other team! No! [Boys yelling] They got T.P.! Oh my gosh! [Boys crying] T.P. Can’t believe the part about T.P. Hey, this is gonna be fun. Whoo! It’s fun either if you win or lose because you decorated
a cool Christmas tree. How did you guys do that? I got to do this. Oh. [Boys laughing] I hope we get a good one. [Wheel spinning] [Girls cheering] Yes! Pick for the other team. Yes! So we chose out of all of
them and we chose mystery box ’cause it could be good it could be bad. Let’s do this thing. Mystery box. So we chose mystery box and
whatever is inside this box goes on their tree, and
we get to put it on. Not you guys. You ready? Three, two, one! [Girls cheering] We got silly string for the boys’ tree. Are you ready? [Girls] Three, two, one, yeah! AHHH! Yes, yes, yes! It’s Christmas colors! Yeah! ♪ It’s the most wonderful
time of the year ♪ ♪ It’s the most wonderful
time of the year ♪ Yeah! Thanks girls for picking that mystery box. It’s Christmas colors and it looks cool. Now it’s our turn. [Wheel spinning] Yeah! We got pick for the other team. Guys, what do you want to take? Mystery box! Let’s do mystery box. Pick for the other team. [Boys cheering] Yeah, confetti! Ready? [Boys] Three, two, one! [Whooshing] Oof. Whoa! What? Get it! Yes, I hit it! Confetti, confetti. So we just finished our
tree, and comment down below and tell us what your favorite
decoration is on our tree. All of the colorful
things and the nice things are like hiding the cups and
the socks and the hangers. Like, we can play Waldo with this tree. I really like our tree it’s colorful. The ornaments saved us and it looks really pretty with the ornaments and the boys saved us with the confetti ’cause it’s really colorful. Comment below and tell
us whose tree is the best boys or girls. Okay I admit my favorite
thing about this tree is teddy bear, the candy
canes, and presents, stuffed animals. Well my favorite thing about the tree is the silly string thanks to the girls ’cause it’s super cool. We had so much fun in this
Girls vs. Boys Challenge. We had our awesome cousins here today. Make sure to like and subscribe. Make sure to share this
video with your friends. And smash that like button! From Kids Club TV we hope
you have a Merry Christmas! ♪ Jingle Bells, Jingle
Bells, Jingle Bells ♪

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