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How to find a specific article: A
tutorial in two minutes. There’s an article you need. Maybe your
professor mentioned it, maybe you read about it, or maybe you found it on Google or
Google Scholar. But you don’t want to pay for it and you shouldn’t pay for it. Here’s how to look for it at the library. The first step is to search the article title in [email protected] libraries which is the library catalog. There are many ways to access the catalog. It’s linked on the library homepage. If you use BlackBoard you can access the library homepage by clicking on library in the top-right corner of most BlackBoard pages. The library homepage is then linked below. If you access [email protected] from any other library page, those links will work as well. Once you’re in [email protected] sign in using the link in the middle of the screen or in the top right corner. Signing in allows you to access all of the materials that are available to you as a Concordia student. After you’ve signed in, copy and paste or type the article title in the search box and click search. Locate the article title in the search
results. If the article is immediately available a green dot with the words “Available online” will appear. Click on Access Online, then click on one of the listed databases to access the full text of the article. And start reading! Sometimes the library won’t have immediate access to the full text of the article. When this happens a gray dot with the words, “Not available- request from
interlibrary loan” will appear. When you click on availability and requesting options, there won’t be any database links but there will be a link to request the article from interlibrary loan. This is a free service but it takes a few days to receive the article by email. Click on “Request from Interlibrary Loan”. Confirm the article information and click submit to finalize your request. If this is your first time
requesting an article you will first see a form like this one. Enter in your contact information to
proceed with your article request. Questions? Contact the library we’re happy to help!

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