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Hey, welcome back, my name is Connie Knox I am a lifelong genealogist helping you go further faster, but factually with your family research This is a footnotes show and footnotes is where all the real resources are So today is an interview with Sheree Mulder. She is an employee over at the, North Carolina Let me get this right the North Carolina Civil War and Reconstruction History Center, and they have a new project coming up. There’s actually a couple things going on. They are constructing an actual History Center and They are collecting stories from your Civil War ancestors. And so I had an opportunity to speak with her today Here’s what she had to say Welcome to footnotes today. I have sherry Moltar. Did I get that right? Yes, she did and She is with the North Carolina Civil War reconstruction History Center This is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and she’s going to tell us about this project that’s coming up. Welcome to the show Totally come on tell us about this History Center. That sounds so exciting Well, it definitely is and hopefully everything will be finished within the next couple of years we have moved three of the historic buildings down to the southern end of the Arsenal and Those buildings are now being restored and then that will prep the area for what will be the History Center which is going to be Less of a collecting museum and more of a teaching museum and it’s going to be telling the stories of all North Carolinians during the Civil War and reconstruction time period Wonderful. Wonderful. So this will not only go beyond the Four years of the Civil War is that correct? Tell me about the time frame you’re looking for. That is correct um We’re actually working within the timeframe from 1860 to about 1900 because we do want to work in the stories of reconstruction as well so much happened in North Carolina at that time period and it’s important to kind of get the whole picture and we wanted to make sure to incorporate the stories of North Carolinians now and in the past so we’re also working on gathering those ancestor stories that people have whether they be from oral tradition just passed down or whether they’re working on some genealogical research and they’ve actually found records that they want to piece together tell a story and have it documented in our online archives and to that end Where we’ve created a project called 100 stories from one hundred County No, we know that exactly historically accurate. They want to understand back then but there are now and so we were trying to make sure that we got Threes from everywhere whether they were counties back then or not, you know that we were covering all the area, North Carolina I was looking at your website and Boy, you’ve got a lot of stories up there already. And in fact, I’m gonna try and share that screen So going through your website here. This is a beautifully done website I’m quite impressed and one of the things that I think Genealogists even though your brick and mortar is not quite up and running yet I think Featured stories right here caught my eye and there are a lot of stories already in here I think one of them is a be searched if someone’s actually trying to find records you can either search the archives by county affiliation or name And see what’s been added now if someone does see their ancestor has a story already in the Archive that does not mean that we want them to leave theirs out. I mean there are always different perspectives there are always people who find different things that others have not found and they’re just current perspectives period I mean So we welcome even Stories that are duplicates about someone else we have a story about already. Was that clear? Yes so just to make sure that Because I know we were talking offline before we started recording this To make sure that the audience clearly understands. This is a project if I understand it correctly is A project in which you’re collecting Civil War history stories and You are also going to have a History Center that is not necessarily collecting artifacts, but you’re collecting educational materials and stories to share with the public Who’s gonna be located in Fayetteville, North Carolina? That’s right. Is that that’s not like an archaeological dig kind of site is it? Well, actually we just did an archeological did this past summer my daughter got to take part of so exciting healthy Fascinating things we are not disturbing the areas of archaeological interest The ruins will remain there and so will be other areas that need to be investigated further But yeah, we had a dig here in July and it was really cool. How fun So have you guys raised all the funds you need for this project? Not all and we are still being matched for June 2019 so if anyone does want to donate whatever they give to us The state is matching it through 29 per June of 2019. Oh, that’s good to know Yes, the donations are always welcome. Okay Okay So I assume since construction is underway. Now, you said There is some reconstruction go construction. Um The three buildings that make up the history village are the Davis house Arsenal house and the culbreth has a culbreth house will be an education center geared toward Graduate level and doctorate research from different NC State University’s library there and there will be places for these students to come and do more research with the things we have on hand and say The personal house is going to be our digital education program digital education outreach program and that is where we will be working with the documents and Greasing the programs for the teachers from K through 12th grade to give them primary Documents in lesson plans and ideas of how to use the primary documents. We already did a program in Wilmington to talk to teachers about What they want and need from us and that digital outreach Education program is going to be geared toward Taking care of their needs and making it so that everyone can use this History Center, even if they’re not in, North Carolina okay, so in the Davis house is basically going to be a visitor center kind of thing It is the one that we are doing the least amount of work with we’re keeping it as original as possible that is the house that apparently belonged to One of Sherman’s classmates and he did not burn it because of that past relationship with this man We still have the house and we’re trying to keep it as close to the original as possible and so it will just kind of be there and be a place for maybe temporary exhibits or Yeah, just simple walk through to see what used to be So that one’s kind of gonna be undisturbed. Nice. Nice You know, I noticed that the the title on here On the flyer that you sent me Says 100 stories from I think it’s 100 stories from 100 counties meted it So have you gotten stories from every county yet? I Can tell you that I have contacted networked or been involved with genealogical societies from every county Yes. Yes. Wonderful when someone will submit the stories. We are true to what they send us So if Jackson County, but it has since been split off and become a different County. It’s so Gaston County in our archive So it’s a little hard to measure, you know, exactly Whether or not we’ve got about half of all these stories that you’ve gotten have you favorite one. I Have several Um anything you want to share story of this young man. He left them and he was only 21 Same age as my son at the time. So I think that’s another reason why I got so attached to to him so good, huh? but all he wanted was to Have a family and live his life and he kind of got caught up in this wrong time He didn’t he fought for the Confederacy It wasn’t much that he believed in all of that the Confederacy represented but it was because he felt it was the right thing to do and Unfortunately this young man did not make it home. Hmm mourn for him I actually found to him Terry because I had to go see so I mean I do get attached to Some of these stories coming in we just had one yesterday About a young woman who was 15 at the time of Sherman’s march through this area It was Anson County and her description of that experience was just Totally heartbreaking. Yeah, and her uncle was killed on sight and You know, she was talking about her three brothers who were still fighting they didn’t know if they’d survived or not. So I mean these These stories make these people real I mean definitely do get attached I mean there’s several of them the Rey brothers They’re actually buried here in Cross Creek Cemetery and there are some really beautiful stories out there there Yeah, I myself have some ancestry that I might be able to dig up the stories and send over To you and the battle at Fort Hamby is really not a civil war story so much as it is a renegade story after immediately after the war ended a bunch of of soldiers were running around pillaging and raping and murdering women before their men came home and they were so a bunch of bunch of men took up arms to fight these boys and My ancestor is actually I think he’s a great great uncle I’d have to go look it up Died he was one of two men that died at the Battle of Fort ham bein in Wilkes County And apparently there was a bunch of archaeological digs up there. I found some newspapers at the Wilkes County Courthouse and such So maybe I’ll put that together and throw it out for you, too. I think there would be wonderful Oh, and yes, so your viewers know. Mm-hmm. The stories do not have to be military related I mean if you just know something about a woman who stayed at home or a child who grew up and was somehow It was a story that someone shared with me about a child who had witnessed his father’s death and then had to be left with The father’s body while the mother went to those He felt Wow, and it shapes his life and the great-great nephew Had some childhood experiences, right right and how that Shaped their world and listening to those stories. So it’s it’s not that anyone has To send in just military related information that’s not it at all because there were many who did not fight but they certainly lived here and they Were here during the time period and their experiences are valuable So we want to make sure that we represent them as well as possible for anyone who has any information about them One of the points that you had sent to me was we especially encourage all Civil War and reconstruction stories about those who have historically Under been underrepresented I think is what you’re saying here african-americans Native Americans women children Moravians and Quakers Yeah, we do have a lot of records and papers and we’ve received a lot of stories about them But from time to time I find that even With genealogists who are sending me their information. It will be very man centric I’m not too sure if that’s a real word or not. But that’s kind of the way I see it. It’s fun of Billy fun of ah, no David and even all of a sudden From parents and moms are kind of missing so we want to just make sure that people are aware that We’re not diminishing the value about information at all. But if they happen to have the information about the woman’s Ancestors it would be nice that they were part of the story, too There are some fascinating stories about the nurses and the women who fought both sides Union in Confederacy who actually put on uniforms and went out there and hit the job now Brina We know that some of that history might be more difficult fine. His records can be harder, right? But the stories are certainly welcome. I think what you guys are doing is terrific. Thank you. I’m excited What else do we need to know? You can share your stories online. Okay? The NC Civil War Center org slash share your story should be on the featured story page if you hit featured stories, and there it is and then you put your story in and then if you want to upload a file you can upload either a picture or if you want to double-a the word file of The actual story itself, whatever you’d like. And then basically I’m not a robot. Send There you go. The stories are not altered they are simply kind of vetted just to make sure there aren’t any grammatical errors and Your errors, you know, it’s something very obvious then we’re I think that but other than that, we do not alter your story and It will go up. It will be published in the archive and available to everyone You will receive an email once the story has been uploaded to the actual site And let you know that your stories there for you to see and share and do whatever you want to do with it Sherry, is there a limit on how many stories people can submit? No, absolutely not and there’s no deadline either people can submit as many stories as they’d like and This is going to be going on for quite some time at least a couple years that we’ll be accepting stories Wonderful what if people have just images and not necessarily stories, but they’ve gotten they know that they’ve got, you know Here’s my ancestor using a Civil War uniform. I I know he was there maybe information about that person And they would like to upload it to our site. We will happily take it and have it be dark Awesome. I thank you so much for sharing. How can they get ahold of you or the I guess all the information is here info NC silver Center org, it looks like yes there’s also our Facebook page, which is and C Civil War Center All right, lots of times if someone has a lot of information but they don’t necessarily want to write their own stories They just want to share this information They’ll make copies of whatever they haven’t send to us right, we work on putting those stories together and then let you know once they’ve been Uploaded to the site You say we it’s really you huh? Well, I’ll put all that information in the in the show notes as well, thank you so much sherry for joining us today Well, thank you very much kiss my pleasure, and it’s definitely a program that I believe in. So awesome Awesome. Well good work. Thank you so much. Thank you. Well that was certainly exciting. I Truly enjoyed having that conversation with sherry. She is a wealth of knowledge and so make sure that you check out the show notes and if you write under the description if you click on show more, that’s where all of those links are gonna pop up as far as all of the different details about how to find the History Center and how to share your Civil War history stories with the History Center and you know This is going to be for generations to come and so you want to make sure that your ancestors are a part of That preserved history. So until next time keep on researching your family tree. I Sure. Hope you like that episode if you did Please make sure you subscribe and bring the bell to make sure that you get notified to the next time. We upload videos Also the show notes that we talk about throughout the show or here. This is the description Underneath this where it says show more This is where you’ll find the show notes with all of the links about the episodes that we talked about. I appreciate it Thanks for watching genealogy TV You

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