Non Genetic RNA – Biochemistry of Cell – Biology Class 11

Do subscribe to Ekeeda Channel and press bell icon to get updates about latest engineering HSC and IIT JEE main and advanced videos n RNA which is called as messenger RNA now this messenger RNA is used during protein synthesis This messenger RNA copies all the genetic code all the genetic information which is present on the DNA into an RNA which is single-stranded basically from DNA to RNA the information is transferred before the process of protein synthesis in the form of photons the next type of RNA is ribosomal RNA now this ribosomal RNA is associated with ribosomes This ribosomal RNA provides mRNA a proper binding site along with the ribosomes during protein synthesis messenger RNA has codons for information and ribosomes RNA properly to the messenger RNA during protein synthesis and helps the 30 and 80 s of ribosomal unit to bring together the last type of RNA is tRNA or transfer and now tRNA helps to carry amino acids from cytoplasm of a particular cell to ribosomes where the actual process of protein synthesis is taking place all these three types of RNA mRNA tRNA and rRNA are called as non-genetic RNA basically they are not as DNA which is our genetic material which decides how an individual will look and what are the characteristics of an individual but this type of RNA is basically involved into protein synthesis all of them play a key role during protein formation any type of protein formation is dependent on this type of RNA now not if the organism has DNA and as its genetic material tobacco mosaic virus has RNA as its genetic material or as we know HIV human immunodeficiency virus it has RNA its genetic material and when its kids entry inside human body it copies its RNA and make it into double-stranded DNA [Music] non-genetic anime non-genetic RNA is of three types messenger RNA transfer RNA and ribosomal RNA which is called as mRNA tRNA and iron the function of mRNA or messenger RNA is it copies down the genetic code from DNA or basically it copies down messengers or messages in the form of codons which are present upon the DNA into RNA this messages or information in the form of codon which is copy is for protein synthesis so the information for protein synthesis which is present on the DNA is copied down on mRNA which is single-stranded irony or ribosomal RNA it provides proper binding site for mRNA on ribosomes basically the 60 and the a PSI Poisson orientation on the messenger RNA is decided by ribosomal RNA the last type of RNA is tRNA or transfer and it helps to carry amino acids from cytoplasm of herself to ribosomes where actual process of protein synthesis is taking place so students in this part of the chapter we have studied about various type of mRNA RNA and PL I hope you are clear about non-genetic RNA thank you

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