Oklahoma! RAIN! ~ Gene Autry, Spider Bug, & Cowboys

what are you doing I know I caught you you this is coming
they forecasted it thunder lightning lots of heavy rain here in Texas the big
storm but no wind it is flat-out wet and yes I’m using my awning I’m using my
owning because there’s no wind yeah we’ll wait this one out how do you check
to make sure that your roof doesn’t leak come to Texas let it rain find out we’re
good there’s no leaks in the roof I still want to head out of here today
head north into a new state so we have to find some indoor activity as if we’re
gonna stop anywhere first coffee time made a change to my coffee situation
here actually picked up one of his little Keurig knockoffs okay cup coffee
maker single cup coffee makers at Walmart I couldn’t resist this the
sucker was twenty bucks at Walmart it’s universal it does K Cups right there or
it has a filter you can do in here and brew normal coffee a little small
reservoir there and of course my favorite Pike Place coffee comes in
these K cups as well this runs on I believe it said 1200 watts so 1200 Watts
I can run it right off of my inverter solar battery and not run the generator
in the morning there’s if you’re brewing coffee there’s for the cake up and in
about two minutes I will have a fresh hot cup of coffee and just like that easy-peasy coffee
darn thing is super tiny only five inches wide
perfect for an RV to just tuck back somewhere and travel with score as good
as good let me pack up but slides in everything and get on the road guys all
right sunshine that I waited just long enough guys let’s go north and let’s
stay on backroads today and have a little bit of fun sound good sounds good
big body of water out here this land on the other side of this bridge Oh homo
where the yep you snake guys Oklahoma sign coming up this white one
welcome to Oklahoma Native America we kind of get gypped on the welcome on
the back road but ok it’s not as big a sign it’s like one of the interstates
still well you talk about Oklahoma back roads no cell phone service Verizon AT&T
we’re out here but it’s almost always worth it the Gene Autry museum of
Oklahoma oh I love it that is some awesome ironwork there guys
nice let’s go check it out see if I can take you with me hmm yeah good ol
western movies I know I’ve seen some of his westerns on the get TV when I get
the free TV stations oh wow look at these 1940s little pocketbooks
hey a violin you guys know I doesn’t the first instrument I learned how to play
in the fourth grade and then I quit in the eleventh grade and then I turned it
around into the mandolin which has the same strings in the opposite order I
need to play the mandolin more often though and you know your big time when
you got games about you the Bandit trail featuring Gene Autry and gene Autry’s
dude ranch game that’s funny oh I got some of his stuff preserved in here I
didn’t know about his connection to the California Angels now I think they’re
the Anaheim Angels of Los Angeles or something like that but yeah some old
monarch bicycles in here look at the horse head on the front of that one well
they all do this place it’s colorful and look at all the costumes from Hollywood
Lone Ranger up there then I moved the post office next door to the museum
right now but they saved part of the old Gene Autry post office here with the old
school boxes quirky little stop with his old cameras whoa
my dad had one of those Minolta those flat Minolta zat with the flash actually
that’s a 1920s Kodak I do not think that has image stabilization I’m glad mr.
McLean in there the curator opens this three days a week it has almost closed a
couple times just volunteer ran in the city don’t
want to fund it so they’re just barely keeping it alive it’s a donation thing
so I gave him 20 bucks for a Calvin and Hobbes book and a magnet that I’ll show
you once we get inside here I definitely like funding these small town area
places that are off the grid a little bit you got to get some miles on go
check in on Jackson all I’ll show you this magnet actually a funny story about
this particular Calvin and Hobbes comic book this stayed in our bathroom for
years growing up as a going number to read through the comics so it’s got a
lot of sentimental value to see it again and to have it again I think I’m gonna
put it in the bathroom actually and plus my brother had a Calvin Hobbs
tattoo on him also so let me show you this magnet simple lightweight Gene
Autry museum magnet for right there for right now this is the extent of what I
have to do because that stovetop is so ridiculously loud while driving
putting the fuzz on there does absolutely nothing that thing just I’m
tempted to literally bolt it down with screws and then take the screws out
every once in a while to clean the surface here it’s driving me crazy
though man I hate the rats I know we got to get
back on the road nobody vote we gotta okay all right man there’s some
happy Oklahoma horses there hey guys carry on see you later and you got to
see this intersection here tumbleweed and happy Trail Road yeah let’s take
happy Trail Road you know there’s two ways of looking it at fuel in this RV it
just cost me a hundred $86 to fill up the tank which was nearly
the entire 80 gallon I think it said I had 31 miles to go I really got it down
there close you know that’s a lot to pay for gas $200 but it went back up to six
hundred and fourteen miles remaining until if T so if I’m getting over 600
miles per fill-up and really I can really shop for gas
okay 600 miles is a huge stretch of highway
states can change taxes can change it allows me to get the best deal possible
on fuel as a traveler which is a good thing but 80 gallons of fuel is a lot of
extra weight and every time I pay it’s like ouch ouch
then again I don’t have a mortgage I don’t pay rent
it’s going into supplying this lifestyle so it’s okay I stretch my legs Jax needs
to stretch his paws just kind of tired of the road right now so pulled off for
the Chickasaw Nation Welcome Center and they do have RV parking and one guy in a
truck who apparently can’t read okay what let’s go check this out and I may
ask for permission to camp park overnight overnight Park that’s the term
I like to use not camp I’ll go see Wow look at this huge enormous statue
holding the arrows in his hand that’s pretty cool so the Chickasaw Nation of
Oklahoma that’s where we’re at here really friendly people in there I got me
a map of Oklahoma State Highway map and a free cup of coffee but they definitely
acted like I was the very first person in the history of ever to ask if it was
okay to park my RV in their parking lot overnight I set off alarms all over the
world with that question and nobody knew what to say until the manager finally
said yeah we don’t we don’t do that just go to the RV park down the street actually did some research here and I
definitely found a spot up north where I’m allowed to park at a casino
overnight so I’m gonna shoot for that I still like to kind of play it by ear
each day because you just never know what you’re gonna find and it’s more
exciting but maybe it is better to kind of have a back-up plan just in case like
okay if all these places say no and I can’t find anything I know there’s a
Walmart here there’s a casino here that would probably be a good idea to have
that backup plan each night to relieve some of the stress of traveling but it’s
also fun and exciting cuz you never know what they’re gonna say or how they’re
gonna react to the comment of overnight parking so yeah I figured that out
actually kind of glad I took this route get to see some new stuff in Oklahoma
the only time I was through know Oklahoma was on route 66 so anywhere
else I go it’s gonna be brand new for me giant cowboy he looks familiar
I don’t know if they’re selling him here at this outfitter store but he looks
very route 66 like to me like maybe they make a bunch of them in fact even this
like the Paul Bunyan that I saw up in Minnesota with the same pose no huh
different okay I think they did actually kind of mass-produced whoa there’s a
wire there I think part of me thought that was like an electric wire something
when I fight you don’t got to pay louder you just got to pay attention
spider bug spider bug does whatever a spider bug does it’s too swampy to walk
out here but I’ve seen one of those Volkswagens spidery things I think it
was down in California last year yeah that’s cool kind of quirky yeah let me
roll on North a few more miles here and we’ll go check out this casino for the
Eva Nima okay there we go we comfortable now I
think we are man I think we’re pretty comfy okay man I gotta feed him he is
hungry I don’t buy it you know why I don’t buy it because look I can see but
I can see the bottom of the ball I’m scared
yeah well I think you’ll be okay buddy all righty let’s see y’all steps
and uh-huh I mean you can’t beat it for free 99 right I like it
I think it’ll definitely work for one night it sure as heck Pizza a truckstop
a rest area even beats a Walmart and I’ll bet they got some good food in
there I don’t gamble I think I’ve mentioned that on this channel before
I’m not I’m not really a good gambler I might put a dollar in a slot machine
just keep you busy for a minute but I’m more about the food and oftentimes on
the road these casinos have some really good decent buffets they do like when we
do that I want to put in some editing I like to break up my editing I can still
get a video like if I’m filming all day and I’ve got multiple camera angles out
the window on me I can usually get a one ten minute video done in about five
hours total and then I had to export it but it just sits there then I gotta
upload it and you know but if I put in a couple hours here kind of see where it’s
at make sure I don’t need to add something or change something or mod it
modify anything later that’s that’s where I’m at yeah and this is exactly
where I wanted to be at five o’clock a couple hours into my editing feeling
good and I finish it up later gonna make some tater tots and chicken tenders for
dinner and finish editing well stark watch some Netflix life is good life is
good it’s beer-thirty take care guys checks and i’ll see ya in a couple days
from Oklahoma buh-bye I’m multitasking I mean time is limited
throughout the day so sometimes I have to sit on the toilet and film there’s
gonna wonder how many other clips I’m not wearing pants sir you


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