NZ praised for history, genealogical collection

NZ is leading the way as collectors
of indigenous history and genealogy. That’s according
to an international expert on indigenous family
history research at the presentation of the new
and improved resource of Maori Land Court records
of which he says is gold. Peata Melbourne has more. These Maori Land Court minutes represent a controversial part
of Maori history accessible only on micro film, now that has changed. It’s much easier for those
who come here to read it instead of viewing on micro-film. Within these books, genealogy and history dating
back to the arrival of Maori to NZ. This international researcher says it’s a collection
that has put NZ ahead of its game thanks to the co-operation between
Pakeha and Maori. Most of those
who do use our resources have no connection to their
families in their home base, their marae, elders or their tribes. The out-dated process
of sourcing the film and watching on a monitor
in the library has been replaced
with a simple book. And accesing these documents online
is highly unlikely. Cultural issues
also must be considered; Should this material even be online or be restricted to those
to whom it belongs? The process was two years
in the making. The next step for these librarians
is to take it digital. Peata Melbourne, Te Karere.

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