New Features on the MyHeritage Mobile App

hello and welcome to the my heritage
webinar series I’m Jeff Rasmussen your host broadcasting to you live from
webinar headquarters in Middleton Idaho today we have Guy supa who is with us
live at my heritage headquarters in or Yehuda Israel for his class my heritage
mobile app new features so thanks to guy and thanks to all of you for registering
for today’s live webinar wherever and whenever you are glad to have you with
us and I hope this is on your calendars for this coming September if you’ve ever
wanted to visit Amsterdam here’s your chance to do that and to take in a
genealogy conference at the same time the second annual my heritage live will
be held September 6th through the 8th more information or to register is
available at live 2019 my heritage com and now I’d like to formally introduce
today’s speaker Guy Seba guy is responsible for the my heritage iOS and
Android apps he leads a talented team that includes developers QA engineers
and a designer to give my heritage users the best experience on their mobile
devices he comes from the my heritage rnd Department where he served as a
release manager for the mobile team please put together your virtual hands
and let’s give guy SEPA a nice warm webinar welcome guy how are you and
welcome to the show I’m good Jeff thank you very much thank you for having me oh
it’s so good to have you here I’m anxious to find out about what’s been
happening in the mobile app and we’ve got just the guy here to do that so guy
thanks and the times all yours ok great so first of all I’m very happy
to be here to talk to you about some of the new features and capabilities that
we’ve been working on on the last few months so if you have already have the
app I think you’ll learn something cool on you today and if you don’t have the
apps hopefully I’ll show you enough that you’ll consider adding it to your
genealogy repertoire so for those not so familiar with in my
heritage mobile app we have the following we’re available in the
following platforms so of course on the website all major supported browsers on
the desktop Windows and Mac OS on the family tree builder and the platform’s
I’m here to talk to you about mobile apps on iOS and Android
sorry Windows Phone as with most apps you can get them on the App Store just
go to the iOS App Store or Google Play and search for my heritage and it will
be the first result there just tap on install and download and you’ll be on my
heritage in no time so just a quick overview to show some of the most common
basic features on them on the my heritage app so of course we have the
family tree where you can build your tree add information to individuals and
record their stories we have the discoveries where you can discover new
information about the people in your tree by smart matches or three matches
as some of you call them and via record matches we have the DNA pages which
include the ethnicity estimate DNA matches and some of the DNA tools we
have photo albums since this is a mobile app it’s very easy to upload and share
photos so we’ve optimized sharing photos searching historical records and of
course messaging can see I hit a bit of the people to love disclose them but
we’re very proud of our messaging system so you can collaborate without
MyHeritage users and share information ok so now that we have some of our bases
covered let’s move on to the topic of the night the new features so the first new feature I want to talk
about is actually one of the biggest it’s a new home screen for the app and
I’ll show it to you by a video so there’s a lot of unpack here so let’s
start from top to bottom so at the top you’ll see the menu button the hamburger
here you’ll see the app menu with all the options the navigation as it was
before and on the other side you’ll see the Inbox
where you can access all your messages now all the top third of the home page
there’s a family photo tapping on it see tapping on it will show this menu where
you will be able to view the whole photo remove the cover photo replace it or if
you have multiple family sites you can switch sites via this menu so under it
we have a section labeled latest discoveries here will feature all the
new and latest discoveries that your family tree has received so here we can
see a person discovery it’s a discovery that can add 40 people to your tree
based on a smart match swiping it will see another type of discovery a photo
discovery and this type can actually add photographs to people in your tree that
don’t currently have photos so it’s a great way to discover what people may
have looked like that you didn’t know before and add some color and
photographs to your family tree and swiping once again will see a record
match the latest record match for your family tree it’s a record based on a
North Carolina newspaper as you can see and finally if I swipe again we’ll see a
view all button which tapping on that will take me to the discovery section so
let’s scroll a bit down and we have the latest DNA matches section so here for
those of you who have DNA kits will feature the latest DNA matches and
always show you all newest matches I won’t swipe you to not
disclose the information of real people but swiping will show you several more
DNA matches and hopefully you’ll find something worthwhile now on the top
right of this section you’ll see my name and tapping it will let you toggle
between all the kids you manage so if you manage multiple kids they’ll be able
to switch to another one and see that kid’s DNA matches so sweating a bit down
once again we’ll see a small research widget here we’ll be able to type in
first-name and lastname real quick and jump into our historical record
collections or we can tap on advanced and go to the research forum and last
but not least we’ll get some suggestions to invite to our family tree this these
are people based on your family tree and we’ll obviously suggest to invite them
to help you collaborate and build your family tree now since this this is the
mobile app you’ll be able to invite them via text message or email address so
this is just the start of the family homepage all hopefully will be not
hopefully but we’ll be working to improve it much more will add more
relevant information for you and basically our goal is to give you the
most relevant most interesting information immediately once you open
the app so you all need to look for it too deeply and we’ll have it right there
and eventually you’ll have a nice browsing experience and all the most
useful information right in front of you so let’s move on okay so one of the basic features on the
website which didn’t exist on the app yet is doing other people’s trees now I
know a lot of you don’t always trust smart matches or three matches as some
of you call them and often this feeling is justified most of you don’t want
sorry most of you want to vet the information you save from other trees
and make sure that the trees are based on solid information so for that we
added the ability to view other trees so you can do it from smart matches as you
can see on the screen here from the bottom part on the orange text where it
says the family site and the family tree or you can do it from a DNA match from
the big view tree button now tapping on those will take you to the other person
screen you’ll see a message telling you you’re visiting another another users
family tree and that some of the information is private you’ll be able to
toggle it between the family view and the pedigree view and you’ll be able to
search for people now on that note another feature a lot of you have been
asking for is to pick and choose the information you want to take from
matches and not just copy the whole thing for this we added the extract
feature where you can select the exact information the exact facts relatives
and photos you want to save so this is a typical smart match screen you can see
the top asks you if this is the same person and yes to confirm or reject that
facts so you can scroll down and compare all
the information any information that’s new on the match and doesn’t exist on
your tree will have a new or improved badge as you can see on the right side you can see the facts the relatives and
sometimes if you’re lucky some photos and once you’ve decided that this is the
same person you wanna confirm it now this stage you’ve confirmed the match
and you’re asked if you want to save in any of the new information so up till
now you were only able to dismiss it or save the entire thing so now you’ll be
able to select or deselect individual pieces of information like the
individual facts the individual photos and even the relatives now I know a lot of you are mostly
sensitive about adding new relatives that you don’t know from other people
other trees so what what you want to do here is take a look at new relative that
is suggested to you and you want to make sure that the same person doesn’t
already exist in your tree maybe under a different name basically to avoid
duplicates so in this case you’ll want to tap on the in your tree button sorry
I might have missed it in your tree on the on the right hand side and that will
show all the people related to Walt Disney in this case in your tree
you’ll be able to compare and make sure that Sharon isn’t already in your tree once you’ve decided the information you
want you’ll be able to hit confirm and save the information if you’re not yet
sure you can always contact the site manager with a little name at the bottom
in orange and send him any message or inquiry you want okay now another feature we’re very
excited about is the new research feature so we’ve completely revamped the
research forms in the app to help you find historical records easier and
improve the overall experience so the new research forms have been out for
iPhones for quite quite a while a few months but only have recently been
released for Android so as you can see there’s a whole new UI here this is the
basic form you’ll see the title research the number of historical records and
then you’ll see two tabs all records or by collections meaning you can search in
all the records or search by collection so let’s start from the top search all
records you can fill in the basic form here it has all your classic fields like
first name last name your of birth place keywords and also you can toggle if you
wanted with translation or exact search if you have further information you want
to drill in a bit and make a more complicated query can always enable the
advanced search here and add additional things like gender you can add events if
you know the person’s birth date or maybe death marriage so on you can add
multiple events so if you added a birth you can tap on add another event and add
a marriage and you can do this until basically how much how many you feel and
you can add relatives so if you know the father or the mother or the sister of
the person you’re looking for you can add it here and this also supports
multiple relatives similar to the multiple events now if I want to clean
this messy form I’ll just tap on the top right on the Clear button and we’ll have
a clear form so this was the search in all records a pretty basic search the
new thing that we added in the app is searching by collection so if you switch
the tabs here first of all you see all the collection categories that we have
starting with census and folders lists and the number of collections they hold
down to maps so if we know the collection we’re looking for that’s easy
we’ll just tap on the search bar will look for let’s say a census collection
and we’ll see all the census collections that we have in my heritage so let’s
select the 1940s United States federal census and we’ll see that collection
specific search form so anything I search here will only be searched in
this collection of 1940s United States federal census you can of course view
more information by expanding that button and closing it
and fill in the fields and the nice thing is if you come back to the search
field you’ll see all the collections that you searched previously now if we
don’t know the collections we’re looking for and we just want to browse which I
like to do sometimes let’s just go ahead and dive right in let’s pick a birth
marriage and death and we’ll be taken to this page this is what we call the
category page and we’ll see on the we have a horizontal scroll at the top and
a vertical scroll on the rest of the page so the vertical scroll the cells
here represent all the different collections you can see England and
Wales birth index and as many as there are there’s a lot and on the horizontal
scroll its the subcategories so let’s say I only want to see the collections
of birth records I’ll select this cell and it will filter only the birth record
collections and marriage divorce death and burial and so on and so on now if I
want to search in all of the birth marriage and death records I’ll tap on
the three-dot button here we have a little menu come up it says birth
marriage and death and search all records
well I’ll tap on that and I’ll have the specific search form for birth marriage
and death so basically any type of search you want you can pretty much do
here and the options are pretty much limitless okay so another feature we did this
one’s a bit smaller but I think it will be useful for a lot of you we have the
tree list feature in the app so basically it lists all the people in
your tree and we added a new sorting option to sort it by last added so this
is very useful for all of you that are currently building your tree so if you
want to pick up where you left off and continue from the last people you added
you can just select this sort option and there continue building ok now as I
mentioned at the beginning of the webinar we really encourage photo
sharing and uploading and managing your family photos so now on iOS it’s easier
than ever to do so we released this share widgets so basically up until now
you were only able to upload photos from the my heritage app so now we’ve added
the ability to basically upload from any Photos app so it could be the basic iOS
Photos app or Google Photos or draw box so any photo app you can imagine
you could select the image you want to upload to my heritage and you tap on the
share button you make sure that my heritage icon
appears there if it doesn’t you want a cap on the more button and turn it on and you tap on the MyHeritage
icon the little widget comes up and you’re asked to add it add a photo title now since this is obviously JFK I’ll add
his name sorry about that skip the bits I’ll add JFK and I want to
add add him to a specific family tree so I’ll tap on the family tree row and I’ll see a list of all the family
trees I own in all the family sites so currently it’s selected on Kennedy
family in Kennedy family site which is exactly the site at once and once I’m in the sights I want I want
to choose where to uploaded the photo to so I’ll tap on upload to and now I have several options I can
either upload it to a specific album say family photos on a specific event like a
family picnic and anniversary etc etc or I can upload it directly to a person so
in this case a lot loaded directly to JFK and hit posts and now all I have to do
is go back to the app and see that it’s there yep there we have it and
furthermore now if I want to add additional information I’ll select edit
photo info a lot of dates a place a description anything I want to enrich
the data the media there we have it and the last feature I
want to talk to you about is something we that we just released both on iOS and
on Android and this feature we call the family timelines the whole background of
this feature is that we wanted to give ourselves and our users a way to
experience their family stories in a very let’s say beautiful and pretty
feature and experience and to be able to share with other family members so for
this we built the family timelines feature you can access it from the icon
at the top right the little clock this is me by the way
I’ll go ahead and tap on the icon and we get to the timeline cover photo I
see my photo my name and the call to action to swipe to starts so let’s go
ahead and do that and from here on I’ll see all my clothes
families events the facts that I add to the tree in a chronological order with
really nice animations and images and scrolls through my family’s story we
found this to be very fun ourselves I encourage everyone to try it it shows
that birthdays anniversaries education graduations military services and so on
now you can swipe by every individual event or at the wheel on the wheel at
the bottom if you want to scroll fast and kind of live through your family
story one thing I like to do I found enjoyable is to cast my phone on a TV
you have Apple TV or chromecast and share this feature with the rest of my
family and I think that’s about it that’s what
we have for you today okay I’ve got a family reunion coming up in in just a
couple of weeks and and I’ve been I’ve been thinking of media and what what can
I do to you know show something on the big screen about our family and that’s a
neat idea that timeline is in it’s designed it’s beautiful like well done
yeah you guys oh I really like I like that it’s like that the dial at the
bottom of that that’s it’s that’s awesome it’s you’ve you guys have been
working very hard that that was neat well yeah so thank you guys so several
questions have come in and so let’s just let’s just go to some questions here and
then we’ll go over and we’ve got a couple of really great door prizes and
then if you have any other questions out there around the world just type them in
so looking at my phone here guy and I’ve had a couple of other questions here
about this to my screen doesn’t yet look like the screens that you were showing
us so is is there an update that I need to go and get or how do I make sure that
I have the latest so yes so first thing I would recommend is always get the
latest version it means it will you will have all the latest features and also
the best performance and stability most of the features I showed already
available to everyone except for the home screen which we’re rolling out a
bit slower oh okay okay so so I’ve gone in to Google Play I’ve
got an Android phone here and it it does not show me there’s an update so I
probably have the latest and is so if I want to go into into the timeline where
it lead me lead me on my phone here that that you can’t see where do I where do I
go to get to that timeline right so my home screen I’ve got on my home screen
I’ve got five icons tree discovery and there at the bottom bottom half of
the screen okay so you can go to the family tree okay
select any person from your family tree okay I’ve clicked on my name oh and then
there at the top right is that is that icon that you were telling us about okay
so it’s there it’s so I thank you okay so for all those who are asking
about this yet and it’s just the home screen is not yet rolled out to everyone
and so that’s why ours might look a little bit different than what you’re
showing but that will eventually come and likely as an update guy will we get
some kind of notification on our phone that there’s a new update to install or
should we just go into Google Play or into the Apple Store times some of you
probably have automatic updates if not I encourage you to periodically check for
updates on the Google Play or okay okay yeah I think mine I’ve got the automatic
updates I mean that must be my default setting because I don’t think I’ve
changed that and so yeah mine always keeps up to date so everyone out there
just just check that out just go into the Google Play or what does it call to
an iOS is it called app what App Store or I store the App Store exactly so go
in there everyone and just see if do a search for my heritage like guy
mentioned and see if there is an update and if it says open like mine did then
that means I’ve got the latest one and and very good and if you
sorry to interrupt and if you like the app please the leave us five star rating
and a review we really appreciate them and hopefully you like it and if you
don’t I’ll be happy to hear from you okay yeah at that time line that’s it I
just love a guy you totally surprised me here today that was awesome
okay so Lin that answers your question valerie is wondering when you belong to
multiple sites how do you choose the home site Valerie says or hers opens to
the last one that she joined is it possible to switch so yeah I believe
that’s the an option you can do on the website but
not on the app code oh okay um I believe on the website it’s under home family
sites okay and so if you change to a different one there will then will the
different tree be the one that opens in the app yeah so basically that just
determines which family tree opens first but once you switch to your preferred
tree on the app that’s the one that will open up next time okay perfect
that answers that question very well gene is wondering about the syncing and
maybe you can just just give a quick overview or a quick clarification yes
so if I if your yes so if you’re doing something on your phone in the my
heritage app you add a new date or a new picture when you go online it’s going to
be updated there as well is that true guy so yes so this is actually a
question I get a lot you’re absolutely correct
it behaves exactly like the websites once you update something on the app it
automatically syncs online good that’s the yeah that’s the beauty of this you
don’t even have to get out of bed and you can be doing family history again
mark who says he got in late yes these these features are available on both iOS
and Android or at least the app is available for both of them and Lynne we
answered yours Douglas we walked through how to find the timeline if Barbara this
is an interesting question that took the the timeline tool here which is just
beautiful is that only on the app or is that a part of the online environment as
well that’s just on the app okay okay okay and Valerie is also wondering is
should it look similar if you’re using it like an iPad versus an iPhone okay so
that’s a great question a lot of the feature
are similar but some aren’t so we try to let’s say optimize experience for small
screens for on the phones and for bigger screens we kind of stay closer to the
website so for example research the research feature looks more like the
website on tablets and iPads than the one I showed on the phone okay all right
yeah that makes sense let’s see Donna’s wondering is is the use of this
app available only if you have a MyHeritage subscription so basically the
the way works is the same features that have free on the website also free on
the app and vice versa so the paid features on the app also the
page features on the website but the family timeline I’m happy to say is free
Oh neat okay and then speaking of the family family timeline Cassandra is
wondering can we change the background that’s in the timeline I’m afraid not
that’s the design of the the feature but of course you can change the photo of
the people in it okay well it it looks good as it is
okay thanks Cassandra and she’s also asking if I invite others to view the
tree will they be able to use the timeline tool in the app on their phone
absolutely absolutely okay I like that Boyd questions are coming in quickly and
you’re doing very well here let’s see okay Tony so that timeline icon it looks
like they’re wondering what is that what does that look like again you know what
I’m gonna I’m gonna turn on my webcam here and I’m gonna see if I don’t do
that very often let’s say okay hi everyone
now now because my life got this window behind me with all this light that comes
in and so it makes it me look realtor well so I’m gonna move my all okay I’m
gonna bring my the app close to my webcam
and for those of you viewing this live you’re able to see this so in the upper
right hand corner is what how do you describe that looks like a little clock
with an arrow yeah and so we want it to portray kind of time going backwards
okay I like that alright so that’s what it looks like and
you’re welcome Tony so that seemed to work okay let’s turn off my cam it’s
enough of seeing me yes Cassandra had to answer your
question and good Peggy says she got it finally and she’s trying it out now Jean
says time going backwards so poetic good you know what else that Clarissa is
wondering is it possible to or she says how do you correct a duplicate entry
possible through the app or if I mean if that happens what what do you do you’ve
got two people the same name in there so it is possible but in the app is a lot
of manual work I suggest these type of more complicated
operations to actually try on the websites but I’m hoping to add a
duplicate merge duplicates feature in the future okay all right okay good we
I’ve gone through every single question here so let me switch over to my
computer here guy and and if you have questions out there please continue to
type them in but I’m going to switch here and let’s do some some
announcements and door prizes so our next MyHeritage specific webinar coming
up Tuesday June 25th this will be by Mike Mansfield on hidden content
treasures you might have missed it my heritage and if you’ve listened to Mike
before then you know it really doesn’t matter what he talks on he’s always good
but I’m sure the topic will be good as well register up at family tree webinars
calm okay if you are here then you are eligible to
and first I have a one year my heritage complete plan that gives you access to
everything and I should have updated this slide I think it’s up to nine point
seven billion historical records now adding new records all the time okay who wants this let’s let’s uh let’s
go through I’m gonna just have my random door prize picker pick our winner here
and our winner of our first door prize is Terry Borden Terry congratulations and I’ve got lots of you writing in
saying pick me no no no hands this time Barbara and let’s go next to a my
heritage DNA test kit and I’m just trying to think what to say about this I
mean everyone needs it needs a test kit right okay who wants a test kit I can
see yeah Terry writes in very excited you’re welcome
Charles wolf Charles congrats I hope that was fun to hear your name on the
air I’ll be in touch let’s get your mailing address sent to
me okay all right let’s look for other questions so guy ken is one
Ken’s wondering now he can see the time lines on his iPhone but not on his iPad
is is that one of the things that’s not on the iPad or is it there where and
where would he find it yes so we only release it on phones but we’re going to
iPads and tablets in the future okay okay so Ken you’re not overlooking
anything and I just watched for an update for the future okay so lots of
thank yous here Dorie has an interesting question Tory says what would be the
main reasons I should use the app on my smartphone and said
just going to the website from my smartphone so I’m really happy you asked
that actually because it’s something we kind of always ask ourselves what what
extra value we can give to our users via the app yeah so a lot of the features
obviously I show today are only available on the app and not on the
website and just we we can always focus on giving you the best experience the
fastest performance more features that kind of incorporate things from your
phone like your camera your microphone those kind of capabilities and just give
you a really smooth and nice experience so I mean you obviously you can decipher
itself but I highly recommend using the app on the phone it’s always on your
devices home screen you’ll be able to get everywhere much faster and you’ll be
the judge but I recommend it yeah good yeah real good answering well Peggy
writes in saying great I will need to go over the webinar again and practice on
my phone so yeah Peggy I’ll have this up real soon well type it quick if you’re
out there and you’ve got a question because my cue right now is is all
cleared out and just in case there’s nothing else that guy are you gonna give
us a sneak peek to what’s coming or is that always top secret some of the
things we’re expanding some of the functionalities yeah we want to give you
more interesting information on the home screen things like that yeah good okay
everyone I tried to tried to get it out of him well just now do you announce
information about updates on the my heritage blog or anywhere where we can
learn when when and what so actually and I believe in the upcoming my heritage
newsletter there will be a summary of these of the features I presented today
and also a link to this webinar but yeah we
usually kind of release a bunch together and apart from that you can always
follow the updates of the actual app and the new features will be written in the
what’s new section of the App Store cool ok I like that
Darlene writes I find the app good for doing research or finding information
when speaking with family members so it’s good for when you’re away from your
computer and you want to know something Darlene that happened to me exactly I
got a phone call I was at a store somewhere and and my dad was asking a
question about one of his cousins and I had I pulled up my heritage app right
then and was able to to share it with them so yeah I agree with you darling
Don is wondering besides the the family timeline being free is is there are
there any other any other major things in the app that that are also free well
let’s see oh there is a lot for free depends what you’re looking for we have
some free collections that you can access for at the research tool building
your trees free and fill a certain amount of people inviting your family
members to participate is free those goes on and on all the photo uploading
functions are free ok very good thank you
Barbara is wondering how do we get the newsletter so if we’re not getting it it
comes out once a month I think and if you’re not receiving it do you know how
we can sign up for the newsletter I’m not quite sure I think my heritage users
are automatically signed up for the newsletter but something we can check
maybe and get back to – yeah ok I’m thinking of going up to blogged my
heritage Commons and seeing if there’s anything up there also because I think
if you follow us and you so far well okay so follow us here’s Facebook
Twitter what’s this one YouTube Instagram and Pinterest I think so I so
follow follow that way and maybe there’s somewhere on here to subscribe or to
join the mailing list I’m not certain I think a lot of the times and looking
down at the bottom I think a lot of times the Articles that are on here also
get included in the newsletter and so you you can just for right now Barbara
here I’m gonna put this link in the chat area yeah maybe there’s a there’s a link
up here for email to you I’m not sure okay so one you said I added the URL to
her feedly account good well if you don’t get a newsletter let’s figure out
how cuz I’ve got several people here asking about that
Edward here’s a here’s a neat comment Edward says last week I visited my
family in Germany and they were delighted watching the family tree I
presented he says two people started to create their tree as a result well
that’s neat Edward thanks for sharing that with us yes Barbara Amsterdam is
she says Amsterdam buildings are so interesting I’ll be there in September
so I hope to see some of you there also and because Sandra is wondering when is
guy gonna talk to us next well I’ll show you how we know all about that let’s
just go up to family tree webinars calm type in guy’s name here I don’t know
that oh maybe it did I misspelled it I think
I must have missed it sorry okay well just type in guy and there we go ts ype
and that’ll take us right to his page and guy had he’s up here two other times
so on the go using your mobile device for genealogy and you also spoke at my
heritage live in Oslo last year so we’ve got
these other two classes up there Kassandra nothing scheduled yet for the
immediate future but this is where you would learn about it and if you go up to
I’m gonna just type in my heritage webinar so I’ll put this link in there
for you all so everyone this is where you get direct access to all of the my
heritage specific webinars tomorrow I get to host in francais a webinar about
my heritage DNA that you know that once a month we have now a foreign language
webinar and those are well attended I don’t know what they say while they’re
talking but I’m certain that they’re good and and then just scroll down and
this is where you get access to everything else okay well a guy I think
we’ve we’ve we’ve made it any anything else that you want to share with us
before we say goodbye no just that I have the great time talking with with
everyone I’m always happy to receive your feedback about some of the features
you try not sure if you had a chance to write my email but it was on my slide
earlier oh yeah tell us that again oh yeah yeah sure it’s okay
it’s guy sorry yeah go ahead I’m gonna type it in the chat area for everyone so
it’s guy G Y dot t sy PE at my heritage com
okay so I’ve put that in the chat area so you’re saying use that if we have
comments or feedback or I could we share our ideas with you if we have some okay
at the end of the day we build the features for you guys and your feedback
means the world to us excellent okay well guys this has been fun very well
done professionally presented here thanks for showing us all of the screens
and yeah that was that was enjoyable so thank you guy and then thanks to all of
you wherever and whenever you are around the
world thanks for sharing part of your day with us and remember life is short
do genealogy first bye everyone bye guy good luck we’ll talk to you soon bye bye
thank you

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