Occupation Records: Railway Employment Records | Ancestry

Why are the railways so important? The railways transformed Britain. The reason that they were so attractive is that they could carry the mail, they carried loads of coal which was the source of energy which allowed people all over the country to start building factories. You could say that the great imperial empire that Britain developed in the 19th Century, all of that was dependent on the railways and suddenly you had a work force which could become sophisticated because they had the experiences of being able
to go to so many different places. So very different psychology began to take place in the vast majority of people who had been really earth bound up until that time. Our collection details lots of different types of records the most common being the staff register. Here you will find your ancestors name, when they were appointed, salary possibly and a position in the company. Crucially you will find out where they were stationed so you will be able to follow your family throughout the country.

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