Nytt kul Godis vs Mat CHALLENGE – Gummy vs Real Food

Hey, hey! We’re going to do a challenge. Gummy vs real food. That’s right. We’ve done it before and it’s our most viewed video. We asked if you wanted to see a new version and thousands of viewers said yes. -So we’re doing it.
-Yes! I think you know the rules. I will give Alma and Harry a plate each. One has food and the other one candy. You decide who win today’s challenge. Leave a comment. Alma or Harry. Some people think that most food wins and others that most gummy wins. It’s up to you. Don’t forget to press thumbs up if you like this video! -That’s right. Are you ready?
-Yes! Let’s go! Move them around, move them around.. I want that one. Hot dog! A gummy hotdog. -Can I try?
-Yes of course. -Can I try yours?
-Yes. Nice, a real hot dog. I take the yellow one. And I take the red one, mustard and ketchup. We’re ready for next. Move them around, move them around.. I want that one. Gummy coke. Real coke. Can I have some? My God, so long. Spider web! -Do you like it?
-Yes. Señor Carrot. Move them around, move them around.. I want that one! Candy mushroom! Real mushroom. So nice, I got gummy this time. It’s not nice, I prefer mushrooms on pizza. Harry, you know the camera is on. Right? You’re crazy. Real mushrooms wasn’t your thing. -Are you ready for next?
-Yes. Move them around, move them around.. -I want that one.
-No, I want it. -Who gets it?
-Me. -Ok.
-That’s sweet of you Harry. I think it’s in this one. Two, three… I got real blackberries. I got gummy blackberries. Look how big it is. -Would you like to switch?
-No thank you. Move them around… I want that one. -Are you sure?
-Yes, it’s candy. What’s this? It’s candy for your mouth. But.. I don’t get it. Mouth spray. Can I have some? It’s very sour. This is real spray. I can’t take it in my mouth. Is it a nasal spray? Tell us mommy. It’s a fresh breath mouth spray. Ew it taste like tooth paste. Mom! We take a short break to answer Question of the Day. And it’s asked by Mattias Hagmark. It suits this day. What does Alma and Harry prefer, chocolate or gummy? What’s prefer? What would you rather eat? Gummy, chocolate makes my mouth sore. Gummy! Ok, the answer is gummy. Gummy! Next! -Are you ready?
-Yes!! I want that one. Two, three… I got gummy fries! And I got real fries. Can I have some? It’s fruit flavor. A mix. McDonalds. So tasty! Yes, very. Move them around, move them around.. I take that one! I take this. One, two, three.. Seriously, real pepper? I got fake pepper. -Try some.
-I’m happy I got nice tasting candy pepper. Is it nice? Oh my… It’s real pepper! Yes. Oh my gosh, can I try yours? It’s spicy, right? Yes. My tongue is burning! This is licorice powder and this is white pepper. Let’s move on. -Yes please, this was disgusting.
-Mine as well. Move them around.. I want that one! Two, three.. Mini gummy burger. Real mini hamburger. It’s very stretchy. Move them around in my life! I want this one! One, two, three… Candy ice cream! Real Piggelin ice lolly. Lick it. Look, sour and salty powder on top. Move them around in my life… I want this one! Ok. I want this one. Three.. What is it? It looks like this. Mine looks like this. It’s vitamins. It smells like chicken. Mine looks like this, have a candy. Thanks. Looks like this, one for me. This sour hard candy is called Toxic Waste. What’s waste? Garbage?
-Yes. And this is Vitamin B. You shouldn’t eat it under the age of 12 so I’m glad you didn’t. I’d never do it. -Let’s move on.
-Yes! Ok, these are big. It smells awful. I want that one. Ew! Gummy sushi! Can I have some? Take it. Remove it. It smells so bad. -What do you think of gummy sushi?
-Not nice. But you ate some of it. You decide who wins this challenge by leaving a comment below. Alma, Harry or.. Joanna. Or both. You’re both winners for me, here’s your prize. A rose. Yeah, but it’s a different rose. Look what’s under the paper. It’s a real rose. You think so?
-Yes. Remove the leaves. It’s a… Chocolate rose. Yes, it’s a chocolate rose. Thank you for watching this video! Leave a thumbs up. Comment who the winner is. And take care until next time. Bye! Bye!

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