Navigating The World Family Tree on (Flash Tree) – Genealogy Tutorial

Hello everybody.
On today’s genealogy tutorial I will be discussing how to navigate the world
Family Tree on For today’s example I will be using Abraham
Lincoln’s family tree and will be viewing it in what’s known as the flash
family tree. Now there’s two family trees that you can view on Geni;
the flash tree and the HTML tree. The flash tree requires Flash software to be
able to use it. The benefit to this is that you have more ability to manipulate
the view of the family tree so that you can better understand it. now if you
don’t have flash you can still use the HTML version of the family tree, you just
have less options with it. Now to look at the different parts of the family tree
all you really have to do starting out is click and drag so if we want to look
over here, all we have to do is just click and drag and we will see what’s on
this part of the family tree and you can also go a little bit faster by clicking
one of these arrows there’s one on the left one on the top one on the right and
one on the bottom and you can also use these arrows down here so if I click
this arrow scroll left the same thing if I click this arrow if I want to click
this I can go right or I can click this to go right this just allows you to
navigate a little bit more smoothly throughout the tree now if you get a
little lost in the family tree and you want to get back to what’s known as the
focal person or the person where the family tree is based around you want to
go to this little picture on the bottom left
now this little picture will be the picture of your focal person and when
you click that it takes you right back to them now once you’re back to this
person if you want to change the focal person you can do that in a few ways
you can either click the tree link down here so if we wanted
you Mary Todd Lincoln’s tree we can click this little tree link right here
or this little green tree with this plus 8 7 4
now what this 874 stands for is that if we click this they’re going to be 874
people that we will view in Mary Todd Lincoln’s family tree that we weren’t
viewing before in Abraham Lincoln’s family tree and so if we look back over
at Abraham Lincoln now it says 1882 so we can click that to view his tree or we
can just click this button and that takes us to make him the focal point of
the tree now viewing the world family tree on geni is really cool because
family trees are not three dimensional or four dimensional or five dimensional
they’re infinitely dimensional people have married all sorts of other people
they’ve had all sorts of kids who then had kids with other people and the
connection between everyone in the world are quite amazing and having this world
family tree where all of these trees can be merged into one really makes it so
that you can see how connections are a lot closer than we think but back to
actually just navigating the tree now those are some of the basic parts but
the advanced parts really come down to these three little buttons down here
navigate go to and preferences if we click navigate this is just gonna give
us a big overview of the tree in one small little picture so this is the
entire family tree for Abraham Lincoln and one little picture now this is all
based on the Preferences of how our views are right now which we’ll go over
in a bit on how to change those now if we want to go to a specific person in
the family tree and we know them by name but aren’t quite sure which way to go to
get there you can click go to and it’s going to load every single person in the
family tree by name so if we want to go to a specific person so let’s look up
someone here let’s see so let’s fine one of the Lincoln’s so let’s say Mary
Elizabeth Lincoln so if we want to find her we just click that and it takes us
right to her and you can do that with anybody so here we want to find Robert
Lincoln there we go takes us right to him so if you know
them it just does it by last name so if you want to go to the W’s you can click
the W here or the Z and every once in awhile you might get some numbers or you
might have other languages and you’ll find those towards the end you may also
find some different people with punctuation or question marks so you’ll
have all sorts of variants with this now the third part this is where you really
get to manipulate the tree so that you can better research it and understand it
and that’s our preferences now there’s a lot to it but the big piece is over here
on the left this allows you to change how many generations you can view it
goes all the way up to 19 and then after you get to 19 it goes to all, but that
usually takes a long time to load and sometimes it’ll time out if it’s too
large of a tree. Usually ones that are connected to the biblical tree. So once
we choose how many generations we want it’s going to reload that family tree
with that amount of generations now what’s really great about being able to
manipulate the family tree this way is you can really get a better idea of the
tree in certain ways so let’s say we really want to view the tree of Abraham
Lincoln but in a way where we’re really only seeing him his kids and his
ancestors we can bring his descendants down to one and that’s basically just
going to show one generation of descendants which are his children so
this is now going to bring it up where we’re going to see just Abraham Lincoln
and his children on top of that we can actually see the children of his
siblings as well and it’s going to show his aunts and uncles their children and
their grandchildren now the reason why it’s gonna show the children and
grandchildren of his aunts and uncles is because it’s showing
they’re descendants to the same generation is one descendant below him
so one generation below him so we’re going to get all of that but let’s say
that we really don’t want all of this extraneous stuff with his siblings and
their kids and his cousins and their kids all we really want is Abraham
Lincoln his kids and his ancestors well we go back to preferences and we go to
direct ancestors only so once we click the direct ancestors only button this is
going to make it so that all we’re going to see is the focal person of our tree
which is Abraham Lincoln his children and his ancestors and this is going to
show the ancestors up to ten generations as we’ve indicated so we can view a
whole bunch of them but let’s say we want to view just a few a few
generations we really want to get a view of his family as he knew it and a lot of
the ancestors that he knew by name so here we have Abraham Lincoln his parents
and his grandparents and his kids and so we can keep manipulating the family tree
and different ways just by using these generations so we can view it in
different ways now we can go back and unclick direct ancestors
and now we have it so that we are viewing Abraham Lincoln his parents his
children his siblings and their children his aunts and uncles their children and
their grandchildren now some other pieces in the Preferences area are the
tree layout where you can just change the way the tree layout looks and this
is mostly aesthetics personally I really enjoy the standard but you have vertical
you have your names only photos only and standards my preference and with each
one there’s different layout options so in standard you can show photos or you
can make it so you don’t see photos you can do what’s known as flip nodes where
if you flip nodes what that means is that you go over the profile and it’s
going to flip the node and show you all that information so here we’re getting
married Todd Lincoln sometimes it takes a little while to load personally I’m
not the biggest fan of flip nodes and with flip nodes you can make it where
you have to click it to flip so sometimes it takes a little while to
load for things so always let things load but so if we’re hovering over it’s
not going to do it but if we click it then there we go the node is going to
flip as per se so going back to preferences I like to take that off now
here we also have show yellow arrows that’s these yellow arrows that’s how
you add more people to the family tree if you do what I didn’t you click an
arrow on someone who’s not the focal point sometimes it’ll make them the
focal point but here we can add a brother or sister or another spouse we
can add a child or we can add a parent but if you want to take those yellow
arrows out for just aesthetic reasons you can do that make a look a little
nicer show email prompt is if someone is living there will be a little email prompt
right here saying you can type in the email. If you don’t want to see that you
can just unclick it and you won’t see them. this is just
gonna reload real quick so there we go so if you unclick that so I’m gonna
click it back and it’s gonna load back now the other things you can either
Center your single parents if you unclick it then what it’ll do is the
women will be over towards the right the men will be over towards the left such
as you see here woman over to the right and over to the
left but let’s say if and weren’t there and all we knew was Brigid or General
Robert Smith Todd then he would actually be right here in the middle if we do
center single parents so that’s what that means it’ll mark deceased that
actually marks the profile as deceased and you’ll see that as this little black
bar going across over the picture so if we click that you’ll notice the little
black bars disappear and if we click that again they reappear so that’s just
indicating that they are deceased we can also do neutral color backgrounds if you
just want to make a little bit easier on your computer color for whatever reason
you can do that there’s also open profiles a new window
if you have that unclick and you open a new profile that’s going to open it in
this same window so you’re gonna lose where you are in the tree I prefer to
have open profiles in a new window because that way when I click on a
profile it’s going to open it in a new tab now this is just one part of the
Preferences and that’s the display preferences we also have named
preferences so this is going to make it how the names are displayed I’m not
going to go through each piece because they’re all fairly straightforward you
have reverse right-to-left names you also have do not guess last names
you have show middle name show suffixes ignore display names all just all sorts
of different options revisions this is going to show you the revision history
display preferences when the family trees edited a revision is noted and so
you can see the revisions for 28 14 7 3 or just within the last day or you can
just hide the revision icons altogether now the advanced over here is going to
be your font sizes so for anyone who has trouble reading the family tree you can
increase the font size minimum font size a maximum font size or just the
different sizes of each so if we do minimum font size to 10 it’s going to
bring all the small font up to 10 and if we do the maximum font sizes it’ll just
change that we can also change date format so if you prefer the American
style month month date year year year you can do that or you can do day month
year or your month day you can also change your rendering quality so if
you’re having trouble loading the world family tree you can lower the quality so
that you can have it load a lot faster if you keep having it time out where
you’re trying to view the tree lowering that quality may help you get what
you’re needing now if you end up doing a whole bunch of changes and don’t like it
and aren’t sure how to go back you can always go to advanced and go to restore
defaults and this is going to restore all the defaults for preferences
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