Note Worthy Photos – Tiny Tip Tuesday #8

Hey Connie Knox here, genealogist for genealogy TV helping you go further faster factually with your family research Today’s tiny tip. Tuesday is about what to do with the photographs that you take while you’re at the archives and how to file them properly One of the tips that I like to do I have come home and I’ve got Two dozen photographs on my cellphone from documents that I have taken while I was at the archives one of the things that I like to do is I like to Embed those into a Word document and take notes about what I found even if it’s just a couple sentences and Where I found on these photographs are copy taking the North Carolina State Archives in Raleigh, the original photographs I shot on location in My digital archives and where I’ve got them located. So those Actual images are attached now to my notes and I’ve also got a footer with my personal information on it I’ve got a master head with the The header on it and I’ll keep a boilerplate of these note-taking footer and header just as a Generic template so that I can open it quickly. I have a consistency in the way I format my notes I go in there and I can change this for the next set pretty quickly Type my notes up real quick and sometimes I’ll even dictate them in a microphone if I don’t feel like typing a lot and just polish it up and then Save it again as if you’ve seen my a good filing habits from the start video it talks about how to name your files and I always use the Surname in in caps followed by the first name and then a description of what it is and preferably a year attached in the file name itself that way the notes the photographs and everything are All located in the same place. So there’s your tiny tip for this Tuesday Hope you enjoyed it Hey, I hope you enjoyed watching that episode on genealogy TV If you’d like to help support genealogy TV for as little as a dollar a month you can do so at forward slash Genealogy TV also you should know in the show notes There are links Occasionally those are affiliate marketing links To products that pay me a small commission that also helps support the station but doesn’t cost you a dime extra So you should know that up front so that you know that using those links help support the channel So if you find something in there, that is useful Please use the links. It really does help me out a lot. I appreciate it so much Thanks for watching genealogy TV and thanks for your support

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